Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor Review

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Babies definitely hold the key to happiness for most if not all families everywhere. They light up the house and bring joy and brightness around. These little ones need to be taken good care of and looked after every step of their growth. Having a connection to your baby has moved from just simple moments shared emotionally to more intense experiences. Some of these experiences can be made accessible through the involvement of technology which is growing each and every day. The Philips Avent DECT baby monitor is a technological tool that helps you to connect to your baby effectively.

Everyone would want a deep and intense connection with their baby and this gadget ensures just that is achieved. By providing complete reassurance to the user, this gadget ensures that the parent has peace of mind. Even when far away, the parent can still have a close connection to the baby through this incredible device. In addition, Philips has been a well-known company for many years providing solutions in different niches that require technology. This 30 year experience has enabled them come up with devices that not only perform their duties well, but also solve fundamental client issues and concerns.

Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor with Temperature Sensor and Night Mode, SCD570/10

Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor

Features and specifications:

When analyzing this device, the features have to come in play as they are the ones that determine how good it actually is. The device has a wide array of features in addition to actually looking very attractive. Some of the features present include the following:

Temperature sensor

This innovative provision allows you to measure the average temperature of the baby’s current location. Since the body design and structure of a baby can’t allow it to easily regulate the temperature, it is important to have that checked constantly so that to avoid restlessness. Therefore as the climate changes in your baby’s room, you will get notified through the digital display unit that rests on the parent device thus allowing you to act accordingly.

DECT technology

This technological advancement ensures that there is no interference from foreign devices such as cordless phones and cell phones. This kind of encryption on data ensures that there is somewhat of a private and secure connection. This way, you will be the only one who can comfortably hear the baby.

Sound clarity

One important advantage of using this device is the kind of clarity that it has. With it, you will be able to notice slight noises to the extent of a hic-up or giggle with impeccable clarity. The technology that has been used on this device ensures that it delivers crystal clear sound so that you will be able to hear your baby effectively and attend to it when it needs you.

Sound activated lights

In addition to providing crystal clear sound from the baby, this device also has the ability to light up, indicating different sound levels. Therefore even when the parent unit of the device is muted, it wouldn’t be a challenge to notice any sounds made by the baby. This way also you can avoid creating unnecessary attention wherever you are with the sounds that are being made.

Talk back provision

Babies have commendable memory of sounds. They would easily notice their parents through the voices that come out. In fact, they can get used to a certain voice and be aware that it is from their parent. The talk back provision therefore enables you to be in contact with your baby even when you are far through speech. The soothing sound of your voice can go a long way in calming your baby and this is a great feature to use.

Great range of service

The range of frequency matters a lot since the device is meant to be used or rather help those who are far from their babies but would still want to keep close contact with them. The indoor range of this device is around 50 meters while the outdoor range is about 330 meters. The operating range would however vary depending on the environment and various factors of interference.

Constant notifications

In the event that the parent unit has lost connection or needs to be charged, you will get a notification so that you are always connected at all times.

Lullabies and night light

Babies love to be soothed just about they go to sleep. What better way to do this than using the lullabies on this device and night light that is not strenuous to the baby? The glow of the night light is in fact soothing to the baby and assists the gentle lullabies to put the baby to sleep. The device has up to five relaxing tunes for the baby to choose from and this is a great way to make it sleep without much hustle.

A rechargeable wireless unit

The device has a wireless unit for charging that has a comfortable deck cord to allow you move around the house swiftly with ease and freedom. The parent unit also has a docking station for charging that will ensure it is well charged always.


  • Offers reassurance with its clarity of sound capability.
  • Has a rechargeable parent unit that is wireless too.
  • Sends notifications in case of disconnection or low battery charge.
  • Helps sooth the baby through lullabies and night light.
  • Clone
    Has LED lights to signal noise levels.
  • Has a special DECT technology that ensures zero interference.
  • A good range of up to 330 meters.
  • Helps to comfort the baby through the use of talk-back feature.


  • Limited global shipping.
  • Costs slightly more than other baby monitors.

Final Verdict

Well in summary, this device proves to be one of the best baby monitors in the market with its sophisticated features and impeccable design. It has been made with quality and durability in mind and will therefore work to perform perfectly for the user. In addition to all these, the device is also made with a lot of wonderful features that are not only convenient but also baby friendly. Even the design of the device is attractive and decent. You can therefore closely consider it as a worthy investment for your baby.