How to Turn Phones into A Baby Monitor

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If you need to turn your phone into a baby monitor, you'll need two phones. Place one phone in your baby's room, and secure it on a shelf using a tripod. Install a baby monitor app or just use Skype, and you can monitor the status of your baby at any time.

Obviously, the answer is yes! You can easily use your smartphone as a baby monitor. Why do you pay for a baby monitor when you can turn your used or old phones into a baby monitor?

There are many parents who are facing issues with monitoring their babies, and so they take the help of baby monitors. If you can turn phones into baby monitor, then it is not worth spending dollars for a new one. Utilizing your smartphone will help you in saving some time and extra bucks. Here you will get all the necessary details on how you can convert your phone into a smartphone baby monitor. No matter how many queries you have a solution for all is available here for you:

Why using phone as a baby monitor?​​​​

There might come a situation when caring your phone and a baby could become an issue for you. The best way to ignore such situations is to turn phones into a baby monitor. In this technically evolving world it is very easy to turn your smartphones into baby monitor. Cheap or not, modern technology makes raising a child an easier feat as compared to earlier. Gone are the days when a father or mother would have to keep an eye on their newborn continually. Nowadays, parents have more duties to fulfill and may not have the time to always be in the same room as their kids. Having a baby monitor is a necessity if the infant sleeps in his or her room, away from its parents. Also, if the child's caretaker wants to move around and finish any chores around the house while the baby is taking a nap, baby monitors will be a blessing. There are so many instances where having a way to keep an ear over one's baby would ensure safety and peace of mind.

But children grow up extremely fast and even if parents spend money and buy a baby monitor; soon it would be irrelevant and redundant. This would be a waste of money, especially if there is a smartphone that you can use to the same effect. With a simple trick, the properties of a baby monitor can be duplicated, and one would be able to hear if their baby wakes up in the middle of the night.

Using a smartphone would reduce the plastic waste they create for the environment, all the while saving their financial resources and holding onto a device they might cherish. In addition to that, the owner of a cellphone would know how to operate it, thus making it easier to fix and remodel it into something new and helpful.

Use old cell phone as baby monitor​​​​  

You can also use your old cell phone as a baby monitor. For that there are a few requirements such as the camera, battery, hearing speaker and Microphone should be in working condition. If you have such smartphone at home, it’s time to dust it off. By installing a suitable application you can easily covert your old phone into a baby monitor. Using your old smartphone is not only pocket-friendly for you but it is equally Eco-friendly too.

How to use your phone as a baby monitor?

Smartphones are the type of phone that people use the most nowadays. If you want to setup a baby monitor for your kid and don’t want to spend much, then utilize your phone for that. To turn it into a baby monitor substitute, the phone needs to have mute and speaker options because these are necessary. This phone needs to be kept on the person, while a spare phone or even landline can be placed in the baby's room. After laying the infant down for his or her nap time, parents need to connect the two phones by a call. The one that they keep with them should be put on mute and speaker simultaneously. As such, the guardian will be able to hear any noise coming from the child's room, but no sound will be transported back to disturb the baby. Doing a test run first to make sure any noise from the children's room is amplified and heard over the second phone is a good idea. This way, the child and the parent can sleep and do their chores at leisure. The adult will get peace of mind and be able to finish their duties quicker.

It is also essential to check the phone at hand during regular intervals to make sure the call isn't disconnected. Another option is to play soft, soothing music in the baby's room to help the baby sleep while letting you know the connection is functioning.

For those it is difficult to carry to many gadgets at a time, can utilize their phones for multiple purposes. The smartphones available in the market comes up with several features for multitasking. With just a few steps you can start using your phone for the purpose of monitoring your kid. To do this, the parent needs to download any free baby monitor app on both the phones. There are a lot of such apps available online for the safety and security of little children. But one should make sure to enable all the security features of the app so that the connection between the two remains private.

Phone to Phone Baby Monitor By Using Skype

Sometimes children, especially small babies, get antsy when they wake up and can't find any of their two parents. Some kids need extra attention and the comforting presence of their mother or father's voice to calm down. But when the parents are working on their job or cooking or taking care of their other child, it can be challenging to be there for their little one. In these cases, using Skype as a substitute for baby monitors helps out. Skype is one such aap that is being widely used to video call friends, family, and even to conduct meetings from home. It can be used to keep an eye on tiny tots while the parents are off to work in another room. There is no need to pay for internet access since anyone can connect it to the WiFi and be ready to go. For this set-up, the parent or caretaker needs to install Skype on both the phones and make two different accounts on both of them. The rest only takes a couple of minutes, since they need to change some essential features in the phone that is to be placed in the baby's room. An infant cannot operate a cell, so change the settings such that any video call from the account one carries around gets automatically received.

With this is done and taken care of, the parent needs to launch a Skype call whenever they want to watch over their baby. There would be no need for anyone to receive the call on the other end either, after modifying the settings. Now parents can talk to their baby or sing them a lullaby to lull them back to sleep while doing some other work. This also keeps the child safe and away from harm since someone is looking over them all the time. There are many ways they can use modern technology to their benefit and make parenthood a more effortless undertaking.

Can you use a laptop as a monitor?

Apart from your smartphone if you thing that there should be some other alternative, then you have your laptop. All that you need is a built-in webcam. Be it a MacBook or a windows laptop, you can utilize anyone to convert it into a baby monitor. Apart from that you can even use your tablet as a baby monitor. Be it an iPad or an android tab you can use anyone to monitor your baby.

Can I use an iPhone and an android phone together as baby monitors?​​​​

It might happen that the phone kept as the monitor near your baby is an android one and the one with parent is an iPhone. In such situation there is nothing to worry about as you can use these phones with two different operating systems to monitor your kid. All you have to do is to install an application that works in both the operating systems. One such application is Nancy Baby Monitor which you can easily get downloaded from Apple store and Play store. 

Free app to turn phones into baby monitor

We have a world inside our phones, and we cannot deny it. Well, applications are the phones that can help us to have a keen eye on our baby even if you are not near them. Some apps are free, and some are paid. So they take advantage of free ones and know about them. Let’s take a glance of some options and their features:

AtHome Camera

Download the app on Google Play

Smartphones these days are an answer to all our problems. Here the AtHome Camera application is a home surveillance system that turns your phone into a camera. There is a motion sensor feature that initiates notification on the activation of the motion sensor. This can be used to stream on the phone and computer. You can download it free from the Store app, and it is one of the best applications to monitor children because it bugs when there is a motion otherwise continues streaming.


Download the app on Google Play

Many applications need the creation of an account, and it becomes complicated to understand. But BabyCam is simple to understand, and no account creation is required. Your application will be connected to WiFi, and the view of your child and surrounding will be streaming live on your phone. The application is free, and you can easily set up this app on your phone and monitor your child. It allows you to communicate with your baby, and the phone flash is active to see in the dark.

Baby Monitor 3G

Download the app on the Apple App Store

The working of the Baby Monitor 3G is simple, but it needs two devices. One device will be with the parent, and the other will be near the child. Both the devices will be interlinked and work with 3G speed. A Live stream at all the time follows, and you can download it from the app store on your phone. You can hear and speak to your child, connect quickly, and notify all the updates.

These are some of the most commonly used free baby monitoring applications that are trending in recent time. Many thoughts cross our mind while we think of monitoring our child. One such may be How to set up a baby monitor using phone in the nursery. So let us address the thought and find a solution.

After I researched and reviewed more than 30 baby monitor apps for iPhone, Android, and Even Apple Watch. Here are the 15 best apps I would trust.

How to set up a phone in the nursery as a baby monitor?​​​​

Coming to the setting the baby monitor, you can set up a monitoring device anywhere, but it should be so installed that it is not knocked down. Using a smartphone as your device can save you money and efforts. You can use a tripod to set it such a shelf that it will monitor all the space of the room. It should cover all the locations and even be hidden from the eyes of the outsiders. The set-up location is very important, and it should provide you a clear picture of what is happening near your child. Using cords will be risky if it reaches your child by any chance than it might be fatal. Small things can cost you a significant risk. So keep a keen and secure eye while you are planning. Make sure things do not reach your child because it might be harmful to the child.

For more in-depth information, check out my article on Where to Put Baby Monitor Camera in The Nursery?

Is it safe to convert Smartphones as baby monitors?​​​​

While we use baby monitors in that case also we have to be very careful. In the case of using your phone as a baby monitor you have to have a distance between your child and phone because the phone transmits a harmful radiation. The right amount of length will not harm your child. Otherwise, using a Smartphone is the best option for monitoring the child. Children should not reach for the Smartphone; otherwise, they might break it thinking it to be a toy. In the course of that, they might harm themselves as well. You should know where you should put the phone so that it will not fall on your child and the child cannot reach it. The child's safety should be the prosperity, and monitoring of the child will not be any problem.

Monitoring your child is your duty, and several ways and applications will help you in your job. You can always be near your children through Smartphones and know what they are doing. Phones have made life easy, and this is the best way we can experience. After a time phones might not work for your day to day use, but converting those into a baby monitor will surely work for you.

Turn old phone into Security Camera or Baby Monitor (For Free)

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Final Notes

We should think of recycling or reusing our belongings as it helps in preserving the environment. Electronic gadgets have a huge impact on our environment and our kids, so using a smartphone as a baby monitor would be great. This is a great idea as you need not spend much money on it and can go anywhere, keeping the phone in your pocket. Installing apps like Skype will help you in connecting 2 phones. When you use cell phone baby monitor, you need not learn new ways to use it as you already know how to operate it. These baby monitors are really helpful for working parents as they can easily manage baby and office at a time.

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