Best Baby Monitor Under 100 Dollars For 2021

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what is the best baby monitor under $100?

Every mother will like to use the best baby monitor. Many of them were scared at the high prices. Parents used to spend hundreds of dollars to get better quality monitors. This belongs to the past. Innovative baby monitors are available, and these are highly affordable. Several low cost baby monitors are now introduced to the market. These affordable products are easy to operate and install. You can check other best baby monitors under $100 from Amazon’s Baby Safety Products list.

In this review, we are going to present the baby monitors under 100 dollars price tag. These are great products because they satisfy all your requirements. Nearly all the nursing parents go for these products. The issue of cost is the biggest challenge confronting them. If you are a buyer and you are finding it hard to make a choice, this information is very useful to you. We tested and reviewed seven of the best baby monitors under $100, and we will be sharing our findings with you. Also, we will explore the necessary factors to consider when you go out shopping for one.

Top 7 Baby Monitors Under $100 Dollars

1. Babysense Video Baby Monitor 

Babysense Video Baby Monitor

Babysense Video Baby Monitor 

This is truly one of the best inexpensive video baby monitors out there. It comes with a 2.4-inch HQ Color LCD that lets you view your little angel clearly. Furthermore, the monitor features the Enhanced 2.4GHz FHSS Technology that helps to offer HD and steady video streaming. With this monitor, you will enjoy crystal clear digital vision and sound that is secure and interference-free.

Are you thinking about stepping out next door but you still want to get feeds from the monitor? Not an issue because this one covers up to 900 feet in an open space, and you will get a warning if you step out of range. The two-way talk back feature lets you communicate with your baby with ease.

It also has a room temperature monitor that will alert you when the temperature is extremely high or low in the baby’s room. You can easily watch your little one even when darkness creeps in, thanks to the auto-infrared night vision. You can choose to activate the Eco mode when you want to save the battery.


  • Up to 900 feet of coverage with out-of-range warning
  • Inbuilt lullabies
  •  ECO mode enabled
  • Room temperature monitoring
  • Clone
    2.4GHz FHSS Technology for clear, interference-free streaming
  • Clone
    Auto-night vision
  • Clone
    You can zoom or tilt remotely


  • The power cord could be longer
  • The ECO mode can be faulty sometimes

2.iBaby Monitor M6S,Smart Baby Care System

iBaby Monitor M6S,Smart Wifi Enabled Total Baby Care System 1080p Wireless Infant Safety Camera Kit with Wi-Fi Speakers, Night Vision, 360° Pan and 110° tilt

iBaby Monitor M6S,Smart Baby Care System

This baby monitor has the best sleek design with an appealing appearance. It has amazing features like the 2-way communication, the infrared night vision, the pin and tilt feature, lullabies to soothe the baby, sound as well as motions, just to mention but a few. It has an HD video quality meaning the video resolution is crystal clear. The quality of your baby’s images remains clear, even in dark places.

The unique feature that stands out from other baby monitors is that it features integrated social media. This lets you share great memories about your baby with others on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Besides, there is a possibility of 4 people accessing all live feeds. You can, therefore, include close relatives or any other person to get access to the nursery.


  • They are made of great quality material.
  • It allows for faster connections with free storage in the cloud.
  • Has Smart Nursery features like lullabies.
  • Video quality is in full HD for crystal clear video images.
  • Clone
    It allows you to receive emotions and sound alerts through SMS or email.
  • Clone
    It has a two-way communication feature.
  • Clone
    Features infrared night vision.


  • Doesn’t have preloaded lullabies.
  • Clone
    It is exclusively mobile compatible hence videos can’t be accessed via a PC.
  • Clone
    No SD card slot as the storage is in the cloud only.

3.Hello Baby HB65 Video Baby Monitor 

Baby Monitor with Remote Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera and 3.2'' LCD Screen, Infrared Night Vision (Black)

Hello Baby HB65 Video Baby Monitor 

This baby monitor is designed with a large LCD screen with Safe Wireless Technology. The screen display is 3.2 inches, and it has a very reliable and secure connection. This is due to frequency hopping together with digital encryption technology. The 32.2 inch LCD screen has a remote pan-tilt and zoom. The remote control camera can rotate at an angle of 355o horizontally and at 120o vertically. This is to allow you to obtain the desired angle to watch over the baby in the nursery.

It features the two-way talk feature, which is crystal clear that facilitates communication from both ends. The audio is very clear, and the conversation feels as if you are talking directly to each other. It has smart features like a room temperature sensor that monitors and alerts you of any temperature changes in the room. It has the lullaby; sound level LED indicator, night vision, and audio-only mode. It is in two amazing colors.


  • It has a large LCD
  • Features Safe Wireless Technology for a reliable connection.
  • It has a remote control camera that rotates in different angles for the desired viewing.
  • Has smart features.
  • Clone
    Very convenient and easy to operate.
  • Clone
    Has night vision
  • Clone
    Has two way talk.


  • The battery is not powerful.

4. HelloBaby 3.2 Inch Video Baby Monitor 

HelloBaby 3.2 Inch Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision & Temperature Sensor, Two Way Talkback System

HelloBaby 3.2 Inch Video Baby Monitor 

HelloBaby 3.2 Inch Video Baby Monitor is the right product for any home. It has fantastic features, which make it possible for mothers to monitor their babies with ease. Here are some of the great features that set it apart from similar products.

Temperature monitoring

The most important feature of the product remains the ability to monitor the room temperature of the place your baby is staying. It does not require an external thermometer to determine the baby room temperature. You do not need to wake the baby before you can determine the temperature.

Visibility monitoring

Perhaps the greatest attribute of this product is the ability to observe your child. It uses four cameras and you can always determine the location and the position of your baby. You can see how your baby is doing using the monitor.

Night vision

The product offers the best in terms of night vision. You can monitor your baby anytime of the day whether it is in the night or in the day. This is a great benefit.

Two-way communication

Perhaps the greatest benefit of this product is two ways communication between you and your child. The system is not difficult to control as the audio system features an auto mute. With this, you can control the noise level.


  • It features an infrared camera, and because of that, you can use this monitor in the day and the night.
  • Furthermore, it uses an infrared thermometer. You can monitor the child’s health because it features an infrared thermometer that measures the room temperature
  • It features a two -way communication method, which makes it easy to communicate with your baby
  • The noise level can be controlled through the auto mute function.


  • The screen is smaller than others, and this affects the image quality
  • From the features described above, the brand is an excellent choice for many people. It has everything you want for a monitor, and you will like it for your baby.

5. ​Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision

Baby Monitor 3.2inch LCD Display Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision and Temperature Monitoring and Lullabies

Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision

You are a nursing mother does not mean that you must be in the room every time monitoring your baby. You can carefully monitor your baby without sitting 24 hours here. Because of that, this video baby monitor was designed. The monitor is wireless. Moreover, the product is highly portable.

Sound system

The system features an inbuilt speakers and microphones. Parents can hear every noise made by the baby. To sooth the baby when she cries, it features lullabies and musical melodies, which can be easily activated through a button.

Two way talk

It features a two way talk system. This implies that you can talk to your child and the child can talk to you as well.

Night vision

It features an infrared night vision. This is automatic and functions when there is darkness. It dictates the camera operation.

Temperature display

Furthermore, it can display the temperature. When the room temperature is not conducive for the baby, parents can easily detect that through high temperature. The video range is good enough and you are sure of good quality images.


The product can support multiple languages. If you speak any of the European languages such as French, English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, as well as Turkey languages, this system supports these languages.


  • Very soothing music
  • High quality resolution
  • It is lightweight
  • Works well and affordable


  • Clone
    It is not durable

6. SereneLife Video Baby Monitor

Video Baby Monitor Long Range  Upgraded 850’ Wireless Range,  Night Vision, Temperature Monitoring and Portable 2” Color Screen  Serenelife USA SLBCAM20

Best Inexpensive Baby Monitors​​​

This is a wireless upgraded long-range 850’ baby monitor by SereneLife. It lets you keep an eye over your baby even when you are a distance within your home, and the sound is clear. It has a reliable 2.4GHz Wireless frequency connection. You can watch clear images and videos of the baby with the 2-Inch color wireless display. It has a range of 850ft, and it is lightweight with a powerful battery that can be recharged. With the Two-Way talkback function, this video baby monitor comes with built-in high sensitivity microphones as well as speakers. This lets you communicate and soothe the baby in real-time.

Key features

  • Range of up to 850ft.
  • Screen Sleep Mode that lets you activate VOX mode to deactivate the screen.
  • Temperature monitoring function to keep tabs with temperature in the baby’s nursery.
  • Intercom Talk Through to remotely talk and soothe the baby.
  • 24-hour long battery life.


  • Great performance.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Features thermometer.
  • It allows the wireless connection.
  • 360 degree camera angle.


  • Very bright backlight that reduces battery life.
  • Clone
    Very loud melodies and lullabies.

7. Motorola Comfort 50 Video Baby Monitor

Motorola Comfort 50 Video Baby Monitor with 5" Color Display, Digital Zoom, Two-Way Audio, Infrared Night Vision and 5 Soothing Lullabies

Motorola Comfort 50 Video Baby Monitor 

The Motorola video baby monitor has a beautiful 5-Inch full-color screen that has a remote digital zoom. It has two ways of Talkback that let you have communication with the baby and even soothe them. Built with 2.4GHz Wireless Technology, this baby monitor offers safe and secure connectivity. The baby monitor can respond in a range within 1000ft and alerts you when the battery is low. It features a total of 5 lullabies and has alarm settings to make baby monitoring effective.

Key features

  • A split-screen function that lets you monitor two separate rooms simultaneously.
  • 5” Full-color display together with remote digital zoom for more transparent images and videos.
  • 2. 4GHz Wireless Tech and up to 1000 ft range coverage.
  • Built-in 5 lullabies to calm, soothe, and entertain the baby.
  • Two-Way Talkback aided by High Sensitive microphone with infrared night vision.


  • 1000ft set up the range.
  • Alerts you when the battery is low
  • Comes with remote display monitor set up
  • Crystal clear recording via monitor display
  • Safest wireless connectivity.


  • Two audio communication is not random.
  • Clone
    Any device within range can affect pairing

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Best Inexpensive Ba​​​​by Monitors

Baby monitors have gone through a great evolution. Gone are the days when baby monitors were exclusively manufactured for those who could afford it. They were very expensive, but in modern times, technology has changed everything. Nowadays, anyone can afford an effective baby monitor. The following are our two recommended inexpensive baby camera monitors reviews. 

1. Philips AVENT DECT Baby Monitor-Inexpensive Audio Baby Monitor

Philips AVENT DECT Baby Monitor

Philips AVENT DECT Baby Monitor

Philips AVENT DECT is a remarkable baby monitor that suits your lifestyle and your home needs. It is an excellent baby monitor that costs less than $50, value for your money. It is effective over a wide range of 900ft. It is enhanced with DECT technology, which reduces the interface to zero. The sound is crystal clear, and the night light produced is comforting, giving you and your baby a peaceful night.

This monitor has a LED display that is 1.6 inches, which displays battery level, the strength of the signal, and room temperature. The parent unit automatically becomes active when there is movement in the baby’s nursery or when the baby cries for help. The parent unit responds by vibrating and then lights up. It operates on 2 AA batteries, which are rechargeable, and it can last up to 18 hours. It is a secure device to use with a 100% secure private connection.


  • Has a talkback function that enhances effective interaction with the baby.
  • The built-in temperature feature helps you maintain the desired room temperature.
  • Sensitive LED screen which is activated by sound and movement.
  • DECT technology offers the required interface privacy.
  • Clone
    Covers up to 900ft range.
  • Clone
    It has smart features like lullabies.


  • No video monitoring.

2. VTech DM221-2 Audio Baby Monitor-baby monitor with two parent units

VTech DM221-2 Audio Baby Monitor with up to 1,000 ft of Range, Vibrating Sound-Alert, Talk Back Intercom, Night Light Loop & Two Parent Units

VTech DM221-2 Audio Baby Monitor

VTech DM221-2 is a high quality cheap baby monitors. The product is highly affordable and very easy to use. It is rated high because of the superior sound quality. The sound is the loudest in the industry. If you are afar, you can hear the sound. When it raises the alarm, you will know that your child needs your attention. It is one of the best low cost baby monitor.

It has wonderful features and here are the best of them.

Sound activation system

The monitor has a sound activation system. In addition to that, it features a two-way communication method. You can hear when your baby cries and when she plays. In the same way, you can talk back to the baby. This will make her feel you are there with her.

Remote controlled nightlight

It equally features a nightlight. One thing great with this is that it is remote controllable. This makes it comfortable and convenient to use.

Easy to operate

Ordinarily the monitor may seem difficult and complicated. This should not be the case. It has a user guide as well as a menu, which directs you on how to use the monitor to care for your baby.

Sound indicator

Something was said about the sound before. It is very loud. You can configure it to control the sound. The sound has five different setting levels.


  • It offers two ways of communication
  • Very clear sound quality
  • Five sound control level
  • The product is highly affordable


  • If the complaint of some users is anything to go by, it appears that it is not durable
  • Clone
    In a nutshell, this model is one of the best choice on the market. Parents like the sound and nightlight remote control feature. You are going to like it.

3. Victure Video Baby Monitor with Smart Motion Tracking- Best Inexpensive Video Baby Monitor 

This video baby monitor has advanced 1080P FHD Night Vision with an inbuilt 850nm IR LED. It is a dual video baby monitor that is cost-efficient, which can serve you effectively. It is 1920*1080P video quality to offer clear images and videos during the day and night. It also allows two-way communication between the parent and the baby through the two way audio and two call modes. This is effective with the help of an anti-noise tech speaker and a built-in microphone.

Key features

  • Advanced 1080P FHD Night Vision with a night vision range that can reach 30ft.
  • 1920*1080P video quality for both day and night monitoring of the baby.
  • Smart Motion Detection/Tracking that lets APP send alerts on your phone.
  • Accurate Baby Crying Detection that sends you alerts when the baby cries.
  • Two-Way Audio featuring 2 Call Modes with a built-in microphone and anti-noise tech speaker.


  • Ability to automatically switch to night mode.
  • Features motion detection cameras.
  • They are designed with night vision technology.
  • Very stable Wi-Fi connection.
  • Features two-way audio transmission.


  • Unable to record the temperature.

Best Video Baby Monitors Under $50

Modern technology had made things easier to find at an affordable, not like in the previous times when baby monitors were for the few rich people. With as little as $50, you can have your hands on one of the best baby monitors under $50. The following are some of the best options in this category.  

1. SereneLife USA Baby Monitor-best cheap video baby monitor

SereneLife USA Video Baby Monitor - Upgraded 850’ Wireless Long Range Camera, Night Vision, Temperature Monitoring and Portable 2” Color Screen with Clip - SLBCAM10.5, Green

SereneLife USA Video Baby Monitor

SereneLife is a video baby monitor known to have convenient features suitable for modern parents. It features a 3.2-inch wireless display that gives digital video using the 2.4GHz frequency band. It is a portable rechargeable baby monitor operating wirelessly and can within a range of 850ft. It comes with an inbuilt rechargeable battery that can take you hours of usage compared to other replaceable batteries.

It has a built-in thermometer that alerts you of the nature of the room. This ensures the baby spends a night in a room that has an ideal temperature. SereneLife video baby monitor is one of the best cheap baby monitors in the market. It offers excellent performance with amazing connectivity. Overall, SereneLife is a top performer wireless video monitor. Now you can monitor your baby easily during the day and throughout the night.


  • Has an in-built thermometer.
  • It provides effective wireless connectivity.
  • It offers secure connectivity through the 2.4GHz band.
  • It has smart features like melodies and lullabies.
  • Features 360 degree camera that can be set in any desired viewing angle.
  • Button controls activate smart features.


  • Very loud melodies that can’t be adjusted.
  • Clone
    Very bright backlight, which deteriorates battery faster.

2. Motorola MBP481 Baby Monitor-Best long range Baby Monitor

Motorola MBP481 2.4 GHz Digital Video Baby Monitor with 2-Inch Color Display, Digital Zoom, and Infrared Night Vision

Motorola MBP481 Digital Video Baby Monitor

Motorola's digital video monitor features 2.4GHz FHSS wireless technology and has an excellent design quality. It is one of the best and cheap baby monitors with camera currently available with a strong signal. The screen of this video baby monitor is 2.4 inches, which is in a diagonal shape. It is a colored Digital zoom screen that includes Infrared Night Vision with High Sensitivity Microphone. It remains active within a range of up to 1000ft and alerts you when you are out of range through the Out-Of-Range Alert feature. It has an F 2.7 millimeter F 2.6 lens and also a LED Sound Level Indicator. The battery is rechargeable and has a Low Battery Alert that is on the Parent Unit. When using this device, it is important to note that when there are other devices in use, pairing can be affected. It comes handy with smart features like lullabies and features a two-way talkback communication function. Once the device detects sound in the baby’s nursery, the unit automatically lights up, and the audio is then transmitted.


  • It has a timer and an alarm.
  • Has Infrared night vision.
  • Has colored digital zoom display.
  • Transmits information up to a range of 1000ft.
  • Out-Of-Range Alert cautions you when you are out of range.
  • It has smart features.


  • Limited to just 2.4-inch display.

3. Dekugaa 2.4GHz Baby Monitor-best affordable baby monitor

Dekugaa Baby Monitor 2.4GHz Wireless Video Digital Baby Camera with 1000ft Range Transmission Night Vision 2-Way Talk VOX Temperature Sensor and Lullabies

Dekugaa 2.4GHz Wireless Video Baby Monitor

Dekugaa is a best affordable video baby monitor with 2.4 inch colored LCD screen monitor which can operate in a range of 900ft in open space. The images and video qualities are crystal clear and are real-time. Besides, it has the 2x digital zoom, which lets you see what’s happening in the baby’s nursery. It is very stable and more secure, with no need for Wi-Fi. It can also be suitable for monitoring the elderly and pets.

The two-way talk feature lets you communicate with your baby through the parent unit. This function also lets you soothe the baby without going out to the room personally. You can comfort the young one until he/she sleeps using the built-in four lullabies feature. You don’t need to visit the baby’s nursery during the night as Dekugaa baby monitor has the infrared lights that keep everything in position. Plus, it has the Temperature monitoring feature, and the Built-in LED. It is also equipped with 2.4GHz Wireless Technology, which is more reliable and doesn’t require W-Fi for connectivity. The 2.4GHz FHSS is a wireless technology that lets you pair with the baby unit to enhance better communication.


  • It has a two-way communication function.
  • Effective 2.GHz band FHSS connection.
  • LCD with 2x digital zoom.
  • Smart features.


  • Suits only 2.4-inch monitor screen.
  • Clone
    Supports a single camera.

4. Hello Baby Video Baby Monitor-best budget baby monitor

Hello Baby Wireless Video Baby Monitor

Hello Baby Wireless Video Baby Monitor

The Hello Baby Wireless cheap baby video monitor comes in at the second place, and it is one of the few baby monitors that use rechargeable batteries. In other words, you won’t have to budget for new batteries time and again.

This unit also features the 2.4GHz wireless technology that will prevent interference and signal drop-out for ranges up to 960 feet away. When fully charged, the baby monitor can last for 12 hours when you put on the VOX/ECO {power-saving mode}. However, it would last for eight hours if the power-saver is off.

This monitor also comes with a two-way talk back function and a room temperature monitor. The eight-level alarm lets you be sure of a constant alert whenever your child is not okay. If you feel tired of talking to the baby, simply play the lullabies on board.Even with the volume turned down, you can still see the LED lights on the parent unit alerting you when your baby is crying.


  • 2.4GHz wireless technology for clean and interference-free streaming
  • Runs on rechargeable batteries
  • Room temperature monitoring
  • Alerts you even when volume is down
  • Clone
    Features the VOX/ECO mode
  • Clone
    Eight inbuilt lullabies
  • Clone
    Maximum coverage of 960 feet


  • It doesn’t have an out-of-range alert
  • Clone
    The FOV is narrow and zooming it offers grainy feeds

5. Peteme Long Range Baby Monitor-best value baby monitor

Peteme Baby Monitor 1080P FHD Home WiFi Security Camera Sound/Motion Detection with Night Vision 2-Way Audio Cloud Service Available Monitor Baby/Elder/Pet Compatible with iOS/Android

Peteme Long Range Baby Monitor

Peteme is a portable baby monitor that is best for smartphones or tablets. You can watch your baby at whichever place you want as long as you have a stable connection. It allows you to save great moments of your baby directly to your smartphone. It has FHD 1080P with crystal night vision. It is designed with motion detection, and Real-Time Alert, whereby it tracks any movement in real-time, and the same is transferred as an alert to your smartphone.

Key Features

  • 1920*1080P FHD resolution with nine infrared LED lights, 6G lens, high-quality images, and night vision.
  • 2 Way audio No Noise where you can remotely communicate to your baby at any place.
  • Free PTZ and Wide Angle with 355 degree pan, 100 degree and 100o broad for a possible 360 degree viewing.
  • Motion Detection & Real-Time Alert that tracks movements and sends alert to the phone.


  • It is controlled remotely.
  • Easy to set and operate.
  • Not costly
  • High-quality images.
  • Clone
    Very convenient.


  • Clone
    Issues with motion detection.

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Cheap Baby Monitor for Deaf Parent

Deaf or hearing-impaired parents can also monitor their kids so that they can respond to the needs of the baby. You can use a baby monitor to communicate with the little one, even if you are unable to hear. You can as well soothe them when there is a need.

Sonic Bomb Baby Cry Signaler

Sonic Bomb Baby Cry Signaler

Sonic Bomb Baby Cry Signaler

Sonic Bomb Baby Cry Signaler is one of the best and cheapest baby monitor that can be used by deaf or hearing impaired parents. It is a form of the transmitter that transmits alerts to a receiver unit when noise or movement happens in the baby’s nursery. It features the Adjustable sensitivity control, which lets you set to receive even slightest sounds like whispers. It is an ideal cry signaler for parents who wish to know whether the baby is sleeping or not. It is effective and responds very first, which makes it different from the rest. Once the baby in the nursery cries or moves depending on your settings, the same is transmitted to the receiver. The parent then can respond accordingly. This baby monitor has a very simple design and lacks built-in flashlights. It is a budget-friendly device used by parents with hearing difficulties. It works well with children who are not heavy sleepers.


  • Suitable for babies with light sleep.
  • Compatible with multiple receivers.
  • Quite cost friendly compared to other traditional devices.
  • It provides 100% wireless connectivity.
  • Better battery performance that can serve you for 8 hours when fully charged.
  • The receiver has to be purchased separately.
  • Clone
    It doesn’t work well for noisy sleepers.

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Guidelines in Buying a Baby Monitor Under $100

Choosing the best baby monitor for the baby is not an easy thing. For new parents, they can find it difficult to selecting the best. If you are a new buyer, this guide will be useful for you. There are lots of features to look out for when you are making a purchase.

Analog vs. Digital:

Analog and digital are commonly used baby monitors, and they come in varieties. An analog baby monitor is designed to transmit the sounds of the baby to the speakers so the parents can hear the baby. The signal transmission by a sending unit/station is usually in a couple of pulses. Analog baby monitors range from about 49 MHz to around 900 MHz.

Digital works almost the same as the analog with the signal transmission through the radiofrequency. With digital, the frequency is different, which range from about 1.8 GHz to 2.4 GHz. And it is sent when it is encrypted, and upon reception, it is decrypted. This is what makes the difference between the two.

Clarity of video and audio:

The first thing to consider includes the clarity of video and audio features of the monitor. Ascertaining the condition of your baby is the major reason you invest on this product. You need to have a clear vision of the baby and you can get that by having a clear video. Look for monitors that can deliver clear quality images. Apart from that, the audio clarity is equally important. You do not need to guess whether your baby is crying or whether she needs help. You can see everything from the video.

Frequency Band/Technology:

If you are buying a video baby monitor, it will most likely come with a 2.4GH frequency. However, that is not enough. You need to ensure that the frequency is an Enhanced 2.4GHz FHSS Technology. This helps to clear the streams and eliminate the background noise or any other interference.

Screen size:

A lot of moms consider the size of the screen on the parent unit. Some want a large LCD screen that allows them to view their loved one easily without straining, while others are okay with any size. Whichever size you choose, you should choose one that is clear enough to let you view the baby and point out any bad thing in the room.


Of course, the video monitor must have a camera that lets you view the baby. However, you should choose one with a high-quality camera that delivers HD feeds to your LCD color screen.

Security feature:

The security of your baby is the most important to choose a budget baby monitor. Analog monitors are cheap, but anyone in range can access the signal. On the other hand, digital monitors encrypt the audio transmission, which makes it almost impossible for other people to overhear, and some have a digital-lock to encrypt video images. In this case, you can choose a monitor with digital enhanced cordless technology, to minimize interference with other devices, look for a model that uses DECT.

Transmission and range:

You do not need to carry the baby monitor with you. It should be able to send signals at a long distance. A monitor with a maximum of at least 600 feet is decent enough. However, choose those that have a maximum range of 900ft and above. You have to compare products based on this feature to determine the transmission range. The farther the transmission range is the better for you.

Night vision:

Furthermore, It would be better if you would be able to view your baby even in the dark, right? Yes, that is one thing any parent would love. So, when picking the baby monitor, check if it has a night vision functionality. For instance, check one with an infrared night vision to let you view your baby in the dark. Remember to consider a good quality camera that will still offer clear feeds even at night.

Compact and portable:

The device has to be compact and this will make it portable. If it is lightweight, you can move it about from one place to another without difficulties. The product should be very convenient to use.

Battery life:

The battery has to be durable. This means that it can serve for a long time before running out of current. However, the battery should be rechargeable.

Other features to consider include the room temperature monitor, the remote control, ease of use, inbuilt lullabies, and WiFi Connectivity.

 Baby Monitors Under $200 

You certainly need the best baby monitor for your little one. And you are not advised to borrow it from anyone else. If you run a diligent search, you can get the best baby monitor under $ 200. Here we have picked some of them. 

Final Notes

So, there you go. Now we believe you are equipped to step out and shop for the best inexpensive baby monitor out there. If you want to save the time and effort, simply go for one of your seven best budget monitor under 100 Dollars. But you also have to choose what is best for you. For that, follow the buyer’s guide and be sure to pick a good unit. 

Typically, it is all about finding a reliable unit that can offer you enough coverage and monitoring of your baby as they sleep. Don’t forget to go over the user reviews before you decide to buy the unit.

So, have you made up your mind on the baby monitor you will be buying? The ball is now in your court.

To get the best insights and tips to find the best smart baby monitor, I read more than 350 reviews online, ask my friends and others parents. From all their insights and my own experience, I've built this list of the top 7 voice Activated Baby Monitors Reviews

best budget baby monitor reviews