How to Baby-Proof Your Home | A Guide to Home Child-Proofing

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Are you a new parent and your child is already crawling, then it is the right time you consider installing the right baby proof in your house. You need this for the safety and security of your baby. If you do not have these things in place, your baby could be endangered.

As a new parent, you should be prepared to take good care of your baby. There are many baby proof ideas you can consider using today.

Moms and dads should become safety experts for their babies. Store-bought safety items are good, but they are not enough to protect them. You must consider some do it yourself options that can help secure your baby. Parents must consider safe proofing their bedrooms, kitchen, bats, and fireplaces, and so on. Options to consider are budget-friendly. Many parents cannot complain they cannot afford it.

Here are some of safety proofs you can plan for your baby when he begins to wander around the home:

Keep Kids in Their Crib:

Baby crib is the safest device meant for the protection of your baby. When you are busy and you cannot keep your eyes on the baby, you can keep him in the crib. While you do that, you make sure that crib safe for him.

Foil every attempt by the baby to climb the crib, and there are many ways to do that. First thing is that you must ensure that the crib is uncomfortable for the baby.

Baby-proof all the places you think that your baby could be exposed to danger. Starting with the baby cribs where the baby stays most of the time. The crib should be attractive, but it should be devoid of anything that can harm him. Do not clutter the crib by hanging clothes or anything that can injure him while in the crib. This could attract your baby’s attention and he could do a funny thing with that. When items in the crib attract the baby, there is the tendency that the baby can climb the crib, because he could fall from the crib. Your baby could be injured when he falls from the crib. So do not hang anything that can grab the baby’s attention that makes him grab it.

Furthermore, you can use mobiles for your baby, because it keeps him entertained. Do not hang it anyhow. It is better if you hang it on the crib rail or the crib side. If you hang it where the baby could grab it, it could endanger him as it can choke him to death. Those things that can endanger the baby should be kept out of reach.

Space is very important for your baby once he is in the crib. Keep objects out of the crib. Do not allow anything to occupy the available space, the baby needs the space for play and fun. Some objects could harm your baby. They should be kept out of the crib. It is common to see parents decorate baby cribs with pillows, blanket, and stuffed animals, and so on. While these are meant for the baby, you should know the dangers associated with it. They could suffocate the baby to death.

These are some of the causes of SIDS, which is the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Parents are encouraged to minimize SIDS incidents when they have their babies on the crib. Even if the baby is sleeping, it is advisable to put him on his back. You can easily monitor how the baby is doing.

You must ensure that the crib is safe and secured for the baby until he develops and grows above the crib. At this time, the child will be wandering about the home. Baby proofing strategy should change. You now focus on parts of your home that can constitute a danger to your kids.

Window Guards:

The child will be tempted to peep through the window and there is the tendency he could force his way out of the window. You need extra safety measures to prevent this. It is the right time to install window guards if you do not have one in the house. Screens may be there, but they may not be enough to protect the child from falling through the open window. Such guards should be screwed on the window frame. This will prevent the child from going out of the window.

Cords Should be Out of Reach of Children:

Ensure that your children do not use cords on the curtains as well as blinds. These are not good for your kids because they are considered strangulation hazards for your babies. What you do is to loop them and keep it in place using twisty ties. It should be tied high so that children do not reach it, and at the same time, it should not be so high so that you can get at it easily when you want.

Cushion Sharp Edges:

Cushion sharp edges could wound your baby. There is a need to prevent that by using furniture restraints. It is common for children of that age to climb furniture. When they climb, they can jump. Two things could happen. One is that the sharp edges of the furniture can inflict serious injury on the baby. This could require serious medical attention.

The second is that in that the baby could break his legs, hands, limbs, or other parts of the body while jumping down from the furniture. You must find a way of preventing this kind of accident.

It is advisable to use anti-slip-resistant to prevent the baby from falling off the furniture and wounding himself in the process.

Table Drawer Related Accident:

You need to protect your baby from any possible accident resulting from the table drawer. First, you must take precautionary measures and the first thing to do is to close the drawer all time. In addition to that, install restraints as in the furniture so that it does not endanger the baby.

If you have coffee tables and others with sharp edges at its corner, you can get foam pipe insulation to cover such area. If you cannot make this yourself, it is readily available at local stores around your home. This device is cushiony, especially on the outside. It sticks inside of the furniture. The device is not difficult to install. You can do that yourself.

Avoid Bath Time Injury:

A bathroom is another part of the home that requires baby proofing. A bathroom is used every time and it is known to be slippery. It is possible for the baby to slip over fall and hit the head on the bath faucet. You have to do everything to prevent that bump. You can use many devices out there. Some of them are available on the market at an affordable price. If you place it in the night, it should be allowed to dry before you use the bathroom again.

Apart from the faucet, the baby could fall and found himself on the floor. Because of that, you must ensure that your baby does not enter the bathroom. It is a good idea if you install latches in the bathroom. Most importantly, the cleaning solutions used in the kitchen should be removed and kept in a place babies cannot access them.

The toilet should equally be covered, and you have to use toilet latches as well. If you bath your baby here, it is not advisable to leave him alone on the bathtub because he could fall off and wound himself.

Protect Stairs with Stair Gates:

If you have stairs without gates in your house, you must install a baby safety gate immediately. Ensure that the gate is often bolted in such a way that the baby cannot climb on top of the gate. The most important thing is to ensure that the staircases are completely blocked so that your baby will not find it easy to go out of the staircase.

Kitchen Cabinets:

Ensure that your kitchen has kitchen cabinets. Close it and keep all items inside it so that your baby cannot have access to these items. Some of them could have sharp edges like knives and they could cut off his little fingers when he handles them inappropriately.

The cabinet doors should have a baby latches. The latches should not contain garbage pails because they could wound him. Ensure that anything that wounds the baby is kept where he can easily access them.


For the safety of your baby, parents should use baby doorknob cover. This is good because it will make it impossible for your baby to open the door and go out, especially when you are not close to him. In the same manner, do not open your closets because your baby could wander into it when you do not know. If you have baby knob covers in these places, they will ensure that the baby does not get into a place that could endanger him.

Pool Noodle Door Stoppers:

Furthermore, you can consider using a pool noodle door-stopper. This device has proved effective in preventing small fingers from smashing. It is simple to use. It is a question of using a small piece of the device and inserting it at the center and wedging the door edge.

Your house should be protected and anything that can make your baby wander out of the house must be identified and closed.

Electrical Outlets:

It is certain that your baby does not know of the health risks associated with electrical outlets. Electrical outlets should be well closed so that the baby’s tiny fingers do not find its way into the outlets. The best thing to forestall that danger from happening is to install electrical plugs cover. This will prevent the baby from getting to those electrical wires that could endanger his life.

Sharp Objects and Tools:

If there are any sharp objects or tools within the home, put them out of sight and out of reach of these children. Put such in a drawer or other safe places the baby does not get into easily. Something like scissors, nails, and other sharp objects should be out of reach of these children. An injury could be severe if you allow the child access to the harmful objects and tools in the house.

There are some precautionary measures you can take to keep your baby safe. When your baby starts to roam about the home, look for a way of restricting the moving space, to guard the movement. The gates should be placed in those areas you consider to be unsafe for your baby. Ensure that the baby does not have access to the entrance-ways. Ensure that the gates feature retractable latch, this makes it easy for you to open the gates when you want and preventing your baby from getting out of the gate.

You must ensure that your baby is not exposed to anything shocking, especially electric shock. This could lead to electrocution. There are certain things that you can use to prevent them. Plastic plugs are often suggested. Some of these electrical outlets are designed for this purpose. Some of these include Mommy’s helper safe plate, as well as Mommy’s Helper Outlet Plugs and so on.

Install Fireplace Safety Gates:

You could take many measures. The most important among them is putting in place safety gates around the fireplace. The gates will prevent the kid from getting close to the fire. Such safety gates are available in the market. Make your choice and buy one.

Furthermore, install a smoke detector. It is necessary that every home should have one, and it must work very well. Always check this, especially in your children’s room to ensure that the baby is not endangered.

Additionally, you can place a carbon monoxide detector close to your fireplace. This can alarm you when there is a danger. This can save your life and that of your baby.

Final Thought:

Whether your child is still a baby or a toddler, there are some ways of keeping him safe in the house. Most of these baby-proofing methods are affordable. Choose the best and affordable options available to you. Any investment you make to baby proof your home is worth it.

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