Best Baby Monitors That Work With iPhones

Life gets tough when you are parents, and you are working. Playing both the roles together is stressful, but you have no choice instead deal with both with utmost efficiency. These days we have one constant device that we do not leave in any place, our phones. There are baby monitors that can connect to your iPhone. You can use your iPhone as a smart baby monitor. Several baby monitors work with the iPhone and watch your baby all the time.

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Top 3 baby monitors that work with iPhones

1.Nanit Plus-Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount

Nanit Plus - Smart Baby Monitor

You can mount this device on the wall and connect to your phone. You can play music for your child whenever required from anywhere you are. The device can be mounted on the wall. It comes with a wall mounting kit. The installation is quick and easy. The older versions used Bluetooth technology which made the device slow, and the connection was mostly disrupted. It is a parental control device which gives control to the parent's who will see their baby. You can allow the babysitter or the grandparents to use it on your permission. Every parent wants security for their children when they are not at home. This device gives security to your infants.


  • The sound quality of the device is excellent. You can set music for your child and play it whenever you want from anywhere.
  • The two-way communication feature gives you the ease to speak to your child whenever you want from anywhere.
  • All the footage is recorded and stored in the cloud storage, and you can share the special moment's video with your friends and family members in chats.
  • It is an award-winning video device for monitoring babies for two years. The device is reliable and secure for your child. It is a contact-free device which has no wires, pads, clips which makes it a secure device for your child.
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    It is easy to install and use it on your phone.


  • The product is expensive and takes time to understand.
  • Not for every family who has very high expectations with connectivity.

1. Evoz Vision wifi Video Baby Monitor

Video Baby Monitor

Evoz is a beneficial device for parenting these days. It has a baby cry detector that will send you SMS or alerts when your baby is crying. It uses wifi connection for HD live streaming of video and audio. With the use of wifi, you can use it from anywhere and at any range. The older versions used Bluetooth technology which made the device slow, and the connection was mostly disrupted. It is a parental control device which gives control to the parent's who will see their baby. You can allow the babysitter or the grandparents to use it on your permission. It works with clear vision at day and night with clear HD clear video. A unique bonus to this baby monitor kit is that it automatically stores data.


  • Your other family members can view your baby at the same time. The video will be of HD quality.
  • The parental alert control system in the device gives you an SMS alert in your phone that your baby is crying.
  • It has two-way communication audio so that you can hear your baby when crying or making noise and you can also speak to your baby.
  • Wifi communication technology will give fast range connection to your phone without interrupted connection.
  • Clone
    Recording and data keeping is one of the best features on the device. It uses advanced technology to capture the video of your child.


  • The product is quite expensive if you belong to a middle-class family.
  • It will be a piece of junk if you do not understand how to use the device.

3. Miku Smart Baby Monitor - Breathing & Movement Monitor

Miku Smart Baby Monitor

Miku smart baby monitors are new advanced baby monitors that will keep you updated information about your baby. It gives your updates the sleeping, crying, and any movement of your baby. It has two-way communication and does not work on battery. It has night vision mode for the night, and the installation is straightforward. The device gives you security about your child. The video is of HD quality, and the audio is clear. The data will be recorded from time to time, and you can view it as per your convenience. It is an award-winning device for baby monitors.


  • Tracks the movement, breathing, crying and minimal updates of your baby. Acts as a guard for your baby in your absence.
  • The wifi connection technology makes it a high-speed, reliable source device which gives you uninterrupted information about your child.
  • The installation is easy, and it has night vision mode, can be used from anywhere with an application from the phone.
  • Data is recorded and kept secure for a very long time. You can view live or past video feed whenever you want.
  • Clone
    It is an award-winning video device for monitoring babies for two years. The device is reliable and secure for your child. It is a contact-free device which has no wires, pads, clips which makes it a secure device for your child.


  • The product is expensive so you will have to give a second thought when it comes to a camera on the budget.
  • The device may not be connected for a long time, so it is hard to trust the device.

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Why Do We Need Baby Monitors? 

A baby monitor that connects to the iPhone has become a parenting essential in recent time. For parents who have to travel frequently, baby camera iPhone which gets connected to your iPhone with an application. It will keep your worries away about your child when you are out. You cannot be at home all the time, but you can watch your baby from anywhere in the world with the help of baby monitors that connect to the iPhone.

There are some benefits if you install one in your baby room. Let us know about them.

Peace of mind 

Having a baby increases happiness and expenses. So in many houses both the parents are working.  Many mothers have to leave the infant back at home and go to the office. Worries might not end in concern to your child. But you can install baby monitors in your baby room and watch them all the time. You will have peace of mind because you can check on your baby from anywhere around the world.

Whether you are in the kitchen or out of the house the baby monitors will send you alerts if the baby is crying or there is an issue, and you can watch your baby live all the time. The monitors have two-way communication feature so you can speak to your baby and calm the baby be while crying and listening to their voice at any point in time.

You will not have to run to your baby every two minutes; instead, you can inform someone in the house that the baby needs someone. The device gives a sense of security and trust that your baby is near you as you watch the live streaming of your baby. The device remains connected to the wifi and stores the footage for you to watch it later.

You might physically miss the moments when your child is smiling, but you can see the same on your phone with the best baby monitor that works with the iPhone. The baby monitor will not let you miss out on the precious moments.


Even if you are not near your baby, but your baby will be safe. Baby monitors give such facility to every user. They can be mounted on the wall or placed on the table. They keep a close eye on your baby and at every movement of the baby. The safety of the baby and the security of the environment of the baby is a priority of the device. If it finds that is any issue like spots an unknown guest near your baby or if the baby is crying, you will immediately get alerts on your phone.

It will also keep a check on the temperature, whether suitable for the baby or not. Notice all the change and record everything for future reference. It will prepare reports to spot the changes in the intimate environment of the baby. It is a device that performs the duty of a watch guard. It will store all the data in the cloud so that no data is a loss in case of any emergency.

The best baby monitor app iPhone will help you to play music for your baby and soothe your baby. Many baby monitors have the features of playing bedtime stories for the baby and will play music if the baby is crying. You can also play the music of your choice for the baby. None of the devices will harm your baby in anyways instead take better care when you are away. Best baby monitors for the iPhone has been awarded in the past for the safety of the child.

Your Space

We all want to be near a child, but this is not possible. We have to make some compromise between giving them a better life. But with the help of the baby monitors, you can see your child all the time. A lady has to do so many things at whom. You cannot be sitting all the time next to your baby. Where ever you might be in your house your phone will give you the update about your baby. A baby monitor will provide you with your space and also understand the concern of a mother. It looks after the child, and the sensors in the devices give you alerts about the small to small changes near your child.

These devices are easy to use and install in your phone. You can download the application for a particular device from the application store. All the information about how to use the application will come to you step by step as you download and install the application.

It is easy to understand and simple to use daily. You can refer to the data anytime as all the data will be stored in the cloud. No one else can view the footage without your permission. While the baby monitors look after your child in the room, you can complete all the household work and get back to your child. It gives the user their space to do their job and keeps them away from the safety of their baby. You will get satisfaction when you use the baby monitor.

Your sleep

Sleep is an essential factor in human life. Many parents cannot sleep at night because they complain about the baby crying all night. This is a common issue with many parents. The sleep of the parents is as much as necessary as the baby sleep. The baby will sleep the entire day and cry at night or be awake the whole night. If a mother does not sleep properly at night, she will have a hormonal imbalance, and she might not be able to breastfeed the baby. Neither can the father comprise with the sleep because they have to go on work. In such a case, you need someone to look after your baby.

Baby monitors are a great help when you want to sleep, and your child is awake. In case of any issue, while your child is awake or sleeping, it will send you alerts. If your child gets up in the middle of the night, the baby monitor will play bedtime stories or music so that the baby will sleep. The best baby monitor will also dim the light of the room when the baby is sleep. You can be at peace at night because your baby is safe and you can later see all the footage on your phone. The baby monitors come with night vision mode so you can view a recording of the darkness. HD quality video in the dark and clear sound recording all the time is one of the essential features of the baby monitor.

Reasons for buying a baby monitor

  • A baby monitor gives a sense of safety and security to parents when they are away from home as they keep a close eye on the baby.
  • Baby monitors send alerts to the parents’ phone in case of any change in the immediate environment of your baby.
  • It has night vision mode, so it works in darkness, and you get an explicit video of the night near your baby.
  • It has inbuilt bedtime stories and music for your child when the baby is crying. And sends immediate alert on your phone when your baby is crying.
  • It is connected to Wi-Fi all the time so you can get live streaming of your baby from anywhere in the world.
  • It has HD quality video recording and two-way communication feature so you can speak to your child from anywhere you are with the use of your phone.
  • It stores all the data so that you can check it later and no data is lost because all the data will be held in the cloud so that the user can view it whenever they want.
  • You do not miss out special moment when you are not near your child as it keeps everything recorded and keeps you updated all the time.

Reasons against buying a baby monitor

  • The baby monitors are quite expensive and not every family can afford to buy one. If you do not buy the best one, then you might miss out some of the fantastic features.
  • There are many reasons for not buying a baby monitor like in a small family or big family someone will always be near the baby. They will not leave the baby alone.
  • Many families live in the myth that no device should be near a newborn baby. So in such a family baby monitor is a waste.
  • The understanding and operating that goes behind a baby monitor is not a cup of tea for every parent. Many parents find it very complicated, and they don’t buy it.
  • Many baby monitors have battery draining problem so the one with battery is not trusted worth and the connection might be inadequate if the wifi is not working correctly.
  • Many parents who are working leave their children on nanny or grandparents so that there is someone always looking after their child. 
  • A baby monitor can send alerts but cannot make milk for the baby, so even if you have the baby monitor watching the baby, you need someone to help you, baby, when they need milk.

How Does Technology Help with Baby Monitors?

A baby monitor is a perfect use of technology in parenting. The baby monitor is connected to the iPhone with an application that you install from the application store.  The baby camera will be using wifi for sending you live footage of your baby and alerts. You can view your baby from anywhere in the world, and you can also communicate with your baby. Technology has made it possible for you to hear our baby and speak to your baby. HD video, clear sound and speaker, bedtime stories, immediate phone alerts all these are possible with the advance use of technology that is used to build the baby monitor.


What can I use instead of a baby monitor?

There is no comparison of a baby monitor with any other device. So all you can do is either you be near your child or appoint a baby sitter. You can also appoint a nanny or take the help of the grandparents of the baby to look after the baby in your absence. Your child should be near someone trustworthy.

Can I connect my baby monitor to my phone?

You can connect the best baby monitor with your iPhone or any other android phone. They are equipped with software that will get connected to your phone. Several baby monitors connect with iPhone and android phone with the installation of their app. The baby camera will use wifi to send you alerts and live footage on your smartphone so that you can keep a check on your baby all the time.

How can I make my iPhone into a baby monitor?

Baby monitors come with such software that makes your iPhone a baby monitor. You can see and speak to your baby through your phone from anywhere in the world. All you have to do is install the particular app from the app store that your devices work on and connect your phone with the device. The device with the help of wifi will provide you with live data of your baby round the clock.

Are baby monitor Apps Safe?

Baby monitors apps are safe and trustworthy. It will not mess with your other apps on the phone, nor will it disturb your phone privacy. You can use an encrypted password to keep it protected from any intruder. All the data of the app is store in the cloud storage, so you need not worry about the past footage for later reference.

Can I use Alexa as a baby monitor?

Alexa and baby monitor both are different thinks. You have to give commands to Alexa then it performs your task but not to the baby monitor. All the required activities are self-done in baby monitor once you set it. Alexa will not video record your child activities or send your alert, unlike the baby monitor. So Alexa cannot work as a baby monitor.

Where do you put the baby monitor?

Many baby monitor comes with a wall mounting kit so either you can put in on a table or mount it on the wall in your baby room. You can buy two or more, but they all can be used through one app. It will provide you with a 130 degree HD view of your child.

Final Notes

Many parents around the globe cannot be next to their children all the time. They need devices that can keep them updated about their baby. Baby monitors are the best device that keeps watching on your baby and gives you live streaming updates on your baby. So no more worries about your baby when you are not near them. Trusting someone with your child becomes complicated, and history has evidence that in many cases, the nanny is not worth your trust. Your nanny also needs supervision. Keep a check on her with ease with some advanced baby monitors.

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