iBaby Premium Baby Monitor M6S Review

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Baby monitors have become so common that people are beginning to get them in numbers. This popularity can be attributed to the fact that they help most parents to handle their babies well. Especially parents who are far away from their babies, these monitors really help a lot. Even if you are in the same house as the baby, you might just want to do other stuff other than looking at it. These baby monitors help you achieve all these and even more. There are numerous baby monitors in today’s market and getting to choose the right one is not easy.

In fact, most of these monitors have similar features which makes it even harder to distinguish them. For this particular case, the iBaby premium baby monitor is the choice for review. Below is an in-depth analysis of this baby monitor that will help you make a decision when you are shopping.

iBaby Premium Baby Monitor M6S,Smart Wifi Enabled Total Baby Care System 1080p Wireless Infant Safety Camera Kit with Wi-Fi Speakers, Night Vision, 360° Pan, Air Quality Sensor, Motion & Sound Alerts

iBaby Premium Baby Monitor M6S 

Features and Specifications:

A premium baby monitor definitely has a wide array of features that distinguish it from the rest of the monitors. This baby monitor, being premium, is no exception since it has so many wonderful features that make it work effectively. These are some of the features to look out for.

Easy set-up 

This baby monitor is quite easy to put together since it just takes less than 60 seconds for everything to be set. The installation process is made up of 2 steps that are easy to follow and you will be done in no time.

Smart nursery features

The relevance behind baby monitors is their adaptability with the baby. A good baby monitor should have features that are friendly to the baby. The iBaby monitor has this in consideration because of its numerous nursery features. First thing to note is the ability to play lullabies and bed time stories. These lullabies and bed time stories are available in thousands and are meant for education and pacification. The other features include grow-up timeline, snapping pictures and recording videos.

Smart sensors 

The baby monitor has smart sensors that check the air, humidity and temperature to make sure it is sustainable for the baby. In case of any extremes, these sensors will notify you so that regulation can be done.

Two-way wireless talk 

Wherever you are, you can communicate with the monitor and check the progress of your baby. This helps to give a peace of mind since you will always be in the know regarding your baby’s conditions.

Smart alerts

With the help of Wi-Fi connectivity, the baby monitor sends out notifications to your mobile phone in real time thus helping you to identify the conditions of the baby at any particular time.


This baby monitor is fully adjustable since it can move with a 360 degree view and tilt to 110 degrees maximum. This gives you a great view of the baby at any given time of the day.

Cloud storage

One advantage of this baby monitor is that it is a certified apple company product which gives it a step ahead of the rest. In regards to this, you get free cloud storage for all of your stuff recorded on the device. This is convenient for those moments that you would want stored for future reference.

HD camera 

This camera has exquisite video quality that matches the best HD lenses present in the market. It has a resolution of up to 1080p which is quite commendable for a baby monitor. This feature enables the user to view the baby in HD at any given time of the day. The night vision in particular gives a good view of the baby during the night.

Voice recording

The other advantage of this baby monitor is the ability to record your voice for the baby to listen in when you are not around. There are certain sounds that your baby might be used to coming from you. These sounds are important for the baby as they are the ones that give it comfort and satisfaction you are there. Sometimes you may not be around to make these sounds for one reason or the other and this is where the baby monitor comes in handy. You can record your voice in bits and play the sounds to the baby when you are away from it. This reassures the baby that you are still in contact and are not far away.

Echo cancellation technology

Echoes can sometimes disturb the relaying of sound on your phone from the baby monitor. This device has a unique echo cancelling technology that eliminates any echo present in the room. This makes sure that the sound produced is clear enough for listening and has no interruptions.

Unlimited sharing

The number of users that can be attached to the baby monitor is unlimited making it fully social. This doesn’t mean that it is not safe since these users must be permitted from your side first. There are security features set that make the baby monitor safe for use. All your stuff are stored safely and cannot be intercepted by unwanted users.


  • Crystal clear video resolution with night vision.
  • Parenting capabilities.
  • Unlimited user sharing.
  • Clone
    Voice recording and replay capabilities.
  • List Element
  • Large library of lullabies and bed time stories.
  • Full privacy settings for users.
  • Dual band router support.
  • Smart alerts on the phone.
  • Clone
    Echo cancellation technology.
  • Smooth movement with a 110 degrees tilt and 360 degrees turn.
  • Free cloud storage.
  • Apple certified product
  • Compatible with most devices.


  • Limited global shipping.
  • Needs an almost perfect Wi-Fi connectivity to work well.

Final Verdict

Generally, this baby monitor stands out among many other monitors in the market. With its array of features, there has to be one or two unique ones that will please you. Something like free cloud storage is not an everyday monitor feature. This cloud storage technology, a feature for apple devices, is meant to store important moments for the user. These can be anything from vital episodes to fun-filled ones. All in all, this device is a good baby monitor for your child and can help you a lot in ensuring everything is fine.