Best Baby Monitors Under $200

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Last updated on may 16, 2020

Are you are a nursing mother? Are you interested in the safety, well-being of your baby? You need the best baby monitors. There are several such products on the market. To get one, you do not need to empty your bank accounts. Many of them are affordable. You must ensure that you make the best investment by making a perfect choice.

You need this product to monitor your baby. This equipment helps you monitor your baby activities when you are sleeping or actively engaged in family chores. It is practically impossible for you to stay with your baby all the time, however, with the baby monitor; you will always be in touch with your baby.

Many parents appreciate the importance of baby monitors, but the problem is that many of them find it hard to make a choice. The baby monitor reviews are to help you make the best choice.

10 Best Baby Monitors Under $200 Review

It is certain that you need the best baby monitor. In doing that, it is not advisable to borrow. If you carry out a diligent search, you can get baby monitors under $200. Here are some of them.

1. Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor​​​​

This is perhaps the most innovative baby care product on the market today. You can place it anywhere in your home, and watch over your kid while going about your normal family duties.

You can actually customize it as you can easily change the lenses. In addition to that, the camera performance can be customized to suit your need. Customize it in a way that can help you monitor your kid.

You can continue to use it as your baby grows and this means that you can adjust the lens the fit your baby. It has several interesting features that make the popular choice for most parents. Here are some of the great features:

Alarm feature

It has an alarm and this can warn you when something unusual happens to your baby. With this, you do not need to worry about your child safety, because even if you are not with your baby, it can warn you when there is a danger.

Night vision

Another important feature is the issue of night vision. It features an invisible IR night vision. This means that you can easily monitor your baby even in the night because it supplies enough illumination.

Remote temperature display

Furthermore, it can display the temperature in the baby room. It is left for you to determine whether the temperature is good for your kid or not. It is good for the safety of your kids


As you can see, the monitor does not sell up to two hundred dollars. This shows that you can afford it and enjoy the high-end features. It is good for you and it is recommended.


  • The monitor is affordable
  • It displays room temperature
  • It is adjustable
  • Clone
    You can use it in the night


  • It is the best for those with large home because the reception will not be the bestIf you don’t place it correctly, it might not be reliable

In all, this is a great product and it is recommended for mothers looking for the best.

2. VAVA Video Baby Monitor with Rechargeable Battery

Baby Monitor, VAVA 720P 5" HD Display Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio, IPS Screen, 480ft Range, 4500 mAh Battery, Two-Way Audio, One-Click Zoom, Night Vision and Thermal Monitor

VAVA Video Baby Monitor

VAVA Video Baby Monitor is the best battery operated device that allows you monitor your kid conveniently. This is because of the 480ft long-range transmission as well as the two-way audio functions. It comes with an amazing 4500mAh rechargeable battery that can operate up to 24 hours without running low. It also has a large display which is 3 times extra detailed compared to previous devices.

Key features:

  • 5-Inch 720p handheld display which is 3 times extra more detailed than its previous counterparts.
  • LED noise indicators with external thermostat for effortless monitoring of the wellbeing of the baby.
  • 2X, 4X zoom with the auto-pilot panoramic mode that lets you scan the baby’s nursery.
  • 24 hour 4500mAh Battery life which is rechargeable and can last up to 12 hours when in display mode.


  • Full color during the day and Grayscale by night.
  • Two-way audio function.
  • LED noise indicator.
  • Clone
    Transmits in long range.
  • Clone
    Allows connections of up to 4 cameras.
  • Clone
    Night mode vision is automatic.


  • Has its speaker at the back.

3. MoonyBaby Split 50 Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras

Moonybaby Split 50 Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras and Audio, Large Display with Wide View, Screen Split, Auto Night Vision and Zoom, Sound Activated, Temperature Alert, 2-Way Talk, Range up to 1000ft

MoonyBaby Split 50 Baby Monitor​​​

This is so far the most favorite baby monitor that has a split-screen function in the market today. Besides split feature, it has wide-angle view cameras. It is the best baby monitor suitable for parents with twins or more than one kid. This is because it can support up to two cameras to monitor two rooms simultaneously. Also, this has split-screen, zoom-in function, five built-in lullabies, and the two-way talkback feature that allows you to communicate and soothe your baby. It also doesn’t require Wi-Fi set up as it uses wireless technology.

Key features:

  • Camera features includ:e a wide-angle lens, high resolution, 2x digital zoom functions, and an auto night vision.
  • Great extra features like room temperature detection, five built-in lullabies, and a 2-way talk-back feature.
  • Plug and play baby monitor with wall mount as well as AC adapter.
  • Accommodates up to 2 cameras to enable you to monitor two separate rooms.


  • Powerful and long-lasting battery.
  • Split-screen feature
  • Wide-angle lens
  • Five built-in lullabies to soothe and calm the baby.
  • Crystal clear night vision function.
  • Clone
    2-way talkback with camera wall-mount.
  • Clone
    Room temperature monitoring function


  • The lullabies and melodies are loud.
  • It allows a maximum of only two cameras.

4. Cocoon Cam plus - Baby Monitor

Cocoon Cam Plus Baby Breathing and Video Monitor 2018 Version - Discontinued by Manufacturer

Cocoon Cam plus - Baby Monitor

Cocoon Cam Plus has great features. It uses innovative features such as artificial intelligence and motion detection by monitoring your kid. The model is quite different from others because it does not require any wearable before you can use it. Furthermore, you can easily connect the system to your internet device. If there are problems with your baby, the system will send alerts to you through different methods.

The model is designed with lots of features and here are some of them:

Nursing features

It has features, which can help determine whether your baby is breathing or not. In addition to that, it features a night vision HD video. This means that you can use it comfortably in the night hours. It can deliver clear images at night.


Your baby can sleep in the system comfortably. If your baby faces any challenge, the alarm system will simply notify you. If your baby is not breathing well, when the baby wakes up or cries, the alarm system will notify you.

Complete monitor

It is regarded as all in one monitor. The device contains everything you need. You do not require any wearable before you can use this great product. It does not need mats and wires before you can use it.


  • The product is highly reliable as it is a complete system
  • Great night vision ability
  • Unique alarming system
  • Clone
    Easy to use and highly portable


  • The artificial intelligence is not the best

It is certain from the features reviewed above that this model is one of the best you can lay hands on the market today. It is highly recommended for mothers.

5. Motorola MBP36XL Portable Video Baby Monitor

Motorola Video Baby Monitor 5” Color Parent Unit, Remote Pan/Tilt/Zoom, Portable Rechargeable Camera, Two-Way Audio, Night Vision, 5 Lullabies, MBP36XL

Motorola MBP36XL Portable Video Baby Monitor

Having an all-around monitor of your baby is desirable. It is not surprising that many mothers opt for this kind of product. You do not need to be around your baby all the time. While you are not around, there is the need for your baby to be safe. It has fantastic features that make it different from similar brands out there and here are some of the great attributes:

LED sound indicator

It can alert you when your baby is not comfortable. The alerting system is great. With this feature, you do not need to worry about the safety of your kids. It uses a rechargeable battery. Whenever the battery gets low, it features a low battery alert. The model works through wireless technology.


In addition to that, the device is portable. Because of the lightweight, you can take it along with you wherever you go. Furthermore, it has other great features such as zoom feature, remote pan, as well as high sensitivity microphone and wireless system and so on.

Ergonomic design

To make it more portable, the system is ergonomically designed. It features a two-way communication system. You will like the great interactive features put in place.


  • The product is highly portable
  • It features a rechargeable battery
  • The model has great night vision ability
  • It is ergonomically designed


  • There is a power connection problem

This model is one of the best baby monitors on the market today. It has great features and parents can use it with confidence.

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6. Cubo Ai Smart Baby Monitor

Cubo Ai Smart Baby Monitor: Sleep Safety with Covered Face & Danger Zone Alerts, 1080p HD Night Vision Camera, 2-Way Audio, Cry and Temperature Detection (Night Light & 3 Stands Included)

Cubo Ai Smart Baby Monitor​​​​

This is the best smart baby monitor that features a covered face and danger zone alerts. It also has a sleep safety system. The customizable Covered Face and Rollover Alert uses AI. The AI detects when the mouth and nose of the baby are covered by items around or when the baby is stuck while rolling over. This baby monitor also comes with several functions that include 1080p HD Video Stream, Cry Detection, Crystal Clear Night Vision, 18-hour playback, Auto Photo Capture as well as Temperature and humidity alert.

Key features:

  • Customizable Covered Face and Rollover Alert use AI to detect the chances of the baby covered by items on mouth and nose.
  • 1080p HD Video Stream, Cry Detection, 2-way audio, Auto-photo capture, 18-hour playback, and Crystal clear Night Vision.
  • Temperature detection with a night light and three stands as well as No Blinking Red Light.
  • Features dual-camera support that lets you switch between two or more cameras using the same account.
  • Uses 2-factor Authentication to make safe all or sensitive information.


  • It has three separate mounting options.
  • It has temperature and humidity sensors.
  • Has quality and great 1080p HD video
  • Alerts, you know when the baby cries.
  • It can detect when the baby is covered with items on the nose and mouth.


  • Buttons on the monitor do not respond adequately.
  • Quite expensive.

7. Summer Infant Baby Pixel Video Baby Monitor

Summer Baby Pixel Color Video Monitor (Monitor, Baby Pixel)

Summer Infant Baby Pixel Video Baby Monitor

If you want to achieve safety and control for your kids, even when you are not physically around him, you can use this product. The device has a safety zone and it will inform you whenever your kids leave the safety zone. It can raise an alarm. It has other wonderful features that make it the choice of many parents.

Virtual boundary

It sets what is known as a sleeping zone virtual boundary. Once the kid is in that zone, there is no cause for worry, but once the kid leaves that zone, the system will raise an alarm.

Moonlight vision

The digital camera can always work and it will continue to work even in darkness. This is possible because of the moonlight vision. It can create beautiful images of events around your kid in the dark hours of the night.

Voice-activated video technology

It has a video technology that is voice activated. This simply means that you can give instructions to the system through a word of the mouth. The product is simple to use.

Wonderful music

Apart from helping you to monitor your kids, it can entertain your kid as well by playing out the great melody for your baby. This device uses the most innovative technology.


Despite the superior features, the product is still affordable. One would think that it would be very expensive because of the expansive features. It is still affordable, as it does not sell more than two hundred dollars.


  • Virtual boundary baby monitor helps secure your baby
  • A high-quality video even at night
  • Very easy to use and activate
  • The product is affordable and attractive


  • Some users complain that it is not durable

This is one of the best Voice Activated Baby Monitor you can buy with money. It has been wonderful and user-friendly features. The model is highly recommended.

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8. VTech VM344-2 Owl Video Baby Monitor

VTech VM344 Owl Video Baby Monitor with Automatic Infrared Night Vision, Pan/Tilt & Zoom, Temperature Sensor & 1,000 feet of Range

VTech VM344-2 Owl Video Baby Monitor

You can always watch your little baby enjoy with this remarkable product. It uses 4.3 inches color LCD screens and the resolution is wonderful. The product offers wonderful viewing options and you will be happy with the product. It has fantastic features that set it apart.

High resolution

One of the greatest features of the product is the high resolution. You will like the great and bright color and display. This means that you can monitor your baby in a real time.


The device is highly portable. You can easily move it about. This is an advantage.

It can transmit up to one thousand feet. This is possible because of the efficient transmission system. The product also features nine level sound indicators. It can allow you to monitor what is happening around your kid. The noise level can alert you irrespective of your location.


  • The product is durable
  • It displays in bright colors
  • The model is also portable
  • It has nine level indicators


  • There are issues with the charger connection.

You can see that the model is one of the best on the market. It displays in bright colors and can serve you. You will get value for your money.

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9. Motorola Comfort 50-2 Digital Video Audio Baby Monitor

Motorola Comfort 50-2 Video Baby Monitor 5" LCD Color Display and 2 Cameras with Digital Zoom, Two-Way Audio, Infrared Night Vision and 5 Soothing Lullabies

Motorola Comfort 50-2 Digital Baby Monitor

Are you looking for a wonderful baby monitor? This model is the perfect choice for you. It communicates in two ways and uses infrared night vision technology. The microphone it uses is highly sensitive. It has wonderful features and here are some of them:

Wireless technology

When you use the product, you do not have to worry about wires. This is because it uses a wireless technology. The model is highly innovative.


The model offers two ways communication system. This is a great advantage.

It can alert you when there is a low battery. In the same way, when the child is no longer safe, it can alarm you as well. When you get this model, you will have value for your money.


  • It has a high resolution
  • The product is highly attractive
  • It can alarm you when there is a low battery or when your kid is in danger
  • The model is also affordable


  • All the features do not work all the times

This is one of the best product. It has wonderful features and you do not worry about your kid safety when you use it. You have value for your money.

10. Angelcare AC417 Baby Breathing and Video Monitor

Angelcare Baby Monitor with Video and Breathing Sensor Pad (AC517)

Angelcare Baby Breathing and Video Monitor

This is the most trusted brand and the best movement baby monitor, which offers reliable and real-time feedback when monitoring your baby. It is easy to set and operate a device that features 5” LCD touchscreen on the parent unit. It comes with the Under-the-mattress wireless Breathing Sensor Pad responsible for tracking subtle movements. If there is no breathing within 20 seconds, the device sends an alert to the parent unit.

Key features:

  • It is a 5-Inch :baby monitor with an LCD parent unit touchscreen.
  • Features Under-the-mattress wireless Breathing Sensor Pad that tracks subtle movements that can’t be detected by audio as video monitors.
  • Wall-mount/tabletop camera featuring an adjustable magnetic mount as well as a camera.
  • Room temperature display, which turns red when the nursery is too warm and blue when it is too cold.
  • Movement activity, as well as room temperature reports for the previous two months.
  • Secure 2.4GHz digital transmission and two-way talk function.


  • Ability to track your baby’s breathing movements.
  • Alerts you in case there isn’t motion after 20 seconds.
  • Has real-time video as well as a digital pan tilt.
  • Allows real-time communication between the baby and parent
  • Alerts you when the room is too warm or too cold.


  • Quite expensive.
  • Video quality is average.

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Guidelines in Buying a ​Baby Monitor Under $200

When you are looking for this product, you have to consider many features and here are some of them.


The most important feature to consider is the price. All the products reviewed here are below two hundred dollars. You should opt for what you can afford.


Furthermore, you must consider the available features when you are making your choice. You must clearly know your need and the age of your baby before you make your choice. Ensure that features available are what you actually require. Features determine the crib functionality.


Furthermore, consider the issue of clarity. Images should be very clear. This can help you monitor your kid even in the night.

Security feature

Furthermore, you must consider security features put in place to ensure that the safety of your child is guaranteed when they use the product. Compare security features and choose those that offer you the best.

Ease of use

How easy is it to use the monitor? There is no need to get a monitor that will be difficult for you to operate. Get only those you can control.


Think of the number of sensors available. Ensure that it has a temperature sensor. At least this can determine the room temperature and know whether it is safe for your kid.

Battery life

The battery should be durable. It can serve you for hours. Consider this feature while making your choice.

Final thought

These are the best baby monitors. Even if you were a novice, information put together above will guide you in making a perfect choice. These are great products and you will have value for your money. They are all recommended.

To get the best insights and tips to find the best baby monitor, I read more than 250 reviews online and ask my friends or others parents. From all their insights and my own experience, I've built this list of the best closed circuit baby monitor.