Baby Monitor Mount | You Must Need These Essential Items.

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There is a handful of options for parents who use baby monitors can mount them to have a clear view of their babies while in their room. The most common and popular option used by many parents is to mount baby monitor on the shelf or the wall. For better images of your baby’s crib, you can prefer using a tripod or even a clip. A safer baby monitor mount on a tripod or a clip requires securing the cable well on the wall. This is a safety precaution because the baby might get strangled with the cord. The following are some of the items where you can securely mount the baby monitor.

1. Baby Monitor Wall Mount

Baby monitor wall mount is a popularly used method because it offers a perfect bird-eye view of the crib in your baby’s room. The wall has also been known to be the safest and most secure point the baby monitor can be mounted. This is because it is out of reach by the baby, and if the cables are well secured on the wall, there are zero chances of the baby being strangled. Also, it is hard for you to knock it on the ground accidentally. It is advisable not to mount the baby monitor with adhesive strips alone as it can fall.

Universal Wall Mount

VuSee Flat | Universal Baby Monitor Shelf | Compatible with Most Baby Monitors | Safe Cord Management | Easy Installation

VuSee Flat is a product made 100% in the USA and can be an ideal option to mount your baby monitor on the wall. It has the wide-angle view feature that allows you to view the baby’s crib in a bird’s eye view. It is easy to fix an item that doesn’t require tools but only a 3M adhesive strips which hold it firm on the wall. This baby monitor mount is universal, compatible with many models of a baby monitor. It comes with an adapter that fits most of the baby monitors around.

It measures 6 x 6 inches, and the edge is 1.5 inches. It works well with models like Summer Infant, Infant optics, Avent, Delta, Gracot, Duracell, Angelcare, VTech, Samsung, Levana, Safety 1st as well as Snuza.

Infant Optics DXR-8 Wall Mount

This is a uniquely designed baby monitor wall mount that fits well for parents who favorites of Infant Optic DXR-8. It is very convenient and, at the same time, a simple item that comes with an easy installation procedure. You can use 3M adhesive strips to mount the Optics DXR-8, and the outlook is tidy. It also comes with a total of two pins you can use to fix in the wall even though they look tiny. When fitted with your Optics DXR-8, the mount doesn’t have any kind of embellishments. It has a very clean appearance, and it fits firmly on the wall. It measures 4.9 inches and has an edge of 1.3 inches.

2. Baby Monitor Shelf

If you want to have a clear view of the entire room without any obstruction, then the shelf is the best way to go. Using a shelf helps you have a clear way to observe your baby’s crib in a bird’s eye view. Using the shelf, you get rid of blind spots that are a result of the formation of a slab of the baby’s crib or any furniture in the room.

Small Floating Shelf​​​​

Umbra 325560-040 Showcase Shelves Set Gallery Display, Floating Wall Shelf for Small Objects and More (Set of 3), Black

This is one of the stylish small floating shelves designed to hold small items like the baby monitor. This small shelf is coated with MDF making it an easy to clean item. You can simply dust it off or use a damp cloth if necessary. Due to its small size, it can be fitted anywhere in the baby’s room. When this item is fully installed, it is quite hard to realize its brackets.

It can accommodate a maximum of 2.5 pounds and measures 9.8 inches in width. It has a depth of 4.8 inches with a thickness of 1.5 inches. This is a top-notch item that gives good satisfaction with your money. You can reinforce its firmness by using the M3 adhesive strips.

Adhesive Small Shelf

Command Display Ledges, Quartz, 2-Ledges, 8-Medium Foam Strips, Decorate Damage-Free

This is a multipurpose item that can be used in your baby’s room to position your baby monitor. It is designed to hold the item firmly on several surfaces like tile, paint, wood. The good thing is that when removing it off the surface, it comes out easily. It is a better option for anyone who doesn’t want to drill or nail your wall. It is a simple shelf to fix that doesn’t require tools as it has adhesive strips. It can withstand a maximum weight of 2 pounds. The first version measures 4.2 inches in width and 3.8 inches depth with x4 inches thick. The second version measures 21.1 inches in width with a depth of 3.1 inches and thickness of 4.1 inches.

Flat Shelf with Cord Management

eLhook Stick On Small 9” Wall Shelf White | Cord Management | Removable with 3M Command Shelf Adhesives | Stick On Wall Shelves for Household Electronics Bluetooth Speakers Security Cameras for Wall

This is another multipurpose shelf that was designed specifically to accommodate electronic devices. A baby monitor can perfectly fit on this flat stick-on and removable flat shelf that also has a cord management. It comes in two versions, 9 inches, and 12 inches. The 9-inch shelf comes with five command strips while the 12-inch shelf features six command strips. The shelf can easily be installed and, at the same time, removed with messing or damaging your surface. It is made of ABS plastic and neatly finished with white satin. The corners are well rounded and look attractive and versatile. It can hold up to a maximum of 6 pounds, making it a very reliable shelf. It uses the 3M adhesive strips to fix on the wall.

Universal Fit Corner Shelf

VuSee Corner | Universal Baby Monitor Shelf | Compatible with Most Baby Monitors | Safe Cord Management | Easy Installation

It is a small shelf designed to fit well in a corner in your baby’s room. It is made of strong plastic and provides a wide-angle view to get a bird’s eye of your baby’s crib. It eliminates the blind spots for a clear view of the baby’s crib. It has cable management making it safe to position the cable in the corner of the wall. It features a universal adapter compatible with most models. It works well with Avent, Angelcare, Summer Infant, Infant optics, Graco, VTEch, Samsung, and Safety 1st models.

Like any other baby monitor mount, it doesn’t require a permanent fix on the wall. The installation is quite easy, and all you need is the 3M Command strip to fit it firmly on the wall. It is able to carry a maximum of 2 pounds.

3. Baby Monitor Stand

A stand is a better option if you don’t necessarily need to mount your baby monitor on the wall. You can still get a desired view of the entire room and the crib of your baby. The good thing with using the baby monitor stand is that you don’t require tools nor drilling to fit it. A baby monitor stand can simply be fitted on the side of any furniture as well as a shelf in the room. It features a flexible arm that can perfectly flex to fit in a desired position. It is portable as it can be moved from one room to the other or travel with it.

Flexxicam Safer Monitor Stand

FlexxiCam | Universal Baby Monitor Holder with Strap | Flexible Baby Camera Mount Shelf | No Drilling | A Safer Monitor Stand for Your Baby

This is a universal baby monitor stand with a strap and can be flexibly mounted on the shelf without making drills. Besides attaching it on the shelf, this safer baby monitor can be fixed to any kind of furniture or even on the window. It is flexible and can be twisted to get a better position of viewing the baby’s crib and the rest of the room.

This monitor stand is able to accommodate any baby monitor that is not more than 3.8 inches wide. It has a clip that you can use to attach it precisely on any surface. The stand is 33.5 inches is in a rubber pad design so that it renders any surface attached to it undamaged.

Baby Camera Stand for Crib

Universal Baby Monitor Wall Mount, Infant Baby Camera Holder, Baby Monitor Shelf, Baby Camera Stand for Crib Nursery Compatible with Most Baby Monitors

This is a holder that measures 30 inches long, and you can adjust the angle so that you can get a desired position. There is, therefore, no need to worry about dead spots in the room of the baby. It is a universal baby monitor that can act as a wall mount, camera holder, monitor shelf, and a camera stand. It is compatible with most of the baby monitors available in the market. It is suitable for baby monitor models like Motorola, Summer Infant, Infant Optics, Babebay, Smilism, DBpower, and many more. It is simple and easy to install that doesn’t require neither sticking with adhesive nor drilling your furniture or other surfaces in the baby’s room. Instead, it has a strong and durable clamp that securely holds the baby monitor in place.

4. Baby Monitor Mount Bracket

A baby monitor mount bracket is an important thing in any portable baby monitor. A baby monitor mount bracket is a good option if you don’t want drilling holes into the wall to mount your baby monitor. With a baby monitor mount, you are able to achieve the best coverage of the baby’s room. With a mounting bracket, you can position your baby monitor on the shelf, raised furniture, or on the wall for desired coverage.

Mount Bracket for Infant Optics DXR-8 Baby Monitor

Baby Monitor Mount Bracket for Infant Optics DXR-8 Baby Monitor, Featch Universal Baby Cradle Mount Holder for Infant Optics DXR-8(Infant Optics DXR-8 Not Included.) …

This mount bracket is purposely designed for Infant Optics DXR-8 and has an attractive look in a form of a cartoon. It is made with top-notch ABS material, and the surface is very smooth. This mount bracket features a wide adjustable range which suits all kinds of baby cradle Fence, which are between 8mm and 50mm. It doesn’t require drilling, and it features a soft silicone mate that protects the cradle against scratches. It is portable to carry along, and the stickers that come along with it ensures it remains firmly fixed on the cradle bed. It is lightweight and very sturdy and doesn’t damage or scratch the furniture clamped on.

Strong Clamp Bracket for Crib

This clamp bracket is a strong universal baby monitor holder suitable to clamp on the baby’s crib or the wall shelf. It features an adjustable flexible arm, and it is compatible with most baby monitors. You can adjust this bracket and rotate it to obtain the desired view of your baby in the crib and the entire crib. It can accommodate baby monitors that are not more than 3.8 inches wide and 1.5 inches having stand or base. It can fit on Infant Optics, BabySense, HelloBaby, Cam, Cocoon, and Motorola. It is a strong clamp that features protective pads that clamps easily and neatly onto the wall, shelf, crib, and window.

5. Baby Monitor Cable and Outlet Covers

When you have desired mounting methods suitable for your baby monitor, it is critical to make sure that the cables and electrical outlets are securely fitted to avoid potential accidents. There have been some cases of babies reaching out for the loosely hanging wires around the crib and strangling themselves. It is a safety hazard to secure cables and any electrical outlets so that you baby is free from any dangerous strangulation or the monitor getting damaged.

Simple Cord Cable Concealer

Simple Cord Cable Concealer On-Wall Cord Cover Raceway Kit - Cable Management System to Hide Cables, Cords, or Wires - Cord Organizer for Wall Mounted TVs and Computers at Home or in The Office

This is proper cord management that securely covers the cable of the baby monitor. With this kit, you will be able to manage and cover all the wires. It features 150 inches length that can conceal baby monitor cables. The cable covers in this kit have elbow joints that help form angles. You can secure the covers onto the wall using screws or adhesives or both of them. This cable concealer manages all loose cables in a position to make the room rhyme with your décor. Besides, if the color of the cable concealer doesn’t rhyme with that of the room, you can paint it to your preference.

Cable Management Sleeve

[4 Pack] JOTO Cable Management Sleeve, 19-20 Inch Cord Organizer System with Zipper for TV Computer Office Home Entertainment, Flexible Cable Sleeve Wrap Cover Wire Hider System -Black

Cable management sleeve can be used if you don’t wish to permanently fix the cable on the wall of the room. It is a convenient option which can be used when travelling, which allows you to conceal the loose cable and still access it. It has a zipper that is within a flexible tube that can close and open at any time.

Outlet Cover Box​​​​

Safety Innovations Twin Door Baby Safety Outlet Cover Box for Babyproofing Outlets - More Interior Space for Extra Large Electrical Plugs and Adapters - Easy to Install - Easy to Use, (1-Pack)

It is a dangerous thing when your baby comes in encounter with any loose electrical cable. Any electrical cable should be kept out of side of the baby to avoid dangers of electrocutions. An outlet cover box is a childproof casing that hides any loose electrical wire so that kids don’t play with them.

Power Strip Cover

Safety 1st Power Strip Cover for Baby Proofing

In case you are using the power strip in your baby’s room, it is recommended that you use a childproof cover to secure it. The power strip outlet cover is specifically designed to cover the cable so that there is no chance of the baby reaching out on it. You can mount it on the wall or any other preferred location, and its length is adjustable.

Electrical Plug Cover

Mommy's Helper Outlet Plugs, 36 Count

This is usually used as a baby-proof cover and is a common item that is used in most homes that have kids. It is proof against electricity shocks on children trying to explore on electrical devices. If you have electrical outlets that are not in use, electrical plug cover is a perfect tool to cover them.

Final Notes

Safety stands tall in our daily life activities, and this is the reason why parents have to be cautious at home or elsewhere when dealing with baby monitors. When using a baby monitor anywhere, make sure that it is firmly fixed in the correct position to avoid falling on the baby or the ground. The cable should also be fixed well and covered to avoid dangers of strangulation. The electrical wires should also be covered to prevent electrocution.