Motorola MBP36S Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor Review

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When choosing a video baby monitor, it is not going to be an easy choice. There are a plethora of monitors from hundreds of brands and thousands of products. It definitely will be an overwhelming task. However, this post decided to do the heavy lifting for you. It reviews the Motorola MBP36S Baby Monitor is highlighting the perks and misses in this device. I will go out of my way to bring out the finer details of this baby monitor and make your decision easy. I promise it will be interesting. Brace yourself for an interesting read.

Motorola MBP36S Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor with 3.5-Inch Color LCD Screen, Remote Camera Pan, Tilt, and Zoom

Motorola MBP36S Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor

Features and specifications:

Motorola has been around for quite a while. Therefore, when parents are choosing a video monitor for their babies, it is a brand they would trust. But that is not what makes this video baby monitor a hot piece in the market today. It is its features that should take the credit for making it among the most sought-after baby monitor. Let’s look at what is so special (or not special) about this monitor.

Wireless FHSS technology

At a frequency of 2.4 GHz, you could never ask for anything better. You will get a strong connection for a wide range without a signal strength drop. For a normal house, this is more than enough. You will be able to bask in the terrace of your garden and still receive a video feed from your baby’s bedroom. The signal strength can support quality video within a radius of 180 meters or 590 feet even when there are rooms in between to your child’s bedroom.

Two-way talk and pre-set lullabies

You can sing to your baby thanks to the well-thought inclusion of two-way talk function. You just select the camera on your baby’s room while pressing and holding the microphone button and get the melody out to your baby. If you decide to be a little bit of a spooky spouse, you can as well use the two-way talk button to talk to your spouse. If singing is not your strong cup of tea, there are five pre-set lullabies to keep your baby smiling.

Generous battery life

With the battery fully charged, you can squeeze six continuous hours out of it without having to recharge. When the battery is almost spent, you will receive a warning beep. Do not place the monitor close to your baby’s bed because the beep is loud and irritating. For the entire night, I recommend you keep the battery plugged.

Display unit

The display of 3.5” is adequate to allow all the cameras to show images in split-screen mode. The sound is only audible in one camera at a time, but you can set it to shift from one camera to the other every Thirty seconds. The auto-switch option will make this very easy for you. The picture quality may not be the best you can get from a monitor, but it is the right value at this price range. You can remotely zoom, tilt and pan to get a full image view of every room in your home. You will get unbelievable 300-degree view range, and your child or whatever room you are monitoring will always be in sight.

Infrared night vision

You do not expect things to go dark when all the lights are off, and everyone goes to bed. The infrared night vision comes in low lighting and will never disturb your baby will be asleep. You will have your eyes on your baby all through the night.

Room temperature indicator

This monitor would never be complete without letting you know when the room is too hot or cold for the baby. With a temperature display, you can easily monitor and control the level of temperature in the baby’s room. With the right temperature, your baby will sleep without unnecessary interruptions and leave you with ample time to do other stuff.


  • Very easy to set up.
  • Your privacy and safety are never under any threat.
  • An adequate range of video cover.
  • The quality is impressive at this price range.


  • The menu is well organized.
  • Video quality is below average.

What I like about Motorola MBP36S Baby Monitor

With the encrypted FHSS radio-signal, it is near impossible for someone to hack into the system. That is a big plus for many parents because the safety of your baby will never be breached. Someone has to be within range to decrypt the secure signal, and that gives you better odds of it never happening. I love the idea of safety first. The monitor is a plug and play device that does not need any prior experience. It does not need any technical knowledge to set it up and get things started. For anyone who abhors the complexity of modern technology, this is the right choice to make. I’m not a fun of complex things, and I share that view with many parents.

One year warranty, to me, is a good stretch of cover. You will also be getting customer support in a range of formats such as email and social media. I also like the fact that this monitor can support 4 Cameras. You can use it to keep an eye on four rooms in your home. That is new high and would work perfectly for an average-size home.

What I don’t like about Motorola MBP36S Baby Monitor

The menu is not exhaustive. I feel that the monitor could have more easy-to-find features. They could have made it more intuitive and that would make it a top choice among monitors in this price tier. For instance, you have to scroll all the way down the menu to adjust volume. The direction buttons are a little confusing, and you will need some practice before you can always get them right. The microphone is sound sensitive and often produces noise, and we can all agree that is not a good thing for any baby.

My verdict Well, if you are looking for something affordable and a video baby monitor to keep your baby safe; you could never go wrong with Motorola MBP36S Baby Monitor. It is a simple device with all the basic features. It may have flaws here and there, but at this price, you are getting a good bargain.

Final Verdict

Going over this review, you now know if Motorola MBP36S Baby Monitor is a right fit for you. It does not mean you have to force yourself onto it; there are other options out there if you care to search.