Where to Put Baby Monitor Camera in The Nursery?

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Baby monitors help parents a great deal when it comes to observing loved little ones because they maintain the safety of the baby. Even when sleeping or carrying on with other household endeavors, your child is safe. However, when positioning the baby monitor in the nursery, just like any other thing you place in the bedroom, safety and attention should be prioritized as to where and how you position it.

In most cases, baby monitors that are considered the best usually work as the baby unit that comprises of a camera with a microphone, and a parent unit whereby you can use your smartphone to observe the movements of the baby while in the room. In that case, the baby unit is where your most attention should be – how and where you place it for the safety of the baby and the baby unit itself.

Quick Answer-Where to Put Baby Monitor Camera?

When installing your baby monitor in the nursery, you need to choose a suitable location that will be at least 3 feet away from the crib, pack and play, or the bassinet. It is common to find that most parents placed their baby monitor inside the crib or bassinet or hanging on the crib rail.

When it comes to where to put your baby monitor camera, health and safety precautions should be prioritized considering the electromagnetic exposure effects as well as the potential privacy intrusions.

Things to Consider When Safely Installing a Baby Monitor

Your baby requires a safe sleeping environment. There are a few essential items you might consider when safely installing a baby monitor in the room. The following are things to consider when installing a baby monitor;

1. Health and Safety

Baby monitors and in this case radio video cameras should be positioned at least a distance of 3 feet far from your baby which is the minimum safety distance recommended to evade direct exposure of your baby to electromagnetic radiations. Also, according to research, positioning digital cordless baby monitors with a distance less than 3.2 feet or a meter away far from the baby’s crib is capable of emitting almost similar radiations as cell phone tower positioned 500 feet or 150 meters away. Similarly, video baby monitors that have a power cable should be handled with great and extra care. There have been reported cases of baby strangling themselves with these cables due to poor positioning.

2. Proper Viewing Angle

The appropriate viewing angle of the baby camera is another important aspect when it comes to installing a baby monitor safely. It should be an angle free from any obstruction from the baby’s crib so that you can quickly view your baby while sleeping.

Viewing angles of your baby monitor camera differ depending on the kind of baby monitor you are using. For example, using the Summer Infant Wide View 2.0 benefits you from the widest viewing angle which covers a wide range in your baby’s room or play area.

Besides, you can find some baby monitors with unique features like the remote pan, tilt and zoom option that can help you control the viewing angle in circumstances where your child is older to move around in the room or playground. The zoom feature works well where there is a full angle camera so that you can monitor the baby in the crib.

3. Differences for Newborn and Toddlers

The age of your baby is an essential factor to consider if at all you want to install a baby monitor safely. This typically depends on how you are going to use the room of your baby. For newborn

In the case of newborn babies, it is advisable to position the camera in a vertical position as much as possible to the baby’s crib so that you can have a clear view of your child while he/she is sleeping. Once your baby can sit and stand in their bed In this case, you will require a slightly lower angle so that you can observe them while they are sleeping or even when they are awake and are playing on their own in the bedroom.

Where Should You Place Your Baby Monitor in the Nursery?

You need to position your baby monitor in the baby’s bedroom at least 3 feet away from the baby so that you can have a clear view of them with the baby monitor’s microphone able to tap sounds from your baby.

Power cables should also be positioned in safe positions to avoid risks of children strangling themselves with them.

Attach Your Baby Monitor to the Wall

The wall is preferred as the safest place to attach your baby monitor because there are little chances that you can knock it down or damage it. Connecting it on the wall also helps you to have a better view of the whole nursery as well as the baby’s crib. When you attach your baby monitor on the wall, you are guaranteed different options, which include:

Baby Monitor Wall Mount

Most of the baby video monitor feature wall mount options which are either built-in the monitor or just additional piece that accompanies the monitor inside the box. On the other hand, there are baby monitors that were designed to be mounted on the wall, and they feature very secure and easy to use wall-mounting procedures. The nest cam is an excellent example of a wall mount baby monitor design, which has a safe and easy to use wall mounting system.

However, there are some baby monitors with an advanced basic mounting system that feature a simple hole located at the base and to acquire a secure wall mounting, a double face tape can be used to fasten it firmly.

Five Steps to Follow When Mounting a Baby Monitor on the Wall:

1. Test the viewing angle and sound: You can have the assistance of someone who can hold the baby monitor to your desired position on the wall where you can see and hear your baby from the location.

2. Mark the screws placement: Most of the baby monitors are designed with a handy sheet with holes located on it whereby you can drill holes.

3. Drill required holes in the wall: The preferred position to drill the holes is in the corner next to the ceiling.

4. Screw the baby monitor base to the wall: The support is usually provided with the manufacturer in the box.

5. Attach the baby monitor to the base: When the monitor base is perfectly placed, the baby monitor then is attached by simply clipping it to the monitor base.

How to Mount a Baby Monitor on the Wall

The first thing to consider before installing your baby monitor on the wall is to identify the best spot that gives you a pleasant and complete bird view of the whole nursery and the crib of the baby.

The best place where to put the baby monitor camera should be a spot where you can have a clear view of the play area, the doors and windows as well. This is so that you can observe the status of the room, whether the windows, window curtains, or even the doors are closed or open.

When you attach your baby monitor at the right and best spot, you can tilt it at any desired angle and acquire the best perspective of viewing the nursery and the baby’s crib. When attaching the baby monitor on the wall, it advisable to drill minimal desired holes and a ladder can be of great help whereby you hold it until the desired angle is attained and then drill the holes at respective positions.

The other thing to consider is the accessibility to a power source because you will, at one point, need to plug in into a power outlet. This, therefore, means that you should attach the baby monitor where you can conveniently plug in the cables to the electric socket because using extensions as a source of power is not recommended. Power extensions can make it possible for your baby to locate and play with them, which is not safe.

As a precaution, when attaching the baby monitor on the wall, much consideration should be put in securing all the wires to the wall. When wires or cables are left hanging, there is the possibility of your child strangling with them. Even if your baby is still young to walk around and reach the hanging cables, it is good to prepare for the future so as not to incur extra costs and time.

Alternatively, hanging cables can be firmly secured by the use of a cord cover made of a hard plastic tube which you efficiently fix to the wall, and then you run the wire inside. This procedure can be implemented by running it along the floor. However, the best-recommended place to run the cable is in the corner, along with the curtain or behind the library.

Another way of running cables apart from running along the wall is to run it inside the wall, which will make it look better and safe for you and the baby.

The final thing to consider before installing your baby monitor to the wall is that once it is mounted, it will be hard to remove it and it becomes cumbersome when you want to change your baby’s sleeping room, or you have visited a friend. However, there is an alternative of just adding an extra pair of monitors available.

There are situations where you would prefer not to make your baby monitor permanent on the wall; in this case, you can consider the following options:

Install Your Baby Monitor on a Shelf

Baby monitors placed on the shelf are more convenient and safer. First of all, it saves you extra cost and time of mounting it on the wall or any other furniture, and it gives you much flexibility of moving it around and positioning it wherever you want either in the nursery or another room within the shortest time possible. This allows you to have easy access to your baby monitor.

Positioning your baby monitor on the shelf makes it easy for you to comfortably change the camera angle for a better view of the nursery or baby’s crib while they are sleeping or playing in the play area. Some baby monitors can move the perspective of the video camera remotely, but they are a bit costly.

Also, you would prefer using just one baby monitor which you can move around with, installing it on a shelf is the best option. The rack is safe because the children can’t reach out for the monitors, and they are readily available and portable.

Small Shelf for Baby Monitor

These are readily available at any hardware or home décor shops. The shelf can be positioned at the corner, reinforcing the video monitor with two face tapes or using a baby monitor clip or stand available at an affordable price.

Universal Fit Baby Monitor Shelf

They are cheap to afford and can be found readily on Amazon. Their designs are specific to accommodate and correctly hold a baby monitor firmly and securely in position. They also have a hole where you can smoothly run cables through. The security feature on it helps maintain the baby monitor firmly in position without the assistance of the tape.

Place Your Baby Monitor on the Furniture

This suits your needs when you are staying at a place temporarily like a night or a day when you have gone for a vacation, or you have just rented. In such situations, it is hard to mount your monitor on the wall; besides, there may not be any shelf in the room. The best alternative, in this case, demands you place your baby monitor on a piece of furniture.

Dresser or Changing Table

This can be the best option when it comes to using furniture to place your baby monitor. You can put it on the dresser, just next to the baby’s crib. The dresser or changing table offers a reasonable height for a good view of your baby’s nursery or crib. However, you have to be careful when placing it beside the changing pad so that the baby won’t kick it off while changing his/her pads or dresses. The baby might start playing with it as well, and this could be dangerous.

Mount it to the Baby Crib

You can mount your baby monitor on the crib, which is the most thing parents consider doing when they buy a baby monitor. However, this is not the best way to go because there are many drawbacks.

First, your baby monitor cable is at risk of being grasped by the baby, and there is a high possibility of the baby strangling himself/herself with the cord. In this case, you have to be 100% sure that the monitor cable is securely fixed and there exists a free area between your baby and the cable.

Secondly, there is a risk of your baby-making it a toy and starting to play with it, which might result in it being damaged or you will be forced to adjust the angle of the camera time to time. It is, therefore, recommended that you attach the monitor firmly and securely using a baby monitor clip or tape.

Lastly, your baby is at risk of radiations emitted by the baby monitor, just like other electronic devices in the house. These radiations are harmful when the baby is exposed directly to them. Although it hasn’t been proven fully, it is good to take precaution.

Baby Monitor Holder

There are four basic types of baby monitor holders you can get and are useful in holding your baby monitor. Let’s have a look at each of them:

1. Baby Monitor Camera Stand

The baby monitor stand is designed to keep your baby monitor in the correct position with the camera remaining in the same place as well. Stands are preferred to be perfect and suitable for mounting your baby monitor on a shelf or any flat surface, in this case, being a dresser or changing table.

2. Flexible Tripod for Baby Monitors

Tripods are other better options to hold a baby monitor anywhere because of their adjustable legs that can wrap around other items.

3.Universal Baby Monitor Mount

This baby monitor mount is suitable to use on any model of a baby monitor. One of the best is the one that has a flexible arm with a clip that you attach the baby monitor to any surface and at the same time being able to adjust the angle of the camera more comfortably.

4. Baby Monitor Mount Kit

Baby monitor mount kit looks and works similar to a shelf where you can mount your baby monitor to a surface like a wall, ceiling, or your library.

Check out this list of all the essential items you need to mount a baby monitor.

How to Hide Your Baby Monitor

Your video baby monitor could act as a security camera at your room, and it is possible to hide like the nanny cameras found on specific cameras whose cameras are hidden in plush toys. You can create your DIY by hiding the camera in an object like an artificial plant, tissue box, stuffed toy, or in a bookcase. When you make your baby monitor invisible, you become decretive with your baby monitoring, and you have a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the room.

Where You Should Not Put a Baby Monitor

Manufactures make adverts with their commercials showing video baby monitors attached to the baby’s crib with the aid of a clip, and it displays a perfect and admiring look. However how nice it looks on the baby’s crib, is not recommended at all. This is because of several cases of babies strangling themselves with the monitor’s cord. Any corded instrument shouldn’t be positioned anywhere close to the crib of your baby for safety purposes.

Baby Monitor Safety Tips and Strangulation Warning Video from JPMA

Final Thought:

Essentially, when installing the baby monitor, there is this aspect of having the best possible view of your entire baby’s nursery and crib. You also want to have it securely positioned for the safety of your baby and also have options whereby you can blend it into the bedroom. It is also advisable that you check the signal strength to be sure of a complete signal coverage of your entire house.

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