Best Battery Operated Baby Monitors in 2020

Last Updated on February 25, 2020

Keeping watch over your baby all the time with your eyes, especially when camping, is a big struggle and one of the easiest ways to achieve this is merely acquiring a simple baby monitor. In this case, battery operated baby monitors will best suit you traveling or camping with a baby. The battery powered baby monitor guarantees you a stress-free fun camping as you keep an eye on the baby while they are playing, sleeping or moving around without you jumping up and down to keep track on them.

Battery operated baby monitors primarily use batteries as the main source of power, and the basic advantage of choosing them is that they can be recharged. These types of monitors are portable and parents should choose them mainly because they are reliable and readily available for all kinds of outdoor activities due to their portability. These devices can serve you through the whole day and night without worrying about any power issue or whether the battery runs out or not.

Top 5 Battery Operated Baby Monitors

My best Battery Operated Baby Monitor for 2020

1. Evoz Vision WiFi Video Baby Monitor

This baby monitor comes both in Android and iOS. Therefore, it comes with WiFi connectivity giving you the ability to stay in connection all the time and anywhere. Such a score of other features place Evoz video baby monitor on top of the charts and qualifies it for the asking price.

The patent alert technology is impressive and the perfect solution to your baby safety. You will be getting alerts through a push, text, or an email message depending on your preference. Most importantly, this Evoz Vision device takes the pics of your baby before crying to help you find out the reason he/she is crying. That is a genius move. Thanks to WiFi capability, this monitor will pass communication through a range of devices. You will get videos via multiple devices. Even better, you can temporarily give your nanny access to the baby unit. Afterward, you can change the password combination. 

Besides, the monitor also comes with an app. You can access the software via your Android or iOS device. On the app, you can freely share your baby’s data with your doctor. You are always aware of when and if your baby needs any medical attention.

Moreover, you can connect to the internet to play lullabies, music and listen to audio books for parenting. You do not need any subscription fee to access any of this. For first-time mothers, this is a big help. 

Finally, the greatest feature is the ability to store data automatically. It includes baby’s feeding habits, crying patterns, room temperature, frequency of diaper change and much more. You can access this data in its raw or graphical format.


  • Quality HD videos
  • Connectivity to a range of devices
  • One of its kind noise alert technologies
  • Clone
    Infra LED for night vision


  • A smaller field of view than cheaper products
  • Prone to signal interference due to its weak 2.4GHz band

2. Lollipop Baby Camera with True Crying Detection

This Lollipop baby camera is a revolution of the safety of your baby. It comes with 4x zooming power, infrared LEDs for excellent night vision, and quality lens made in Japan. In Summary, it is a device that solves all your baby needs at once.

Setting it up is just a breeze. You can easily position it to the side of the baby’s crib, mounting it on the wall or move it around for the bigger babies. You do not need any experience to get it up and to run.

This is a perfect DJ for your baby. With the inbuilt sound system, you can play baby music to your young one. Such keep your toddler entertained, and you can go on with your daily business uninterrupted. Interestingly, this Lollipop baby monitor knows the difference between other noise and that of your baby. When the baby cries and you are not in the room, you will get a precise baby cry alert to your device. It is super magical what this device can do.

When you pair the monitor’s camera with its perfect sensor, you get a log for baby’s room temperature, quality of air, and level of humidity. When there is a slight change in anything, you get an instant notification.


  • Distinctive baby cries
  • Live video feed
  • Instant alert when anything changes inthe baby’s room
  • Clone
    Comes with adequate entertainment
  • Clone
    Easy installation


  • Does not work well with iOS
  • Poor WiFi reception on camera

3. Motorola Halo Over-The-Crib Baby Monitor & Soother with HD WiFi Camera

First of all, this device stocks up the latest infotainment technology. With it, you have unlimited access to your baby’s data and what is happening around. It is a cut from the best thus worth every dime you spend on it.

Firstly, this monitor gives you an overhead view. Only less than a dozen of other travel monitors give you this advantage. Motorola Halo leaves no angle when it comes to monitoring your baby. Secondly, there is HD video streaming. It means you are getting unmatched clarity on videos. At its price range, this is a feature you should be grateful.

For those who do not want to keep carrying the monitor everywhere you go, get its matching app on your phone or tablet. With it, you can go for a night out and still keep an eye on your baby. Honestly, that may come out as weird, but it is incredibly helpful to parents who would want to grab a break away from the baby. Moreover, this gadget is full of entertainment option. It stocks baby bedtime stories, music, baby soothing sounds.

Additionally, the nightlight comes in 7 different colors to charm your baby and lull him/her to sleep. Importantly, there is an impressive feature of data tracking. You will keep tabs on temperature and your baby sleeping activities. It is like you are right there in the room. 


  • Overhead view is a big plus
  • Data tracking and storage
  • Adequate entertainment
  • Clone
    Generous monitor size


  • Does not monitor your baby’s breathing
  • You will need to subscribe for some features

4. Philips AVENT DECT Baby Monitor

You cannot always be with your baby. There are chores to be done and work to earn a living. Above anything else, you do not want anything to come between you and your baby’s safety. Fortunately, Philip’s Avent baby monitor gives you an audio option to be in touch with what is happening to your baby. It features are fantastic as you will see in a few.
Top Features
Sound clarity is what sets this baby monitor from the rest of the pack. You can pick your baby cries or anything around. It is a great way always to know what is going on around your young one. Besides, the device also comes with a generous range. It is more than what most parents would need. Outside, you go as far as 1000 feet from your baby and still be in touch with what is happening. In the house, you get a range allowance of 150 feet. Also, it comes with a temperature sensor. This feature is particularly essential towards keeping your baby comfortable. Its alarm goes off when the temperature range goes over the suitable range for a baby. There is also a collection of cradle songs to put your angel to sleep fast. This means you no longer have to buy a separate stereo system or integrate your mobile device into the monitor. 


  • Super clear audio
  • Generous range and long battery life
  • The temperature sensor is a plus
  • Clone
    Lightweight and compact design
  • Clone
    Backlight for easy reading of data in dim light


  • The lullabies do not have a timer
  • The LED lights are too illuminating

5. Samber Wireless Camera Baby Monitor

When you need video and audio monitoring of your bundle of joy, this Samber Wireless baby monitor is the ultimate package. It comes in the latest audio and visual technologies; thus the choice you can never go wrong with for your baby’s safety.

The screen size is generous at 2.4 inches. Moreover, you are getting a high resolution of 300mp. In all honesty, the two are features you would expect in the high-end monitors, but you are getting them in this affordable Samber monitor. Equally important is the inclusion of the talkback feature. It is possible thanks to the built-in microphone and double-way speakers. Even if your baby does not speak yet, she can hear your voice from the other room.
With 2.4 GHz, you get a cover of between 5 meters and 100 meters in an open space.

It is pretty much more than you would need to get away from your baby. Finally, the IR night vision comes with 7 LEDs. It is enough to give you clear visibility for up to 5meters radius. Notably, this will play to your advantage at night. 


  • Great video and audio combination
  • Talkback capabilities
  • Great night vision
  • Clone
    Big-size display screen


  • The range cover is not much for an open space

What should you look for in a battery operated baby monitor?

When traveling, there are several considerations you should put into account to make your travel experience easy and convenient, and one of these is what you pack for the trip. When going camping with a baby, you need a reliable battery operated baby monitor that is easy to pack and unpack and install at a brief time considering the very many things you want to do.
Below are essential features you should consider looking into when buying a portable baby monitor;


When traveling, you should always make it as much as possible to minimize the usage of packing space available so that you don't move along with a piece of heavy luggage. In this case, you should consider a sizeable battery operated baby monitor that will serve the purpose by occupying a recommendable space. Portability is key to a comfortable travel experience. Therefore, the smaller, the better, unless you have excess space to carry everything.


Considering portability, the best baby monitor should be one that is wireless to be carried around with a lot of ease. Also, wireless gives you the freedom to be mobile unlike being stuck in one place throughout.

Rechargeable units

Some baby monitors are designed to have a built-in battery that can be recharged; therefore they can be plugged in for a recharge.

The two-way communication feature

Two-way communication feature means that you and your baby can communicate amicably. This is essential when you are operating in separate rooms, and you don't need to move from your bedroom to your baby's to check up on him/her or pass a message. You can as well be able to soothe your baby in case he/she is scared of the new environment, or he/she needs your attention.

Quality image of the baby monitor

You obviously will need a baby monitor that has a high image resolution, a quality that beats any environment so that you are not worried about where it is positioned. This is because you are guaranteed of quality images. The best way to achieve this is by going for the one that has high-resolution colors, with a night vision feature as well.

Long range feature

A portable battery operated baby monitor that has comprehensive long-range coverage is vital for anyone who plans to travel. With an extended range coverage feature, you can move around during camping monitoring your baby without any fear of being disconnected.

This feature is essential in situations where the camping area is wide, and you need to keep track of the baby while doing your activities at a broader and longer range. Both the audio and video baby monitors are able to have a long-range indicator feature. 

Range indicator feature

A range indicator alerts you when you are moving away from the monitor, and this is an important feature that allows you to move within the specified range of the monitor. The range indicator will alert you with an indication of the light signal immediately you try to get away from the mother unit.


A convenient portable battery operated baby monitor is one that is installed and doesn't require time to check adjustments even when you are in a long range. Some of the baby monitors always require frequent adjustments, and this can be tiresome when you have other tasks to handle. Similarly, some baby monitors require pressing buttons severally so that you can switch your views between rooms while on the other hand, some have the convenience of just a simple toggle and it displays several aspects.

Batteries or plug-ins

Baby monitors come in different variance having different features. Some are manufactured to accommodate batteries alone while others have plug-ins option. On the other hand, some may come with both the battery and plug-in options, and it is necessary to consider such possibilities and choose which best suits you.

In the case of camping, for example, you will consider going for the battery operated baby monitor rather than the plug-in based one. This will conveniently work out right for you regarding the limited source of power available, you only insert the batteries, and you are good to go even when there is a power outage.

Wi-Fi capability feature

This is a feature that allows you to connect your baby video monitor to a device that is Wi-Fi compatible such as your phone or computer whereby in situations when you are far away, or you don't want to carry your receiver along with you, you can monitor your baby through the computer or phone.

However, there are some downsides of using Wi-Fi as there can be interference with other devices around; hence the image output can be of poor quality. Another disadvantage of using the Wi-Fi feature is that it can be hacked.

Power saving or standby mode

Since you are going camping with your baby and you are to carry along a battery operated baby monitor, it is crucial to consider a portable baby monitor that essentially has the power saving or standby mode.

This feature is essential as it cuts down power usage whenever the monitor stays on for a long time without being in use. This feature senses when the monitor is not in use and goes in a power saving mode and then automatically turns on again, when it senses any signal. The purpose of this is to reduce power usage.

Low battery warning

A low battery warning is helpful considering you are camping and using a battery operated baby monitor, and you will at least be aware of the percentage of your monitor usage, to arrange for a recharge or replacement. Low battery warning usually blinks with a LED light when the battery percentage is below 20 or 15.

Sound activation feature

This feature allows you to activate or deactivate the microphone of the monitor whenever you don't need it. This helps you save power usage to a minimal degree. You can receive sound alerts on the mother unit especially when the baby is fussing in the room.

Room temperature

Knowing the temperature of the room where the baby is sleeping is essential hence when buying a baby monitor; choose the one that can tell the temperature of the room so that you can be able to make adjustments suitable for the baby to sleep.


The best baby monitor should be equipped with a night light essential to babies who are used to sleeping with lights on at night. Some are special that they can shut down automatically after a while to save the battery and allow the baby to sleep.

How useful is it using a baby monitor while camping?

You probably like to have a lot of fun out there when camping and this is the time you realize that portable baby monitors are essential at this point. You might consider the following as to why a baby monitor is useful;

Below are the reasons why it is essential using a baby monitor while camping with a baby;​​​​

Making evening fire enjoyable

It is more comfortable and convenient to use a battery operated baby monitor at the fireplace to listen and monitor your baby without making frequent visits to check on them.

You don’t inconvenience the entire camp park

When you have a travel baby monitor at the camping site, you can hear when your baby cries and attend to him/her before waking up or inconveniencing other people.

No need of visiting your baby’s room frequently

With a battery operated baby monitor, you can monitor your kid while you are at the evening fire enjoying or engaged elsewhere in a different activity without visiting him/her in the tent.

Your kid will not wake up and start looking for you

Your baby might wake up at night and consequently require your help or attention, and if the support doesn't come, he/she will get out of the bed and start looking for you. With your portable battery powered baby monitors installed, you can reach out for their needs immediately you hear their call.

Convenient with your baby in the tent

Some baby monitors have unique features that can be an advantage to you and your baby when they are installed in the tent. Some have soothing lights that are essential for soothing the baby to sleep especially for babies who are used to sleeping with lights on. Others have features that automatically detect the temperature of the place they are installed hence making it easier for you to regulate the temperature of the room comfortable for the baby to sleep.

What are other essential accessories you might require during camping with a baby?

Besides having portable baby monitors when you go camping with a baby, other components or accessories are considered helpful to make your travel baby monitor work throughout your camping experience. Some baby monitors have to be recharged and planning yourself before traveling with a baby for camping is crucial for you to know what you require to carry.
Below are some of the essential accessories you might consider carrying along to keep your portable baby monitors in operation throughout your camping adventure with your baby;

Car charger

It is also essential to bring a compact car charger that can be an alternative to recharge your baby monitor batteries. With a car charger, you can plug into the car lighter to charge your baby monitor. However, the major drawback of this is that it drains the car battery hence the need to run the engine to recharge the battery continuously.

Solar charger feature

This feature allows you to charge your baby monitor batteries during the day when there is sun and use it later at night. In certain circumstances where you are unable to use electricity or car battery to recharge, the solar charger will be a convenient option to keep your portable baby monitor on.

Power bank

Power banks are essential especially when you are not sure how long you are going out camping with your baby. Consider selecting a simple but powerful power bank that you can plug into your baby monitor, and you are good to go. This power bank should be affordable and able to accommodate all kinds of baby monitors. Although they usually take long hours to charge, they are worth carrying them along.

Why travel baby monitor is necessary while traveling?

You can make your travel with a baby a fun and convenient idea as long as you plan and prepare well in advance. The following are essential reasons why travel baby monitor is necessary.


Safety comes first in every aspect of our life, and when it comes to your baby, caution and security comes first on the list. It is, therefore, necessary to have a travel baby monitor with a perfect range so that you can listen to your baby when you are a distance from him/her.


Having a travel baby monitor makes everything convenient for you because you quickly move around at your will with an assurance that you are keeping track of your baby while doing other activities.


When you are a distance away from your baby, and yet you are sure about his/her progress, it makes you feel comfortable. A travel baby monitor makes you feel close to your baby when you are sleeping a distance away from him or her, by observing through the monitor or listening to the sound.


Travel baby monitors should be versatile in such a way that you can move around with them wherever you want to go. They are designed to have wireless capabilities to make it convenient to suit any location with some having waterproof feature.

Which baby monitor serves best in camping and traveling?

There are several reasons why parents use baby monitors during camping and traveling as well. The main goal is to have stress free camping moment while a baby is on board. Some other reasons include;


Battery powered baby monitors are reliable as the batteries can be replaced easily without any difficulty. There is no worry about additional power related issues.

Ease of use

With a comfortable battery pack, you can change the battery without any issue or assistance elsewhere.


It is safe to use because the main power comes directly from the battery and not any other electrical power source. It is thought that monitors that operate on power outlet are prone to damages due to fluctuation in voltage and they can explode because of this voltage variation, putting the life of the baby in danger.

Types of baby monitors that you can choose from 

The audio battery operated baby monitor

The audio baby monitors are commonly used and readily available because they are cheaper and need less power to operate. They can be plugged into an electrical power source or managed by the use of AAA batteries. They work through alerting you when the baby is awake by making a sound, and they have lights that show the sound level meaning that when the sound goes high, the light level increases.
When buying the audio baby monitor, put into consideration the range as some only have a limited range cover. Consider also the signal strength for some have been noted to have its trailer interfere with signal quality.
Since the audio baby monitors operate mainly on radio frequencies, when several of them are conducted on the same frequencies, they at times produce undesired funny noises. However, this can be fixed by simply switching the frequency to cancel the weird noise.

The walkie talkie having baby monitor function

This is commonly used by parents who have grown up kids who can communicate well. They use the walkie talkie to communicate with their children as a means of monitoring their whereabouts. Having kids who can communicate well with the walkie talkie, there is, therefore, no need to buy a baby monitor as this will perfectly serve your purpose,
However, in circumstances where you have kids who need monitoring other than communicating through the walkie talkie, you will require an additional baby monitor. Some walkie talkie manufacturers have made this possible by merely manufacturing walkie talkies that have a baby monitor function attached. It works primarily that it turns in a baby monitor mode in situations you want to monitor your kids.
Walkie talkies are considered amongst the best portable baby monitors in covering the most extended range compared to other baby monitors so far.

Video baby monitor

A good baby video monitor for camping should be battery operated with a night vision camera to enable you to run it in dark rooms or during the night. The advantage of using the video baby monitor as compared to audio baby monitor is that when an alarm is raised, you can check the video to determine whether it is a real or false alarm.
With the audio type, you will have to rush to the room to ascertain the nature of the alarm raised because sometimes the baby monitor can be faulty. With the aid of a night vision, you are guaranteed enough light in the tent to comfortably monitor your baby without putting on a flashlight or opening up the baby's canopy to observe him/her.

Final Notes

In conclusion, when you are buying portable baby monitors, put much consideration on a monitor with long-lasting battery life and one that can last longer in operation after recharging. Also, consider a baby monitor whose range feet are higher so that you can be covered well when you are a distance away from the baby. A battery which is readily available for any activity outdoor should also be considered.
Not all battery powered baby monitors are manufactured with same features and in situations with new parents, buying a baby monitor becomes somewhat overwhelming because of the many different types in the market with an endless list of features of them all. The baby monitor is made purposely to monitor the baby and when choosing, consider one that is friendly to your pocket and meets your needs.