Best Baby Monitor for Deaf Parents in 2023

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How can baby monitors help deaf parents? 

Parents with hearing impairments usually find it difficult to monitor their kids and are look for a baby monitor that provides both vibrating and visual features. However, baby monitors come handy to ensure that even deaf parents take care of their children easily. The device can help you get all the movements in the baby’s nursery. Such a device is also good for heavy sleeper parents because it has very powerful alerts.

A good baby monitor should be capable of facilitating effective communication between the parent and the baby. Anything different from that is a useless device that you should keep away from. The best baby monitor, for example, should provide a crystal clear sound alert for the parent to effectively monitor the baby.

When it comes to parents who have hearing impairments, it is important to find a baby monitor with amazing visual features. Besides, it should be able to relay vibrating alerts for the parent to monitor the baby easily and effectively. At the end of this review, hearing impaired parents will find it easy to get the best device suitable for monitoring their kids. We shall cover some of the best baby monitors for deaf parents, some of the frequently asked questions, and how to choose the best baby monitor. You can check other baby monitor for deaf parents from Amazon’s Baby Safety Products list. 

What baby Monitors Are Suitable for Deaf Parents?

1. Nanit Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount Gen 1

If you want a baby monitor that comes with a high-quality camera, then Nanit is your best bet. The monitor comes with a camera meant for mounting above the baby’s crib. Moreover, the camera has a night vision light directed towards the ceiling to avoid disturbing your kid as they sleep. The monitor has an application that you can install on your mobile device to keep a check on your kid remotely from anywhere.

The Nanit Smart Baby monitor is easy to use and even allows multiple logins on the app for different caregivers. The device will enable you to stream video and audio live, whether you have internet or not, because it has a cloud-enabled feature. Most importantly, the monitor can also detect the humidity and temperature levels in your baby’s room.


  • Easy to mount the camera
  • Has lullabies and white noise to soothe the kid
  • Good quality camera
  • Sturdy monitor
  • Clone
    Has a talk- back communication feature


  • Poor connection at times
  • The camera cannot rotate unless done manually

2.Cocoon Cam Plus-Baby Monitor with Breathing Monitoring

The Cocoon Cam Plus baby monitor allows you to monitor your baby's breathing and heart rate at night. Also, when your baby wakes up or when there are some changes in its breathing pattern, this baby monitor will pick up on it and immediately give you an alert so you can check on your baby! You can receive these alerts by using a mobile app on your phone or tablet. Furthermore, the Cocoon Cam Plus allows you to see your baby with its Vision Mode feature. Lastly, another great thing about the Cocoon Cam Plus baby monitor is that it doesn't have to come into contact with your baby. That means you won't have to use wearables on your baby, which will significantly improve your baby's sleeping experience.


  • Easy to install at home.
  • Offers excellent night vision that enables you to monitor your child at night.
  • With the help of the app, monitor your baby, even when you are not at home.
  • You can use the vibration function for alerts so that, you will receive the alerts properly.
  • The product is completely contact-free, so your baby won't be disturbed by it.


  • There can be technical issues when using it, as the app stops working sometimes.
  • The breathing monitoring function isn't always very accurate.

 3. SereneLife Wireless Baby Monitor System

SereneLife SLBCAM550 is a wireless baby monitor which includes an attractive rechargeable smartwatch. It features a 1.54-inch digital display that displays images and videos via a mounting camera. It has an alarm clock for deaf, and the screen also displays time, date, and PTT voice messaging. With the infrared night vision camera illumination, the baby monitor is capable of detecting dim light for crystal clear video even when there is no light. It has an adjustable camera viewing angle.

The SereneLife SLBCAM550 wireless baby monitor system features a talk-back communication function. This makes it reliable and convenient for the parent to communicate effectively with the baby in the nursery. The built-in microphone, as well as a speaker, relays crystal clear communication between the parent and baby. It also has lullabies and melodies to soothe the baby.

Key features

  • Talk-back communication feature to talk to and comfort the baby to sleep.
  • Infrared night vision camera to automatically detect a dim light for clear videos.
  • Lullabies and musical lullabies to help you soothe and comfort the little one to sleep
  • Built-in thermometer to monitor the baby’s room temperature for comfort and safety.
  • It comes with an attractive rechargeable smartwatch that features a 1.54-inch screen display.


  • It comes with an attractive and portable smartwatch with an LCD display for viewing remotely.
  • A built-in speaker and smart microphone allow two-way communication.
  • Has a user-friendly user interface.
  • Powerful and long-lasting battery.
  • Clone
    Portable, reliable, and convenient to effectively monitor your baby.


  • No provision to sync to a smartphone
  • The melodies are quite loud

4.Philips Avent Dect Audio Baby Monitor

This baby monitor uses very innovative technology to improve your baby monitoring experience. The Philips Avent Dect Audio Baby Monitor also has a talk-back feature that allows you to directly communicate with your baby via the monitor. Furthermore, this product allows you to monitor the temperature of the room that your baby is sleeping in, which is an advantage for sure! This baby monitor also uses DECT technology to make sure that the connection of your baby monitor is entirely privet and to make sure that no one could be listening in. One thing that really makes this baby monitor stand out though, is that it's Smart Eco Mode. Because of this, you will be saving energy while using the baby monitor, and it's overall better for the environment.


  • It offers built-in lullabies that help in calming your baby down when he/she is crying.
  • You can use this product even from a range of 1000 feet away from your child.
  • This baby monitor comes with a great connection.
  • You can customize the sound of this product, along with the option of vibrations or lights.
  • Clone
    The monitor's ECO mode allows you to save energy!


  • Even though the product is an eco-friendly one, you will get to face issues with the battery backup.
  • When it's turned on, there is a light that keeps flickering, so this may annoy you while sleeping.

5. VTech BA72212GY Audio Baby Monitor

This baby monitor also uses vibrations to send you alerts when something changes in the behavior of your sleeping baby. When using this baby monitor, this VTech product will allow you to communicate with your baby through the monitor, seeing as it has a talk-back intercom feature. Furthermore, this baby monitor provides your baby with a small light so you can clearly see your baby on the monitor screen. The light can even be described as soft, so it won't bother your baby in the slightest. When it comes to this baby monitor's connection, it uses DECT 6.0 Technology to keep your privacy intact. Namely, this technology eliminates the chance of other people listening in on the sounds coming out of the baby monitor. Finally, this baby monitor can be clipped onto your belt or somewhere else on your body, Thanks to the fact that the baby monitor works on batteries, it will still work, even from 1000 feet away and because it can be clipped on, you can carry the monitor around with you comfortably everywhere you go.


  • Because of the baby monitor's ability to send you vibrating alerts, it's perfect for deaf or hearing impaired parents!
  • This product's talk-back intercom feature will allow you to reassure your baby when he/she is crying, all via the baby monitor!
  • This monitor offers you the opportunity to monitor your baby, even when you are 1000 feet away!
  • DECT Technology will really improve your sense of privacy!
  • Clone
    The built-in soft light will make you see your baby more clearly!


  • The monitor's batteries often will not last very long before you have to recharge them.
  • Clone
    When your baby is crying really softly, it's possible that this VTech will always not be able to detect is.

6.VTech DM221-2 Audio &  vibrating baby monitor

VTech DM221 is an audio baby monitor for deaf and hearing-impaired or deep sleepers. It can run on both the AC power or on battery. The configuration features two parent units that act as the monitor and a baby unit, which is an audio monitor. The transmission of this device is crystal clear with zero white noise. It has a 5-level sound indicator with the parent unit having graphic bars, which indicates the sound level in the baby’s nursery. This lets you monitor the level of the noise visually when the unit is a muted mode.

The two-way talk-back feature allows the parent to talk and soothe the baby through the parent unit without physically going to the baby’s room. It has a rechargeable battery that can last a maximum of 18 hours when fully charged.

Key features

  • 2-way talk-back intercom feature to talk to and soothe the baby.
  • DECT 6.0 offers crystal clear transmission with the elimination of white noise.
  • 5-level sound indicator with the parent unit having graphic bars.
  • The parent unit features a belt clip for portability and convenience.
  • In vibration mode, the parent unit alerts with gentle vibrations when the baby is fussing.
  • Parent unit features up to 1000 feet outdoor range and 150 feet indoor range.


  • Good product for sound monitoring.
  • The parent unit has a backlight, which is handy when there is no light.
  • Two-way talk-back intercom is handy.
  • It is portable and convenient thanks to the belt clip on the parent unit.
  • Promising outdoor and indoor coverage.


  • Lacks convenient features.
  • Clone
    Battery drains very fast.

7.VTech DM225 Owl Audio Baby Monitor

This baby monitor also provides you with a talk-back intercom feature and will send you alerts when your baby is crying. There is a vibration mode, which is great for deaf or hearing impaired parents! Additionally, the monitor's display is very well illuminated so that will help you with easily seeing the information that you need to monitor your baby properly. Also, the monitor is battery-driven and offers a 1000 feet range so you can just clip on the baby monitor somewhere on your body and take it with you as you move around the house while your baby is sleeping. Just like the previous VTech baby monitor model, this one uses DECT 6.0 technology to lower the chances of someone listening in on the conversation that you have with your baby via the baby monitor. Thus, you will have optimal privacy when using this baby monitor.


  • The owl design is a bonus as it's visually pleasing for your baby and might help with calming your baby down.
  • The monitor is an easy to carry around because of its compact design.
  • You will be alerted with vibrations on your baby’s movement, so it is very user-friendly for deaf people!
  • This baby monitor gives you the chance to talk to your baby through the monitor when he/she is crying.
  • Clone
    It offers you the facility of monitoring your kid even from a distance of 1000 feet away without losing quality!


  • You may sometimes experience trouble with the connectivity between your monitor and the baby's monitor.
  • Clone
    The battery quality of the product isn't excellent, and gets discharged quickly.

4 Ways Baby Monitors Work for Deaf Parents and Heavy Sleepers

Apart from the sound alert, a baby monitor is designed to relay information through a couple of other modes. Deaf parents don’t hear. Instead, they utilize other senses like touch and sight. In this case, they can only monitor their babies through visual and feeling. This means that the baby monitors they use are special with clear visual display and great vibration. For the case of heavy sleepers, the device should be extra loud.

1. Vibration alerts

Since parents that have hearing impairments, it is unfortunate they can’t hear when the baby cries from the nursery. The immediate option for them is to utilize baby monitors that relay vibrating alerts other than other features. As a parent with such a condition, you can use an external vibrating pad. This can be connected to the baby monitor and placed under the pillow.

2. Light Alerts

With light alerts, parents with hearing impairments or heavy sleepers can find it helpful to monitor their babies. When there is movement or the baby cries, the baby monitor is designed to relay lights that might awaken you. Sometimes it might demand a combination of light alerts and vibrating alarm.

3. Extra-loud sound

The baby monitor units for parents who are deep sleepers are designed to offer an extra-loud sound. The sound quality also has a high degree of clarity and has very low static as well as interface. Such a baby monitor should also let you adjust the volume as well as its microphone sensitivity in the nursery of the baby.

4. A combination of light, vibration, and sound

For heavy sleepers and deaf parents, a baby monitor that features a combination of light, vibration, and sound is a perfect choice. With these features, you will be able to monitor the baby in a separate room effectively. Deaf parents need a combination of light and vibration, while an extra-loud sound is good for heavy sleepers.

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How To Choose The Best Baby Monitor For Deaf Parents?​​​​​

With deaf parents with a baby on board, it is a bit tricky when it comes to choosing the best baby monitor. Baby monitors used by deaf parents have unique features, and not any other monitor will work perfectly for them. Baby monitors come in different types, and some have special features than others. Here are some factors to consider:

Sound Level Indicator and Vibrating Alarm

The features should be on the parent unit so that the parent can recognize the level of the noise that comes from the baby’s room. A baby monitor that lacks this feature becomes tricky for the deaf parent to differentiate between a cry of the baby and when the baby is just playing. It should have a sound level indicator or a vibrating alarm or both.

Talk-back communication and lullabies

With the talk-back communication feature, a parent can talk to the baby and comfort him/her to sleep. When there is vibration or sound level indicator lights up, the baby is crying and needs your attention. With the talk-back feature, you can then play tunes to the baby to comfort and soothe them to sleep.

Video Display

Parents with difficulties in hearing can find this feature helpful, although monitors of such caliber are quite costly. They are, however, helpful as you can monitor the baby within and without the house. The images displayed on the parent unit are in real-time and crystal clear.

Vibrating Pad

With a vibrating pad, you need a separate receiver that should be installed in the baby’s room. The vibrating pad or sometimes the rod can be tucked under your pillow. When the baby cries, you will feel the vibration on the rod or vibrating pad, and you can attend to him/her.

Rechargeable batteries

The baby monitor, as well as the handsets, are usually in use most of the time. This means that they need power all through. Choosing a device with rechargeable batteries will save you a big deal of buying fresh batteries all the time.

Battery Life

For effective performance and monitoring your baby, you require a baby monitor with a powerful battery. It simply means that you should choose a baby monitor, which can last longer with a single charge. A baby monitor with a battery that drains easily should be avoided.

Range of the Unit

It is important as well to consider the extent to which the signal of the baby monitor can reach. The signal range of most of the baby monitors in the market is between 600 and 1000 feet. A baby monitor within a recommended signal strength works well in monitoring your baby at home.

Wireless Network Features

Wireless network features are an important factor to consider when you are looking for the best baby monitor. The device should be capable of being connected to other devices, making it convenient.

Hands-Free Operation

The best baby monitor should be one that features hands-free operation. This means that it requires touch-less control to operate.

Temperature monitoring

The temperature monitoring feature is helpful for parents to maintain the required sleeping environment for your baby in the nursery. With this feature, you can adjust the room temperature to an ideal one.

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Vibrating alarm clock for deaf

We have an alarm clock for deaf, which operates through vibration. Since the deaf cannot hear the sound of the alarm clock, it has a vibrating pad that is usually placed under the pillow. When it is time to wake up, the parent will feel the vibration. In addition to vibration, some clocks for deaf feature additional lights flash. There are different types of vibrating alarm clocks for deaf parents. Some need to be plugged in to operate while others are portable as they have rechargeable batteries.

The Sonic Boom Alarm Clock

Any parent who has a hearing problem or a deep sleeper, the Sonic Boom Alarm Clock baby monitor is a perfect choice. This clock is uniquely designed that allows the parent to choose the time of waking up. This can be achieved with a combination of flashing lights and an extra-loud pulsating audio alarm. The device features adjustable volume as well as tone controls that let the parent choose the desired sound combination that will wake you up.

The display has a large adjustable viewing angle. It also features green LED numbers, which are large and bright, which makes it easy to view. In case there is a power outage, the Boom Alarm clock comes with a battery backup. The built-in receiver is capable of picking up transmissions from a range of Sonic Alert signalers.

Key features

  • 113 dB extra-loud alarm clock featuring adjustable tone as well as the volume control.
  • Built-in receiver to accommodate other Sonic Alert signalers.
  • Features SS12VW Super Shaker bed vibrating unit.
  • Clock screen display with adjustable viewing angle and large, bright LED numbers green in color.
  • The unit features a test button to help you select an appropriate combination of flashing lights.


  • A good device for waking up heavy sleepers.
  • It has a battery backup ideal in the event of power outages.
  • Capable of picking up transmissions from relevant Sonic Alert signalers.
  • It allows you to select a combination of flashing lights and alarm.
  • Ideal for deaf parents.


  • The alarm is too loud
  • Clone
    The new model not durable.

How Vibrating alarm clocks can help you and your deaf Child?

Vibrating alarm clocks are helpful for the deaf parent or child. This alarm clock has special features. You can use one that has a powerful vibrating pad, extra-loud sound, or that with flashing lights. You can position the vibrating pad under the pillow or your mattress with a wired connection to an alarm clock. Most of the vibrating alarm clocks are designed to lie on the bedside table. Some of them are also portable, which you can move with them away from home.

Child Care Tips for Deaf Parents

Parents who have challenges in hearing can find it a difficult task to monitor their little ones, especially new ones. New deaf parents on boards will find it more challenging because of the commitment. A new baby requires constant monitoring throughout the day and night. There are, however, ways any parent can care for the baby.


When it comes to deaf parents, there are limited options they can use to care for their babies, especially during the day. At night, a deaf parent can opt for the co-sleeping choice. With the baby next to you at night, it is convenient as a deaf parent to wake up and attend to a crying or fussing baby.

Co-sleeping is regarded as one of the best options as it has great health benefits as well. A co-sleeping option has been found to alleviate stress. Also, there is a possibility of the baby having a comfortable and adequate sleep. It is also a convenient way to nurse the baby.

Try a baby monitor

For parents who are not comfortable sleeping with their babies in the same room, a baby monitor is the best option. Baby monitors for deaf parents should have a high definition camera with a bright screen display. It should also have a combination of light and vibration alerts to work effectively for them. With such features, a deaf parent is capable of monitoring your baby during the day and throughout the night. A combination of sound-activated lights and vibration alerts helps the parent to feel and see the movement of the baby. We have covered some of the best baby monitors that work well for deaf parents. You can pick one that best suits your demands.

Baby Proof your home

There is much caution needed for parents with difficulty in hearing or deaf, especially as new parents. When your home is safe, there is nothing to worry about as you have a sense of relief about the safety of the young one. The surrounding should be baby proof so that you and your baby are not exposed to the dangers of being hurt.

It is important, therefore, to take precautions like placing baby gates, drawer guards, and things like outlet covers. With these installations in the house, you are assured of the safety of both you and your baby. Edge guards should be well-fitted on all sharp corners and remove any form of choking hazard. The cabinets and doors should be locked at all times to eliminate any case of injury.

Develop a routine

To take care of the baby as a deaf parent, it is necessary to develop a routine. When you familiarize yourself with the sleep schedule of your baby, set meal times, and schedule your sleeping time can be a good routine. It gives the parent peace of mind because you are guaranteed that the baby has enough rest. You are also up to par with the daily nutrition of the baby. The parent also gets a humble time to rest and plan yourself for the future.

You can also have a helping hand from people around as it is challenging for deaf parents to raise the little one alone.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is the baby monitor necessary for deaf parents?

A baby monitor is an ideal device for deaf parents in many ways, especially if you are a parent who doesn’t prefer sleeping with the baby in your room. With the baby monitor in place, you can monitor the baby in the nursery in real-time through the video. With devices that have sound level indicators, you can tell the nature of the baby and if they want your attention. It helps you attend to the baby without physically appearing in the baby’s nursery.

2. How do baby monitors for deaf parents work?

Baby monitors for deaf parents work in three basic ways. With the video-based unit, a parent can use it to monitor the baby in real-time. With a baby monitor that is video-enabled, you can observe everything that happens in the baby’s nursery. You can use the sound level indicator baby monitor as well to monitor the baby. The flashing lights of this device are very bright and are activated when there is movement in the nursery. The level of flashing light goes up depending on the noise level. Some have vibrating alerts which are activated when the baby cries.

3. Can a hearing-Impaired parent hear a baby cry?

A hearing-impaired parent cannot hear a baby cry, not unless he/she is using effective hearing aids. They can realize the baby is crying when the parent unit vibrates when the light level indicators are higher or by observing through the video-based baby monitor. Parents with a minor hearing problem can use wear hearing aids and use any ordinary baby monitor. However, parents who are deaf cannot hear the baby cry and have to use special baby monitors.

4. How does a vibrating baby monitor work? 

A vibrating baby monitor works simply. For this to work effectively, you require a separate receiver, which should be installed in the baby’s nursery. You will also require a vibrating pad or a rod that should be fixed under your pillow. When the baby cries from the nursery, you will feel the vibration on the vibrating rod pad under your pad.

5. Can video monitors help deaf people?

Yes! it can . A video baby monitors are helpful for deaf people as they can observe the baby from a distance within your home. A deaf parent can do other house chores within and without the house while observing the little one in real-time through the video-based monitor.

6. Is a child monitor with DECT technology better for deaf parents?

Yes! a baby monitor with DECT technology is better than others. because this technology can transmit alert signals wirelessly to your device with minimal interference from other monitors or devices.

Growing up as a child of deaf parents

Final Notes

It is a good thing to have a baby monitor when a young one is on board. A baby monitor is a convenient device that can make your parenting a lot easier when choosing the best one. During the first few months of parenting, it is a joy when everything concerning the baby is hassle-free. Parents who are deaf or have difficulties in hearing can find it very tough if they don’t have a particular baby monitor to help them. This review has dealt with some of the guidelines for finding the best device. We also have reviewed some of the best baby monitors for deaf parents. The choice now remains in your hands.

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