Best Baby Gates For Fireplaces In 2023

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It is because of our little ones that we make big sacrifices because we want to see them grow safely and healthy. It is because of their safety that parents put figurative barriers at place where they feel are threats to the life of their little ones. Baby gates for fireplaces are some of the barriers that parents use to safeguard the lives of their babies, both indoors and outdoors.

Baby gates are barriers that have come a long way to shield our babies from getting to places where there is danger. It is because of them that a family can have fun at a fireplace in winter without the flames reaching the toddler. We have compiled some of the best to protect the little ones. You can check other best choice products baby safety fence hearth gate BBQ fire gate fireplace metal plastic on amazon for use around fireplaces and outdoor grills.

Top  5 baby gates for fireplaces of 2021

Regalo baby gate offers excellent features needed for the best baby gates for fireplace. This is a super gate that is wide to fit large areas in the house. The gate can open up to 192 inches wide with a height of around 28 inches. It acts as a baby gate and a Play Yard and comes with several configurations which are convenient to be used in the house.

The baby gate comes with eight 24-Inch panels which fit to hinged posts. It can easily be mounted on the wall and provides a walk-through door that has a double lock lever handle to allow adults pass through easily. It is configurable with each panel adjustable to fit most of the openings in the house. For safety reasons, the baby gated is fitted with safety locking feature and wall mounted increases safety and protection.

Key features

  • Opens up to 192 inches wide with a height of 28 inches to fit most of the openings
  • It is a 2-in-1 that acts as a super wide gate and as an 8 panel play yard, featuring 4 pack of wall mounts
  • Highly configurable with each panel adjustable to fit wide spaces, bottom of stairs hallway or barriers
  • All-Steel design components for durability and convenience
  • Features walk-through door and a safety locking feature for safety reasons


  • Has a safety lock system
  • It is durable
  • It is versatile
  • Clone
    Very wide and long
  • Clone
    Fits most openings


  • Some small parts missing
  • A bit noisy when in use

This Regalo baby proof fireplace is super wide, featuring three 24-Inch wide configurable panels. It is designed to fit in openings ranging from 28 inches to 76 inches wide. It measures 31 inches in height and is an easy to use baby gate. It has a walk-through door that features a safety locking system for security purposes. The baby gate is made with 100% steel frame making it a sturdy safety tool to protect little ones against dangers.

This baby gate comes with a hardware mount that is easy to install. The hardware mount can be installed easily on the wall in which the gate can be slid into place. It is highly versatile as it can be adjusted to fit different places. It can be arranged according to shape and style to fit odd or angled openings. It is certified by JPMA.

Key features

  • Features a durable construction of steel which cannot be broken down easily
  • Features hardware mount that can be installed easily to fix the baby gate
  • For safety and security reasons, it can be wall-mounted and meets latest safety standards
  • Comes with 3 panels that are 24-Inches wide which can be configured to fit most of the openings
  • It features a walk-through door that has a safety locking system for safety and ease of use


  • Fits different openings
  • Durable and convenient
  • Safe and secure to use
  • Clone
    Easy to fix and use
  • Clone
    Highly configurable


  • Easy for little ones to configure it
  • Doesn’t have wall anchors

Before your little one begins to crawl and move around the house, it is necessary for parents to do early preparations. Children at this age require a lot of attention to protect them against dangers in the house. It is the age they need things like a fire place baby gate which, some parents find it costly, it is necessary.

Regalo easy step walk thru is a good safety tool that can help you keep your children at bay from such dangers. It features a steel construction to withstand pressures exerted on them by little children. This baby gate can be expanded to fit openings of between 29 to 34 inches or 35 to 38.5 inches. For openings between 34 and 35 inches, you will need an extension of extra 4 inches.

Key features

  • It is 38.5 Inches wide and 30 inches in length to fit most of the openings in the house
  • Features a 6-Inch extension kit and a pressure mount kit four-pack
  • Expandable and can fit areas of between 29 inches and 34 inches or 35 inches and 38.5 inches
  • All of the components feature a steel construction for increased durability and safety
  • It is designed with a one-touch release safety lock to increase safety of the baby


  • The whole system is highly adjustable
  • Used to protect wide range of ages
  • Comes with safety locks
  • Clone
    Easy to install and use
  • Clone
    Made of high-quality components


  • When locked it is hard to open
  • Rubber mounts sometimes becomes disintegrated

This is a new name in the market but is a brand you can trust. This Toddleroo by North States product is a 3-in-1 metal superyard that can be used as a portable playpen, baby gate or safety barrier. It is a fireplace safety gate that can be applied on a carpet, tiles and hardwood floors without leaving scratches or damages. It features free-standing enclosure that requires few seconds to set it up.

The baby gate comes with a walk-through door panel that features a child-proof double-locking system for security and ease of access. It comes with mounting hardware that can be mounted on very tall baseboards. It can be adjusted to fit on angled walls and you can use extension panels, sold separately, to fit extra wide openings. The configurable panels can lock in place to fit any playing area and is ideal for children between 6 and 24 months.

Key features

  • 3-in-1 144-Inch reliable and versatile metal superyard used as portable playpen, baby gate or safety barrier
  • Features free-standing enclosure and swing walk-through door panel with child-proof double-locking system for security and access
  • Mounting hardware for extra-tall baseboards, angled walls and for extra wide openings if extended
  • Features configurable panels that locks into place to fit any area
  • Suitable for children with ages between 6 and 24 months


  • Safe and convenient to use
  • Highly versatile
  • Easy to fix and use
  • Clone
    Can be configured to fit different spaces
  • Clone
    Has modern features


  • The gate is very narrow
  • Color option not wide

This is an extra wide baby gate measuring 151 inches long. It is the best fire place gate amazon that can act as a portable playpen, a safety barrier or a baby gate. It works perfectly on tiles, carpet, hardwood floors and other places. It doesn’t live scratches or damage the area. It is safe to be used with kids of between 6 and 24 months. The item comes with a mounting hardware that allows you create an extra safety barrier or wide gate to deny the kids accessing fireplaces and other hazards.

The mounting hardware is one of the best modern features that can be used in modern houses. It because of this that the baby gate can fit on angled walls and extra-tall baseboards. Besides, if you buy extension panels, it can be used to accommodate wide areas.

Key features

  • 151-Inch Long extra Wide baby gate that doubles up as a barrier, baby gate or playpen
  • Includes mounting hardware which handles very tall baseboards and which you can mount in angled walls
  • 3-in-1 reliable and versatile Wood Superyard with configurable panels
  • Safe for kids of ages between 6 and 24 months
  • Features free-standing enclosure with walk-thru door panel consisting of child-proof double-locking system


  • Safe baby gate with child-proof double-locking system
  • Extra wide and long
  • It is convenient and versatile
  • Clone
    It is easy to fix and use
  • Clone
    It has infinite options of turning to different shape and space


  • Has a very narrow gate
  • Has limited color selection

According to your needs, adopt the perfect baby gate through this buying guide for the best retractable baby gate. Take the time to read the tips for buying decision .

How to baby proof your fire place?

First of all you need to know the distance at which the fire or heat can get. Use the right baby gate to help you restrict the baby from accessing the fireplace. It is important to protect the little one from fire, doors and hearth. Any fireplace should be treated as a potential risk and should be addressed appropriately.

Get to the level of the little ones and test

Sometimes we think it is an easy thing to babyproof a fireplace. Without putting out the safety measures and doing it rightfully, there shall be still casualties of fire accidents to the babies. Children like exploiting about everything, including dangerous things like going to fireplaces. It is necessary therefore to put yourself in a position of a baby. Look out for potential risky place and protect them. Few smart changes can keep them away from fireplaces.

Identify Hidden Dangers and make a list

The first thing of preventing babies getting burned is identifying the fireplaces. After you have identified them, the next thing is to document them. This is because most of us are prone to being forgetful, the biggest enemy. Make a list of the findings you think are a great threat to the baby. This will help you shop for the right items to babyproof the areas. It is important to have the list at hand.

Put restrictions to fireplaces

This point is self-explaining clear and brings the message home. By denying access to a fireplace you are simply reducing the risks of your baby being burnt by fire. This can be done in different ways. Many parents prefer locking the door of the living most of the times. Other parents prefer using a baby gate which blocks off the fireplace only. This confines the child to a specific part of the house or room.

Look for remaining risks and deal with them

It feels great when the potential risks identified in your house or Livingroom were taken care of appropriately. If this has gone well with you, the next step is to go through your list of the things you initially identified. If everything is done to your satisfaction, then you are good to go. If some are remaining, it means they need your immediate attention. It is good to handle everything to be safe.

Why Fireplace Gate for Baby Proofing?

Statistics have shown that wood stoves and fireplaces need to be baby proofed. This is because there have been several cases of injuries related to burns happening every day. 75% of these injuries can be avoided.

For the longest time possible, there have been and still exists, several types of baby gates on the market. With high demand and several innovations, some manufacturers have emerged and what they produce is not according to the standards set for the quality baby gate.

As a parent, you need a quality baby gate to address the risks incurred by fire. Kids ranging from the age of 1 and 4 years have been termed to be at higher risks of injuries sustained from scalds and burns. It is necessary to get the best baby gate.

How to Babyproof the Fireplace Doors?

As a little kid, you might have been pinched with a door at some point. This is usually not a good feeling and children react differently to such incidences. A skin that is pinched by a door can cause cuts, bruises or even puncture wounds.

When something like this happens on your little one might not be a good sign. Fireplace doors can also be very hot and ensure this doesn’t happen, this can be helpful:

Test the fireplace doors

If at the first place you managed exploring the fireplace, it is a great achievement. This is only part of the process of minimizing the chances of the baby getting burn injuries. If this hasn’t been done, try shaking the doors with your hands to check any possibility of danger.

Restrict access

Your little one has to be restricted from doors and the best way is to use baby gates or use a fireplace lock. Note that fireplace locks shouldn’t be relied on since they don’t prevent children from being burnt. Keep the fireplace doors closed when you are not using them and open when in use with the baby away.

Check Door Temperature Frequently after using your fireplace

After the fireplace has been used, it is advised to keep checking their temperature. This is important because it lets you know the time they cool off. It is helpful for parents who prefer other methods other than the baby gate. It helps you know when to lift access.

How to Babyproof the Hearth?

When kids are maturing, we should relax the safety measures by assuming that they aren’t at the risk of hearth accidents. Bigger children can have this trouble too. The hearth can be a dangerous place in the house that can cause injuries to our kids. In a rough and rocky manner, children can scrap their knees and legs when they want to access the fireplace. It is because of this that considerations have to be in place to keep our kids out of such dangers. Some of the best protective measures parents can implement is by following the following guidelines:

Make the edges soft

Any form sharp, hard or rough surface is a threat to the skin of our little ones. Since they are growing and are not stable when crawling or walking, parents should take measures of covering the sides of hearth surfaces. You can use protectors on sharp edges and you are good to go.

Make the whole surface soft

If your hearth is flat and not raised above the ground, you can use a rug to cover over it. For complicated hearth, you can get crafty and make some soft materials which are safe like couches. Alternatively, you can get some pillows and use them to cover the hearth.

Restrict Access

Once more, denying access should be a daily vocabulary. This is the readily available and easiest solution than the rest. Parents who are using baby gates will not have an issue at this point. It is also a good idea if babyproofing can be extended. This is essential if you have additional materials.

Tips for Baby Gate around Fireplace

Installing a baby gate at home or in a room, it is the first safety measure a parent takes to safeguard the kids. When installing the baby gate, it is critical to consider the design of the home so that you install the right item. Here are some of the safety tips:

Never pass over your baby gate

As a parent, you might find it easier to pass over a baby gate because it is below your height. It is highly risky because you can accidentally be tripped and fall. Or, your foot can get stuck in the slats. Also, when you do this in the presence of the kids, they will try and do the same in future.

Always keep the baby gate locked up securely

Since the baby gate is made purposely to keep little ones at bay from any hazard, it is advisable to keep the gate closed at all times. When the door of the baby gate is left opened, there is increased risk of the kids reaching out on items that might cause harm on them.

Make the assembly of the gate correctly

 A baby gate usually comes with a manufacturer’s manual and to properly install it, you should always refer to it. Baby gates are manufactured differently and look different from each other. If it comes with a mount, remember to use the bracket and tools. Take note of the position the gate should be installed.

With stairways, use two gates

If you want to install a baby gate on the stairways, buy two of them so that one can be installed at the top, and the other at the bottom. A baby gate installed at the top has to be hardware mounted because of secure placement. Install pressure mounted gates at the bottom of your staircase.

Prevent Carbon Monoxide Hazards

Carbon Monoxide is a threat in the home most parents forget to handle. Carbon Monoxide is highly toxic produced by fire which can be very harmful to the health of the baby. It is extremely harmful than a scrape or bump and when dealing with fire in the house.

This should be a worry at all only if standard safety measures at the fireplace are dealt with accordingly. Since it is something most of us overlook it, we have to delve into it. You will not get ways of dealing with it from the blues. Here are helpful guidelines:

Observe Ventilation

The baby in the house is at a higher risk of being exposed to Carbon Monoxide when the fire is on and there is no good ventilation. Check the entire chute to see that it has good ventilation. Use a chimney cleaner to clear any blockages to avoid poising you and your baby with Carbon Monoxide.

Clear Fireplace Vents

Through the process of checking out the ventilation, ensure that you clean it thoroughly. Use a chimney sweep to handle this issue. You can also become crafty and learn on how to make the chimney and fireplace clean by yourself. It might seem a dirty job, but it is worth the life of the little one and yourself.

Clear possible blockages

Before you start using the fireplace, make sure you clean blockages. This is to minimize potential risks of fire burning outside the area it is supposed to happen. You are advised to be extremely careful when dealing with fire as things next to the fire might be ignited which is a threat.

Have Carbon Monoxide Detector

This is an essential tool any home that has a fireplace must have. With this gadget, an alarm will be sounded to let you know things are not right. Immediately you will look for a way to solve the issue. They are readily available, affordable and are easy to maintain.

Do Maintenance Checks of the Fireplace regularly

It is a good thing to maintain your fireplace on a regular basis. This might include testing and replacing faulty Carbon Monoxide detectors. The fireplace area should also remain tidy at all times to ensure the safety of the baby and family members. It is a hard task to maintain the safety of the baby but it is important.

A fireplace hearth baby gate build

Final Notes

It is my hope that you have some tips of safeguarding the life of the little one when you have a fireplace at home. Safety of the baby and the rest of the family members is mandatory. This is the reason why we took time to compile for you some of the best baby gates in the market. We highly recommend to follow the guidelines we have featured in choosing the right baby gate or choose from what we have listed here.