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Baby monitors are designed with the primary purpose being calming down the nervousness of parents, especially new ones. Baby monitors are in different shapes and sizes and have various features. There are baby monitors that transmit audio-only. Others carry audio, and you can as well see images from the baby’s nursery in real-time. Depending on your needs and budget, both audio and video baby monitors perform a specific function for monitoring your baby. Each model has a different set of services, and every parent has his/her preference. We will be delving much into vox baby monitor. You can check other Voice-Activated (VOX) Baby Monitor from Amazon’s Baby Safety Products list.

What is a Voice-Activated (VOX) Baby Monitor? 

There has always been a misinterpretation of what a voice-activated baby monitor is. Most of the time, we have been forced to think that voice-activated baby monitors are activated with a distinct voice. We might think they are things related to the Alexa device or Google Home, which is not the case. We have voice-activated smart-home tools that we might mistakenly connect to voice-activated baby monitors.

With the smart-home type of devices at home, you have a chance of controlling almost everything. Voice-activated baby monitors cannot be controlled by the parent. It goes on and off according to the voice and sounds the baby makes in the nursery. This implies that when the baby is sleeping, the device minimizes its monitoring level. It ideally listens to any sound that is when it becomes active. When the device detects the audio and sometimes video, it is relayed to the equipment that is monitoring.

Top 7 Voice Activated Baby Monitors Reviews

1. Summer Infant Video Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras

Summer Baby Pixel video baby monitor is a High Definition Video Monitor that has excellent features. This video and audio baby monitor is incredible with the picture quality of HD 720p and designed with innovative latest technologies. It has HD Moonlite Night Vision Boost bringing you images from the nursery clear and in HD. It subtly illuminates the room’s viewing area even in dark conditions to deliver clear, temporal, and vibrant colored photos of the baby. You can see the images clearly because of the 12x extra pixels as opposed to standard baby monitors.

Key features

  • 5.0 inch HD picture (720p) and six levels of digital zoom with two cameras.
  • Sleepzone Virtual boundary that lets you know when the baby leaves the safe area.
  • HD Moonlite night vision boosts, which subtly illuminates the camera’s viewing area for clearer, temporary, and in-color view of the little one in the dark.
  • Remote camera steering for easy viewing of the entire room.
  • Voice-activated video on/off technology (VOX) that auto-wakes screen display when there is sound.


  • Provides clearer images.
  • It can be expanded to accommodate four cameras.
  • Provides a broader viewing angle.
  • Clone
    Has lullabies and white noise.
  • Clone
    Has a room temperature display.


  • Melodies are too loud.
  • Doesn’t pair with other summer cameras.

2. MoonyBaby Split 55 Long Range Video Baby Monitor

This particular baby monitor mentioned in this review is the best voice activated baby monitor by MoonyBaby. It is the best split-screen baby monitor that has 170 degrees viewing angle with a screen size of 4.3”. The baby monitor gives you the ability to monitor two rooms simultaneously. It is, therefore, quite helpful to parents with two kids in separate rooms. It comes with cameras in the package which have wide-angle lenses. It gives you the ability to adjust the camera angle through its monitor. It also lets you know the temperature in the room of the baby.

Key features

  • Split Screen and audio for a selected camera to view two rooms simultaneously.
  • Remote Pan, Tilt, Zoom to monitor the baby in every corner of the room.
  • 100% Digital Wireless secured technology for secure and private connection.
  • Two way talk back to talk to the baby when there is a need.
  • Two cameras paired to monitor for convenience.


  • Has wireless setup.
  • It gives you the ability to monitor two rooms simultaneously.
  • Ability to listen to the conversation from a particular area at a time.
  • Clone
    No need for matching cameras as they are already paired.
  • Clone
    Ability to pan, tilt and zoom in to camera from any place.


  • The monitor supports two cameras only.
  • The wide-angle camera is not productive at night.

3. MoonyBaby Trust 50 Video Baby Monitor

MoonyBaby Trust 50 video baby monitor features 100% digital secured technology and a range of 1,000ft. This baby monitor ensures that you have a private and secure connection of the camera and monitor itself. It uses the 2.4GHz interference-free signal, which is perfect and practical between rooms as well as upstairs/downstairs. It doesn’t require any Wi-Fi or internet set up to operate. The baby monitor has the talkback button that lets you talk to the baby in the other room when it is necessary. The battery can run for 8 hours when in power-saving mode and 6 hours while in a continuous video on mode. The SMART self-learning AI mode blocks any environment sound to remain active when the baby is crying.

Key features

  • Power saving/VOX Mode that lets you switch off the screen while the audio remains on.
  • Five built-in lullabies to soothe the baby remotely.
  • Multi-camera expandability of up to four cameras.
  • Two-way talkback button to talk to and soothe the baby when necessary.
  • 2.4GHz interference-free signal that works well in the home without Wi-Fi or the internet.


  • It doesn’t require Wi-Fi or internet to connect.
  • Long battery life.
  • Features lullabies to soothe the baby.
  • Clone
    Power saving/voice activation with zoom in.
  • Clone
    Has auto night vision.


  • Not sturdy.
  • The melodies are very loud.

4. VMAI Baby Monitor, 4.3” Video Baby Monitor

This is one of the best voice-activated baby monitors with two cameras. It has the possibility of supporting a total of 4 cameras simultaneously. This, therefore, lets you monitor four different rooms saving you money, time, and energy. It features 4.3” screen display, and you receive images with full color. The photos displayed are crystal clear and sharp, and the device can transmit audio and live video feeds wirelessly. It operates on an enhanced superior technology that takes care of the possibility of a signal drop or any interference issues. Its night vision helps the parent monitor the little one even in a dark room or in the night. With the pan, tilt, and zoom features, the user has the freedom of varying the angle, position, and a lot more.

Key features

  • Up to 1000ft long-range to allow you to monitor the baby even while outside.
  • Stable 2.4GHz Wireless Digital Transmission for a secure connection.
  • Two-way talkback feature that lets you talk and soothe your baby remotely.
  • Motion Detection that alarms you when the baby moves without your attention.
  • VOX Wake-up Mode (ECO Mode) that activates the screen when the baby cries out.


  • Has a better battery life.
  • Displays quality images with good sound.
  • It can be installed easily.
  • Clone
    Features auto-night vision that is helpful in dark rooms or at night.
  • Clone
    Incorporates the latest superior technology.


  • Doesn’t support Wi-Fi connections.

5. LBtech Video Baby Monitor with Two Cameras

LBtech Video Baby Monitor features a color LCD Screen that requires just plug and play. It has a 4.3” large LCD that features 100% Digital technology that offers privacy and security. This baby monitor allows you to monitor every moment of the baby’s activities in the room in real-time. It is effortless to operate and use, and the images don’t have any delays. There is no need for Wi-Fi or internet, and the parent monitor can be expanded to accommodate up to 4 cameras for four different units. You can view the baby in its nursery with the 2X Digital Zoom without the need to change its lens. The power-saving/VOX mode activates the screen display once the baby starts crying, babbling, or fussing.

Key features

  • Large color 4.3” LCD screen plug and play with 100% digital technology.
  • Two-way talkback feature that lets you talk and soothe your baby when necessary.
  • Power Saving/VOX Mode wakes up screen display automatically when baby cries, babbles, or fusses.
  • Multifunctional features like temperature monitoring and warning, automatic night vision, and 2X Digital Zoom.


  • Delivers high-resolution images.
  • It can serve two different rooms.
  • Capable of being expanded to 4 cameras.
  • Clone
    Very portable.
  • Clone
    The display is large and bright.


  • Some hissing sound can be heard.

6. Hello Baby Wireless Video Baby Monitor

Hello, Baby wireless video baby monitor is a device that can be trusted to deliver the job you have. It has a bunch of useful features like super-bright video and sound qualities that will get the job done for you. It has 2.4GHz technology that gives the user a wide range of up to 960ft and the ability to deal with signal dropout issues. This is a plug and play device and is expandable to accommodate up to 4 cameras. There is no set up required when installing this baby monitor. It is also designed with a large battery capacity that can last 12 hours when the VOX is on and 8 hours when the screen is on.

Key features

  • Plug and Play and can be expanded to accommodate four cameras.
  • Features large battery capacity with VOX mode.
  • Super clear video sound with clear night vision video that is in white and black.
  • It has enhanced 2.4GHz wireless technology that reduces signal dropout issues, offering a range of up to 960ft.
  • Temperature monitoring and warning, two-way talkback, Optical pan and tilt, sound-activated LED indicator and 2x Digital Zoom.


  • Amazing picture quality.
  • Clear video and sound.
  • Long-range coverage.
  • Clone
    Room temperature feature that regulates temperature.


  • The picture quality at night is reduced.
  • Power button not sturdy.

7. SereneLife Long Range Video Baby Monitor 

Video baby monitor long-range upgraded 850” is a wireless monitoring device by SereneLife. It operates within a range of 850” so that you can keep an eye on your baby comfortably anywhere at home. It can also extend a short distance outside and has 2.4GHz wireless frequency, which is dependable and reliable compared to cameras that depend on Wi-Fi.

This video baby monitor is designed with Screen Sleep Mode (VOX) that enables the screen to sleep when there are no sound signals detected. It has a thermometer for measuring the temperature of the crib or room so that your baby remains in the required temperature. The intercom Talk Through feature allows you to communicate and soothe the baby remotely. It also has a long battery life.

Key features

  • Thermometer for temperature monitoring of the crib or room of the baby.
  • Intercom Talk Through function to talk and soothe the baby remotely.
  • 24 Hour Battery Life to offer service the entire day and recharge it at night through the cordless monitor travel clip.
  • Screen Sleep Mode (VOX mode) that sleeps when there is no sound signal detected.
  • Dependable 2.4GHz wireless frequency that is more reliable.


  • Wireless connectivity.
  • Dependable and reliable 2.4GHz connection.
  • Built-in thermometer.
  • Clone
    Built-in lullabies and melodies.
  • Clone
    Reliable 360 degree viewing angle.


  • Loud melodies.
  • Bright backlight that drains battery first.

Why voice-activated monitor is Important ?

The term VOX simply means that it is a voice-activated baby monitor. It, therefore, implies that when the baby is asleep, the screen display goes in the sleeping mode and stops the transmission. The microphone, however, remains active, and when the sound from the baby is detected, the transmission automatically resumes. There is no need to use a button to activate it as it is an automatic device.

There are two benefits a parent will benefit from a gadget that has VOX on it. First is that it is an automatic feature that doesn’t need your presence. It will automatically pick the sound from the baby when it cries, fusses, or babbles and alerts you on the parent unit.

Second is that after 10 seconds, the baby monitor’s screen will go off when there is no sound detected. This is good because it saves the battery life and that the light doesn’t destroy the baby while sleeping. It only comes on when the sound is detected so that the parent can attend to the baby when necessary.

The parent, therefore, has ample time and a quiet night knowing that he/she will be signaled when the baby is awake. The parent, therefore, has a modest time and a calm night knowing that he/she will be signaled when the baby is awake. You can appreciate the benefit of the VOX feature on the baby monitor when you adjust the microphone sensitivity. The device can be adapted regarding the age of the baby or ambient sound.

Are Voice-Activated Baby Monitors Safe ?

Most parents globally have appreciated and embraced the use of voice-activated baby monitors. The mentioned baby monitors are becoming more and more popular. New parents who come across such devices might wonder how they work and, if at all, are safe to be used in monitoring their babies.

To begin with, voice-activated baby monitors are considered to be safe to monitor young ones in our homes. They are regarded as reliable and useful because they don’t track the activities of the baby throughout, but only when there is a need. By this means, the little one is not exposed to EMF radiation that is alleged to cause health problems to the baby. It has been discovered that the skull of the baby is thinner compared to the adult, and when exposed to radiation, the baby is at high risk. Also, the parent has a peace of mind at night, knowing that he/she can respond to the needs of the baby when there is sound detection.

Before you can start using the device, a parent who is not familiar with the function has to familiarize yourself with how it operates. It is, however, not different from other baby monitors only that it has VOX mode as an extra feature.

Are Voice-Activated Baby Monitors the Best Choice ?

Most experts have recommended the use of voice-activated baby monitors. However, whether this device is the best choice or not partly depends on the needs of the parent, the circumstances, and the safety considerations you value most.

Dr. Magda Havas, a leading researcher dealing with EMF radiation dangers, especially when it comes to the impact they have on babies, and little ones have an opinion on baby monitors. Dr. Havas suggests that the base station transmitter of the baby monitor should be voice-activated. The transmission should be transmitted only when there is sound from the baby. This reduces exposure to microwaves and the rate at which the EMF can be transferred.

Dr. Havas says that there is confusion when it comes to voice-activation mode. It is said that the activation mode is not the same on all monitors. Dr. Havas says that some of the radiation broadcasted cuts ‘squelch’ in the receiver. With this information at hand, there is a conclusion that has to be made. According to Dr. Havas, avoiding monitoring devices is a better option, but it depends on whether the monitoring needs outweigh the radiation or the vise vasa. The decision, therefore, lies in the hands of the parent.

VOX for Video Baby Monitors

VOX feature on video baby monitors is fundamentally important because it helps the monitor stop continuous transmission. With VOX Mode, the transfer will be effected once the baby is awake. The screen display will otherwise remain in the sleep mode and will only transmit video when it is activated.

The parent, therefore, will have a peaceful and quiet night and will attend to the call of the baby when the baby wakes up and needs attention. The baby also will not be interrupted from sleep with light that comes from the monitor. It also helps in saving the video monitor battery for an extended period.

VOX for Walkie-Talkies with Baby Monitor Mode

Some models of walkie-talkie have been designed to have a baby monitor mode. When this feature is activated, the walkie-talkie will work in the same way as the baby monitor. In this mode, the batteries can be drained 5x faster compared to the average. When it has a VOX feature, the battery life can be extended for a reasonable period. The VOX feature keeps the walkie-talkie device in sleep mode with the microphone on. When sound from the baby is picked, the device then becomes active and transmits the information. It is a suitable device because it covers the most extensive range compared to the average baby monitoring device.

What to Look for When Buying a VOX Baby Monitor

VOX Mode vs. Eco Mode in Baby Monitors

Baby monitors that have VOX features allow the device to function when it picks the sound from the baby. This means that when the baby is sleeping, and there is no sound in the crib or baby’s room, there will be no transmission of audio or video feed to the parent unit.

Eco mode is a similar feature to the VOX mode. This is because the two elements are activated by sound from the baby’s room or crib. A baby monitor with Eco mode will not transmit sound and movement signals made by the baby. Other elements can be activated when the Eco mode is on such as temperature, movement, sound, and so on.

Importance of VOX Mode

The importance of VOX mode in baby monitors is to reduce the chances of emitting radiation to the little ones. Wireless digital devices are known to emit some emissions when they are transmitting both audio and video feed. The radiation has been discovered to be harmful to both the parent and the baby.

VOX and Non-VOX Baby Monitor Radiations

There is a difference in radiation transmission between baby monitors with VOX and those without the VOX mode feature. Non-VOX baby monitors have higher radiation emission than the VOX ones. Non-VOX emits five times more than VOX baby monitors. Parents who have not used the VOX baby monitors might be confused with this, while those who are familiar appreciate the VOX mode feature.

Do voice activated Baby Monitors Emit Less EMF Radiations?

As to whether the voice activated monitors emit less EMF radiations is a matter of making comparisons of those with VOX and those without when we compare the two baby monitors, the variations between them in terms of EMF radiation emission is not significant enough to say that there is less EMF radiations emission.

VOX Mode in Baby Monitors

It is easy to turn on and off the VOX mode in baby monitor devices. When you turn on the VOX Mode in the baby monitor, there will be a transmission of sound and video to the parent unit from the baby’s room. This is only when the sound is activated, and when it is turned off, the baby monitor will behave like that without the VOX feature.

Adjusting Sensitivity of a Voice Activated Baby Monitor

In some instances, you will come across baby monitors that let you adjust the microphone sensitivity. You can change its sensitivity so that it becomes so sensitive to all sounds that activate recordings and transmissions. Before you can make any adjustments to the VOX, it is necessary to review default settings. Playing music in the room of the baby can help you set volume levels and see the sensitivity. The microphone is very sensitive if the first volume level makes the baby monitor active.

There are different noises made by different babies depending on age. It is worthwhile noting the sound your baby makes to determine a sound level that is suitable to activate the device.

Final Notes

If you purpose to buy a baby monitor to keep an eye on your baby, a baby monitor with the VOX feature should always be on the list of factors to consider before buying it. As earlier mentioned in this review, a baby monitor with the VOX feature has a lot of benefits. A baby monitor essentially helps the parent have peace of mind during the day and a peaceful and quiet night.

With the VOX mode on, you can reduce EMF radiation exposure to the baby. This is because the device becomes active only when it detects a sound from the baby and transmits sound or video feed to the parent unit.

To get the best insights and tips to find the best baby monitor, I read more than 250 reviews online and ask my friends or others parents. From all their insights and my own experience, I've built this list of the best closed circuit baby monitor.