Baby Monitor Features | Explained For New parents

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As a new parent, you want to be constantly in the know of what your baby is doing. This is challenging because you also have tons of other stuff that you need to do. Luckily, technology has made it possible for you to check up on your baby remotely using a baby monitor.

But choosing the best baby monitor can be a daunting task for new parents. Here are the essential baby monitor features that you should consider before heading to your favorite store.

The 10 Main Features Of Baby Monitors

  1. Safety and security

Your child’s safety is the most important factor when choosing a baby monitor. You should avoid baby monitors which rely on public transmission frequencies since these can be tapped by anyone with a radio receiver.

A well-secured baby monitor should have safe encryption that is not easily compromised by hackers. Which is why it is advisable to select a baby monitor that is Wi-Fi-enabled. It is also necessary to secure the monitor’s Wi-Fi network using a strong password.

  1. Night vision

Baby monitors are great to check up on the baby when the light is still on. But what happens when you turn off the lights after the baby falls asleep? If you have one the pricey baby monitors then you can still be in the loop as they are equipped with high-tech cameras with night vision.

  1. Temperature and motion detection

It is normal for babies to move around at night. Therefore, new parents should be concerned if the baby does not show any movement while sleeping. So how do you monitor the tiny movements of your sleeping baby? By having a baby monitor with motion detection features.

Others monitors have in-built thermometers which inform you of any change in temperature in the baby’s room. This is great since it tells you if the baby requires to be uncovered or covered depending on the change in temperature.

  1. High-quality video resolution

There is no reason for you to get a video feed of your baby in archaic resolution when you can receive high-quality video resolution. Modern baby monitors are packed with top-of-the-range video cameras that capture those cute and memorable motions of the baby in high resolution.

  1. Interchangeable camera lens

As a new parent, you should have seen that the baby rarely sleeps in one position for a long time (unless it is a new-born baby). This is why it is important to have a baby monitor with an interchangeable camera lens.

An interchangeable camera lens helps you get a clear view of the baby regardless of where the baby monitor is placed. So you can enable the narrow-angle lens when the monitor placed on the shelf, and switch to the wide-angle lens when it’s placed near the baby cot.

  1. Ability to play music

The ideal baby monitor should have music playing functionalities. “But music will certainly wake up the baby, won’t it?” you might ask. Well, there is a reason why lullabies have been sung for thousands of years.

Studies have shown that babies sleep well with nice soothing music playing in the background. The music also helps set a sleep schedule for the baby. It is, therefore, advisable to invest in a baby monitor in which you can feed your baby’s favorite lullaby.

  1. Audio and Visual Display of Audio

Speaking of music, how will you know if the lullaby is too loud for the baby? This is why the best baby monitor should have audio features so that you can hear everything in the child’s nursery. This comes in handy to tell when the baby starts crying.

The baby monitor should also have a visual display of audio with a series of lights that are gradually lit as the level of noise from the nursery goes up. This is a nice way of monitoring the sounds coming from the child’s nursery when you’re at the library or attending an important meeting.

  1. Mobile app access

You want a baby monitor that you are able to control using your phone. Which is why you should only purchase a baby monitor that has mobile app access. Fortunately, many of the modern baby monitors on the market come with this feature.

Another factor to consider is whether the app is available for your phone. Is it available on Apple Store or Play Store (or both) and is it compatible with your phone’s operating system?

  1. Covering range

The covering range is another feature that requires consideration when choosing a baby monitor. It beats logic to have a baby monitor that you can only use when sitting next to it and this makes it redundant for the monitor to have mobile app access. An ideal baby monitor should feature an extensive covering range so that you can use it while in another room or even when doing outdoor chores.

  1. Two-way communication

A good baby monitor should not only be accessible from far but should also allow you to respond to the baby remotely. This can be achieved by having a baby monitor with two-way communication functionalities.

Two-way communication comes in handy when you want to have a little chat with your baby while you’re away, perhaps while at the grocery store or at work.

The Final Word

Parenting might not be the easiest job in the world, but it is certainly the most fulfilling. As a new parent, you could be confused to know the best baby monitor in the market. But choosing the right baby monitor should be seamless when guided by the aforementioned features.

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