Nanit Smart Baby Monitor Review

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Keeping your eyes on the baby can sometimes be challenging especially when you have other stuff to do also. While in the house, you might want to check up on how your baby is doing and at the same time work on other stuff. This is where the baby monitor comes in handy. It assists those who are multitasking to have an extra eye on the baby even when doing their businesses. With a baby monitor, you will be able to check on your baby and at the same time do some other activities.

This particular baby monitor helps you to have a perfect view of the baby both in the day and at night. Its set up process is easy and straight forward thus cannot pose a challenge to those who would want to use it. These among many other features that we will look at make this baby monitor ideal for use. Knowing what your baby is doing at any given time is important as it will give you peace of mind. Even the slightest sounds and views is sent to you through this baby monitor, which makes you have a deep connection with your baby always.


Nanit Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount

Features and Specifications:

This baby monitor has a wide array of features that make it stand out among the rest in the market. These features can be summarized as below:


Anything that is handling your baby is supposed to be reliable and dependable. This monitor is fully reliable in every sense of the word. Not only does it take HD recordings of your young one, but it also continues streaming even when the internet connection has gone down. Wondering how it achieves this? Nanit baby monitor utilizes cloud streaming and dual local to continue with the streaming even when there is weak internet connection.

Smart Alerts

The real time push notifications by this baby monitor enable it to notify the user of any issue with the baby in time. It keeps you updated on what is going on with the baby as every single minute passes.

Background audio

The background audio produced by this baby monitor comes from what is happening in the baby’s environment. Here you can hear sounds from your baby and always be in the know in case there is anything that would need your attention. Even when your phone is locked or in other applications, you can still hear the background audio.


The monitor comes with its own personal wall mount that helps you to set it up in a secure position. The set-up process is precise and straight to the point, this way you don’t have to struggle much. The cords are not exposed and this eliminates the problem of tangling wires which is quite common in electronics. The wall mount easily mounts on any wall, giving the user a wonderful overhead view of the baby. The wall mount is also convenient in the sense that the baby wouldn’t be able to touch the monitor when playing.

Soft glowing night light

The monitor has a diffused LED light that is directed to the ceiling so as not to wake up the baby when sleeping. The light is just to enable you to view how the baby is fairing on and rectify any problem that may be present. It also has a gradual dimming technology that reduces the intensity of the light when it is too much. This keeps the baby at peace and at the same time enables you to have a perfect view during the night period.

Temperature and humidity sensors

These sensors check the baby’s environment to ensure that it is comfortable enough. If there are any extremes, you will be notified so that you find a solution to make the environment comfortable for the baby. These sensors are also convenient for those who are not aware of how to check the comfort of the baby. This way you don’t have to worry about the sustainability of the baby.

Advanced nursery camera

The camera that is on this baby monitor is of high quality. The high definition camera takes crystal clear images of the baby either during the day or night. In addition, there’s an immersive audio experience produced alongside the images. During the night, the camera has a special night vision camera that still gives a good view of the baby even on the darkest of nights. It also offers a HD pinch-to-zoom view that gives the user an experience to see every detail there is.

Remote viewing

With this feature, you can gain access to the baby anywhere and anytime. Regardless of the place you are situated, you can get a view of how your baby is doing and keep the connection active.

Insights technology

The baby monitor tracks the sleep cycle of the baby in order to provide insights. In addition to tracking the sleep cycle of the baby, it also tracks parental habits too. After all this tracking, it provides the user with tips that have scientific backing on how to improve. Every morning, you will get briefs on how the previous night was and what you can do to improve.

Data protection

Nanit baby monitor comes with key encryption technology that is similar to that used in hospitals. This technology secures data that is created by the monitor and restricts it only to permitted users.


  • Allows the user to check room conditions for the baby.
  • Gives a bird’s eye view of the baby through its overhead wall mount.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Powerful HD camera.
  • Clone
    Works well even when internet is down.
  • Cable management system to keep away cables from curious hands.
  • Smart notifications.
  • Offers insights to boost performance.


  • Limited global shipping.
  • The camera rotates manually.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, this baby monitor is ideal for use by those who would want to constantly check on their babies even when far away. The features present also make it worth the cost. The fact that all your data is secured through encryption is also something to talk about since no one would want their information going out. You can therefore try it out and see how much you can gain from using it.