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Most of the times you have heard about the baby monitor app, you might ask yourself which baby monitor app is the best or, how do I choose the best baby monitor app? Well, there are several baby monitors in the market and particular factors to consider while choosing the best.

Turning your smartphone into a baby monitor is a natural process and is less costly. You probably have an old smartphone in your house which you are not using. This best way is to turn it into a perfect baby monitor that can help you check your baby while sleeping in the bedroom. As long as the smartphone has a relatively good working camera and functional Wi-Fi connectivity, then you can download a safe and trustworthy baby monitor, and you are good to go. However, there are some drawbacks of using a smartphone in the place of a baby monitor. On the other hand, there are equally some advantages too. Below are the pros and cons of using a phone as a baby monitor;


  • It is cheap and easy to install as you only require an old or unused smartphone with a good camera, functional Wi-Fi connectivity, and an up to date good monitor app. Most of the best monitor apps require a one-time payment that will serve you forever, making it inexpensive to use.
  • Very convenient to start with because you only download the best one-time payment monitor app on your smartphone, and you are good to go. There is no need searching for a baby monitor.
  • It is versatile for you can carry it wherever you go and keep an eye on your baby because of the Wi-Fi compatibility or internet connection.


  • Has no night vision meaning it is only helpful during the day or where the light is. A camera doesn’t provide the desired night vision to help you see your baby during the night.
  • Has limited essential features and the fact is that the best baby monitor should have a wide selection of critical elements to make it easy monitoring the baby. The smartphone limits you from this. The best baby monitor mostly should have features like heartbeat tracking for the baby, room temperature detector, lullaby features, and so on.
  • Can be hacked easily because it depends on the Wi-Fi or internet for connectivity. And also because of the models that transmit a video feed to your smartphone referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT), your smartphone is culpable of being accessed by the outside parties who might know what is going on in your house.

Using a smartphone, therefore, is best recommended as the first option to monitor your baby when you are still looking for the best baby monitor. In addition to your baby monitor, a monitor on your phone can act as an extra coverage to your baby in other bedrooms or corners. Alternatively, it can be a backup monitor that you use while traveling or when you have visited your friends. Since it lacks several features, it shouldn't be the primary baby monitor you can rely on.

How does a baby monitor app work?

The baby monitor app is installed on two separate devices which can be your smartphone, smartwatch or the tablet whereby one device remains placed in your baby’s room while the other one can be positioned at your desired place or you can move with it wherever you go.

The app connects the two devices; hence, the camera and microphone on the devices monitor the baby through video and sound. Sometimes the screen might go off for power saving, but the app remains active in the background such that when you press on it, you continue observing the baby. The devices, which one acts as a baby monitor and the other as a parent device, can depend on any network connectivity including Wi-Fi, hotspot, 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi Direct. This eventually becomes a full baby monitor.

Before we can go further and look at the best baby monitor app, we need to ask the following questions;

How do you know if your baby monitor app is safe?

Generally, there are several apps found on both google play as well as on the App play store that can use a baby monitor, but the first question is which one to trust and feel safe to use? Safety considerations for a parent willing to have the most reliable baby monitor app are categorized under security over hacking from other parties and free from electromagnetic exposures.

Best apps are those which are considered safe to use, that there’s no possibility of hacking. It is wise, therefore, to have reviews about the companies operating the apps and know more about the company. Some of these reviews can be found by googling, on Facebook, or through iTunes. These reviews are essential in choosing a trustworthy app, safe for you to use.

To expound the above, first, you need to secure your Wi-Fi router by changing the default password to a strong, excellent and memorable password and check out if other devices are depending on your router without your knowledge. The password should be changed periodically to avoid the possibility of hacking. This means that you can change the password by carrying out a complete Google search about its security features and the vulnerability as well.

Baby monitor app for both Android and IOS

1. Baby Monitor 3G

Download the app 

Baby Monitor 3G app has a one-time payment, and you can use it as much as you want. The app works both on Wi-Fi and your mobile provider data plan, meaning you can monitor your baby even when you are away from home. It is an easy to use app requiring just a few steps to set the camera on the baby device and the parent device within only 30 seconds. Baby monitor 3G can be downloaded from both the App Store and Google Play store and has no hidden fee. This app is thus available for iOS users as well as smartphone users, and it transfers live quality videos from the baby device to your smartphone.

Key features

  • Has a night light feature that adds light to the baby camera helpful during the night
  • Has an activity log that can keep track of your baby's sleeping patterns
  • Able to replay sounds from different night moments
  • Has lullabies playback and talk-back options that can soothe your baby to sleep or when they wake up
  • Has an unlimited range
  • Supports multi-parent units
  • Has adjustable microphone sensitivity
  • Detects any noise from the baby's room and alerts you employing vibration

2. Alfred Home Security camera

Download the app for IOS / iPhone or Android

Like other apps, Alfred Home Security camera can be installed on both the baby and parent devices, and it is usually used as a home security kit but can also be used as a baby monitor. The app uses cameras on the smartphone to cover the entire room and works well when placed on a tripod so that the cameras can have the flexibility of covering 360 degrees. The Alfred Home Security camera proves to be the perfect option in situations where you need more than just a simple baby monitor.

Key features

  • Compatible with any network
  • Has unlimited range coverage
  • Can access it remotely at whichever place you are
  • Used for video monitoring
  • Can use both front and rear cameras to achieve a 360 degrees view
  • Has zooming option
  • Has activity recording feature
  • Has free cloud storage to save and keep your videos for future viewing
  • Has a talk-back feature
  • Alerts and notifies you when there is any noise in the baby’s room

3. Athome camera

Download the app for IOS / iPhone or Android

This is a home security app but can be used to monitor your baby. AtHome camera works well with all devices including PC, iPhone, Smart TV, Mac, Apple Watch, Android, and many more. This app uses a unique advanced technology that alters any false alerts that are made by either ray of light or shadows and can differentiate between a human and a shadow. Also, it has a face recognition feature that alerts you in case the person who is on the camera is a member of your family or not. This app, therefore, is the safest to use.

Key features

  • Compatible with any network
  • Has an unlimited range
  • Remote access wherever you are
  • Used as video monitor with motion sensor and night vision features
  • Based on advanced smart technology to detect human movement alone
  • Has talk-back  feature
  • Works in background
  • Has activity recording feature of 24 hours time-lapse
  • Easy to use

4. Bipfun Baby Monitor

Download the app for IOS / iPhone or Android

A straightforward baby monitor app that is compatible with any smartphone or tablet, and with just two devices, you can turn your smartphone into a baby monitor. This app can be downloaded and used for one month free of charge and your security; it does not collect data without your knowledge with all your communications under safety and protection.

Key features

  • Compatible with any network
  • Unlimited range
  • Remote access wherever you go
  • Video monitoring feature
  • Has talk-back feature
  • Has nightlight vision feature
  • Audio tracking feature
  • Has sound activated alerts
  • Can use both front and rear cameras as 360 degrees feature

Baby Monitor app for IOS

1. Cloud Baby Monitor

Download the app

This app is downloadable on several Apple devices including iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Apple TV, as well as Mac. The app can then be run on both the devices which eventually turns your iPhone, Apple TV, iPad, or Mac into a useful and secure baby monitor. Cloud baby monitor can be downloaded on the App Store after a one-time payment with an easy setup process, and you can stream both audio and video straight from the baby's room.

Main features

  • It has noise and motion alert feature
  • Has unlimited range support
  • Can easily be turned into a video baby monitor
  • Has a battery alert feature that notifies you when the battery goes low
  • Can support several multi-child units
  • Has a talkback feature in addition to playing lullabies.
  • Its audio and video streams are protected through standard encryption

2. Air Cam Video

Download the app

Air Cam Video app is more of home security but can be converted to work as a baby monitor. With the aid of just a smartphone, this app can be downloaded on your laptop and uses the built-in camera or an external USB camera.

Key features

  • Compatible with any network; Wi-Fi, 3G, and LTE
  • Has an unlimited range
  • Has video monitor feature with motion sensor
  • Has activity recording feature
  • Has audio tracking feature
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows PC
  • Compatible with Apple Watch
  • Supports multi-parent units
  • Has alerts and notifications feature

3. Baby monitor for iPhone

Download the app

This is a free version baby monitor and is very basic based on SMS when the baby is awake rather than a video signal. However, you can add a live stream video signal to this app for a monthly subscription. This app comes with a remote flashlight and lullabies to soothe the baby when they wake up or want to sleep. Besides, this app can inform you of any noise alert and can differentiate between regular noise and when the baby cries.

Key features

  • Has a remote flashlight
  • Has lullabies to soothe the baby
  • Has talk-back feature
  • Has noise alert feature

Baby Monitor app for Android only

1. Baby Monitor by Dormi

Download the app

This is ranked as one of the best baby monitor apps available on Google Play. You can download this app on the two devices you want to use and can be operated when the internet is on or off. This app can allow you to connect several parent devices on a particular baby device. Dormi allows you and your partner to observe your baby by directly connecting multiple parent units to one baby device. By simply pressing and holding down the listen button in the application, you can listen to any other noise or movement in the baby's room even if they are not crying.

Main features

  • This app adjusts automatically to all noise levels by detecting your baby’s noise from the baby device when crying and amplifies it to the parent device
  • Notifies you of all missed calls and SMS on the baby device
  • You get a notification on the parent phone through vibration in case the baby cries
  • Has an enhanced night vision mode
  • This app can work in the background even when the screen is inactive.

2. Baby Monitor by Faebir

Download the app

This is one of the best baby monitor app Android that is easy to use because of how it is designed and its functionality. It detects any noise made by the baby, especially when she/he cries by simply ringing as an ordinary call, a Skype call, or as a text message. It is one of the best free baby monitor apps to download. With Baby monitor by Faebir, you can command the baby device through a text for a status update or switch it on or off without physically going to the room. The calls received on the baby device are silenced automatically to avoid waking up the baby while sleeping.

Main features

  • You receive alerts when the baby cries through skype call, regular call or messages
  • Has a low battery alert feature
  • Continues to work in the background when the screen goes off
  • Doesn't need an internet connection
  • Its microphone sensitivity is customized
  • Has an auto recovery from typical temporal issues
  • Allows manual adjustment of all alerts

3. Wi-Fi Baby monitor

Download the app

This is easy to use app compatible with Android smartphone and desktop (PC or Mac).

Key features

  • Works mainly on Wi-Fi
  • Video and audio monitoring feature
  • Supports multi-parent units
  • Alerts you in case of signal loss
  • Support smartphones including room temperature sensor
  • Low data use

Where should you mount your phone in the nursery?

Your phone is a very fragile device that should be handled with great care. In regards to its mounting, it should be the safest place where you can’t knock it down and crack the screen. A screen is an essential item useful in monitoring the baby.

Mount it on the wall

Mounting your phone on the wall gives the best complete view of the nursery, the doorway, windows, and playing area of the baby. This is a position where it can easily be connected to the power source with all wires firmly secured to the wall to avoid the baby from playing with them when they are awake.

Installing it on the shelf

The shelf is the other brilliant alternative place you can mount your phone in the nursery. It is a convenient and safe place because you position it without going through the whole process of wall mounting. In case you want to transfer the smartphone, it is easy, and you can conveniently tilt it to any desired angle, especially if it is the only option you have. It is hard for the baby to access the position of the phone placed on the shelf.

Are mobile phones safe to use as a baby monitor?

You might ask yourself this question, “is it safe to use your smartphone as a baby monitor?” Considering hacking as the main drawback in this situation, most people tend to opt out of this method in monitoring their cute babies. However, the risk is low as it is thought otherwise. The safety of using a smartphone is setting a sophisticated encrypted strong password for your home Wi-Fi. The same can be done from the baby monitor app installed on your phone and the Skype account you might use. Also, this means that your smartphone automatically becomes the best and safest method to use. Avoid using the obvious passwords like the use of simultaneous numeric or alphabets that can be a secure password to your devices.

Final Notes

A baby monitor app is a way to go, especially when you have a smartphone; it is easy to use and is very affordable. With a baby monitor app, you are not limited to just a single app, and you can change anytime you wish by choosing the one that suits you best. While using the smartphone, it is advisable not to put it close to the baby’s crib because of the signal effect that the phone emits, which is harmful to the health of the baby. Most of the baby monitor apps are found on the app store and Google Play and choosing which app is the best often creates a big question. Choose an app that safeguards you from hacking, and you can also consider the most pocket-friendly baby monitor.

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