Best Baby Monitor Under 150 Dollars

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Every parent desires to have the best baby monitor so that they can have an easy time monitoring their children as they grow up. Many parents will be scared of the price of a baby monitor because they think they are very expensive. This is something of the past. Numerous manufactures of baby monitors have been on the rise with several baby monitors reaching the market. Right now parents can get the best baby monitor under 150 dollars.

Top 3 best baby monitor under 150 dollars Review

1. VTech VM901 Wi-Fi Vid​​​​eo Baby Monitor

VTech VM901 Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor

VTech VM901 is the best video baby monitor under $150 that has a 120-degree wide view, a full HD 1080p as well as the pan view camera. The video quality is crispy and very clear and there are no delays. The transition from day to night vision is swift and very smooth with an amazing quality night video. It has built-in two-way communication with great and clear audio quality. The baby monitor has an app for iOS and works perfectly with the same audio and video quality experienced with your monitor. The monitor’s 5-inch screen and a free app are both intuitive and are easy to set them up. With both motion and temperature alerts, you will be notified of any motion or temperature changes in the baby’s room.

Key features

  • Built-in lullabies with the freedom to choose between a list of different lullabies to soothe your baby
  • 5-Inch camera with 1080p screen resolution for crystal clear images from the baby’s room
  • Fully motorized Pan/Tilt/Zoom function offering 2 times local and 10 times digital zoom
  • FHD 1080p CMOS visual sensor delivers quality video feed making other features to work perfectly
  • HD Night vision through a wide-angle camera for crisp, HD footage even when in night vision mode
  • Get notified of any motion or temperature changes in your baby’s room through the motion and temperature alerts


  • Great performance on both Wi-Fi and monitor
  • Lullabies option enables you to soothe the baby remotely
  • Day and night vision videos are clear
  • You can tilt, pan and zoom the camera remotely and smoothly
  • Clone
    Has both motion and temperature detection function


  • Monitor and Wi-Fi connectivity not better

2. Motorola Video Baby Monitor 5-Inch Color Parent Unit

Motorola Video Baby Monitor

You can monitor your little one from any corner of your house using this best budget baby monitor. The unit comprises of a portable baby monitor and a battery-operated camera for the safety monitoring of your baby. This device can be paired with a maximum of up to 4 cameras which are bought separately. The split-screen viewing function allows you to add an extra camera

The base unit features a 5-inch LCD screen display, large enough for you to see going on in the baby’s room. The camera has an infrared night vision with the ability to tilt and zoom. It also has a built-in high sensitive microphone that enables two-way communication. It has the pan function and can be achieved by pressing the left and right buttons. The parent unit has the stand at the back that supports the device.

Key features

  • Large 5-Inch LCD color screen display with LED sound level indicator
  • Room temperature display, two-way communication, split-screen viewing with extra MB36XLBU camera, and soothing lullabies
  • Up to 1000ft range featuring out-of-range alert
  • The portable camera has a rechargeable battery, remote pan/tilt/zoom, high sensitive mic, and infrared night vision
  • 2.4GHz wireless technology for local viewing


  • Provides quality sound and good image
  • Rechargeable batteries so that you can use it when you don’t want to plug it
  • Has LED sound level indicator
  • Selection of 5 built-in lullabies
  • Clone
    Room temperature alert


  • Motion blur somehow high
  • No app, hence the system can’t be controlled through a smartphone or tablet

3. Panasonic Video Baby Monitor

Panasonic Video Baby Monitor

Panasonic video baby monitor is the best baby monitor on a budget that can help you reduce issues of baby monitoring. It comes with a range transmission of around 1500ft to help you do other things when you are a distance from your baby but still having an eye on them. It is also equipped with a 3.5-inch color screen display monitor synced with a camera. You can pan, tilt, and zoom to keep watch over the toddler.

It comes with the sound and motion sensors that alert you if the baby is crying or is fussy. It also features temperature alerts to keep up to date with the temperature of the baby’s room and adjust when it is below or above the preset range. The battery life of the camera is so impressed with the ability to last for 13 hours on standby mode and five hours on constant monitoring.

Key features

  • The long-range signal strength of up to 1500ft with secure audio and video
  • Enhanced remote viewing through the remote pan, tilt and zoom with improved monochrome night vision camera
  • 3.5-Inch color display monitor synced with the camera
  • Built-in smart alerts that sense motion, sound, and temperature
  • Long-lasting battery life for the high-quality video baby monitor
  • Two-way talk-back function with soothing sounds


  • Has built-in lullabies with white noises
  • Handy remote zoom, pan, and tilt
  • Secure signal strength
  • Long transmission range of up to 1500ft
  • Clone
    Sound and motion detectors


  • Melodies are a bit loud
  • A bit costly

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Types of Video Baby Monitors

The market is full of all types of video baby monitors, and it is all upon how much you want to spend lifestyle and other factors.

Smartphone Monitors

This is a type of monitor that sends your toddler’s audio and video feed to an app uploaded on your smartphone. This is so handy because it allows you to monitor your baby whichever place you are in the world. It is a good choice for parents who don’t spend much time in the house with the little ones but want to keep an eye on them.

Handheld monitors

When you think of handheld monitors, what rings into our mind is the brick-and-mortar type of baby monitors. These types of traditional baby monitors work by positioning a camera around the crib of the baby in the nursery and use a handheld device that can be transferred to a different room and monitor them. It uses a simple handheld receiver and is good when your child is under the care of a babysitter.

Monitors which measure vitals

These are high-tech monitoring devices that measure the little one’s vitals like heart rate, oxygen levels, and breathing. The vitals are then sent to a special installed app on the smartphone. They also send both audio and video feed and good for close monitoring.

Is Buying Cheap Baby Monitor Worth It?

When you are looking for the best inexpensive monitoring device for your baby, you have to consider whether it works well, is reliable, and if it is durable. Not any cheap baby monitoring device is great, but some are worth it. Any cheap baby monitor can offer some of the basic features needed to monitor the little one. When buying a baby monitor you will consider features like crispy video images, interference-free connectivity, 2-way talk-back intercom, and data encryption.

Al manufacturers will include all these features in a baby monitor but the built quality of the device and user-friendliness haven’t been compromised. This is what makes the device cheap and this can be noted by just looking at it. Besides being easy to install, they are easily damaged when they accidentally fall down.

It is quite hard to find an expensive baby monitor performing in the same manner as the high-tech one. Even though they might share the same functional features, the difference is usually in the build quality and certain other features. In most cases, a high-end device in this matter has a greater video resolution compared to the inexpensive ones.

Affordable baby monitors are therefore worth it as long as they have features needed to monitor the little one.

Common features of Best Baby Monitor Under $150

Large screen

The size of the baby monitor matters a lot when you want to keep watch over the toddler in her room. A large screen gives you a better quality of the image in real-time and also allows you to have a wider angle viewing.

VOX/Eco Mode

This feature is important especially when you don’t want to disturb the baby with the device's light. When the VOX/Eco Mode is on, the screen auto wakes up and you will be notified when the baby cries or is fussy.


Baby monitors with built-in lullabies enable the parent to play lullabies through the two-way talk-back intercom feature. You can soothe the baby without going to the nursery physically.


A baby monitor with the best range enables you to watch over the baby when you are a distance away from the baby. Most of the devices fall in the range of between 600 and 900 feet, while others can go up to 1000 or even 1500ft or more.

Two-way Talk-back

Baby monitors fitted with this feature allow you to communicate with your baby in her nursery without physically being there. When all the baby needs when she/he wakes up is your voice, the two-way talk-back feature solves the issue.

Rechargeable Battery

A device with a rechargeable battery is convenient especially if you don’t want to plug the device in a power source or if you are camping and there is no source of power.

Long Battery Life

The battery of the baby monitor should last longer so that you don’t incur extra expenses on fresh or new batteries. It should also be rechargeable and with a battery indicator so that you can recharge it on time for continuous monitoring.

Night Vision

It is a good thing if you are able to receive quality feed from the baby’s room even when there is darkness. Monitoring devices fitted with night vision feature helps the parent is receiving clearer and crispy images from the nursery in real-time.

Split screen

The split-screen lets you view images from the baby’s crib from two different angles. This enables you to see everything happening at the same time.

Room temperature monitoring

Temperature monitoring is a specialized feature that lets you know the nature of the temperature in the room and adjust it using a thermostat if needed.

Final Notes

Final Verdict

By going through our reviews and the buying guide, you are now in the best position to choose the best baby monitor under $150. If you don’t have enough time to go through the buying guide but want a good budget baby monitor, you can choose from the list we have provided.